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Karur Vysya Bank FASTag

Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) brings you the Karur Vysya Bank FASTag that can make travelling through national highways much easier. FASTags use RFID technology which allows your vehicle to be identified at toll plazas without any manual intervention. Now that the government has made FASTags compulsory for all vehicles, buying your FASTag at Karur Vysya Bank has never been so simple. Read on to know more about how to buy a FASTag at Karur Vysya Bank, the charges associated with it and much more.

How to Buy a FASTag?

You can buy a FASTag both online and offline.

  • How to buy KVB FASTag online

To buy a FASTag online, here is all you need to do -


  1. Visit the ‘KVB FASTag’ web portal.

  2. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.

  3. Fill in your details along with your vehicle details.

  4. Upload scanned copies of the required documents to complete your KYC.

  5. Your FASTag will be issued post verification of your application and documents.

  • How to buy KVB FASTag offline

To buy a FASTag offline, you need to -


  1. Visit the Point of Sale (POS) location at a KVB outlet or your closest Karur Vysya Bank branch.

  2. Inquire about FASTags at the branch.

  3. A bank representative will guide you through the process to get your FASTag.

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Karur Vysya Bank FASTag Fees and Charges

There are some fees and charges that you will have to pay when buying a FASTag for your vehicle. The table below indicates the fees and charges applicable as per vehicle category -

Vehicle Class

Vehicle Type

Tag Colour

Minimum Recharge Amount (INR)

Security Deposit


Minimum Balance (INR)


Car/Jeep/Van and similar light vehicles






Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)






3 Axle Commercial Vehicles












4 to 6 Axle






7 or More Axle






Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME)





There may be a convenience fee levied on the transaction -


  • For credit cards, a convenience fee of 1.10% of the transaction amount is levied

  • For debit cards, a convenience fee of 0.90% of the transaction amount is levied, only if the transaction amount is more than Rs. 2,000

  • For net banking, a convenience fee of 0.90 to 1.65% of the transaction amount is levied

Documents Required to apply for a Karur Vysya Bank FASTag

For KYC, you need to submit proof of identification. You can submit any one of the following:


  1. Voter ID Card

  2. Aadhar Card

  3. Driver’s Licence

For registered vehicles, the following documents need to be submitted:


  1. Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate

  2. Image of the vehicle - front and side view

For non-registered vehicles, the following documents need to be submitted:


  1. Invoice copy of the vehicle with chassis number and engine number

  2. Image of the vehicle - front view and side view

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How to recharge your KVB FASTag

  • Recharge through Bajaj MARKETS

The simplest way to recharge your FASTag is through the Bajaj MARKETS app. Here is what you need to do:


  1. Open the Bajaj MARKETS app and go to the ‘Bill Payment’ category.

  2. Select FASTag among the listed services.


3. From the list of banks, choose Karur Vysya Bank.



4. Entire your vehicle’s registration number.


5. Enter your recharge amount.


6. Enter your UPI PIN to complete the payment.


7. After the KVB FASTag recharge is successful, you will receive a transaction receipt.



 You can also scan this QR code to directly go to the Bajaj MARKETS app for a quick and easy recharge.



 Listed below are some of the other platforms you can use for Karur Vysya Bank FASTag recharge:

  • KVB Web Portal

  1. Visit the KVB web portal.

  2. Enter your username and password to log in.

  3. Choose ‘Payment Recharge Account’ from the list of services.

  4. Select ‘Tag/CUG wallet recharge’.

  5. Choose a payment mode and complete the payment.

  • Paytm

  1. Open the Paytm app and select ‘FASTag Recharge’.

  2. Select ‘KVB’ from the listed banks.

  3. Enter your vehicle registration number.

  4. Enter the recharge amount.

  5. Choose a payment mode and complete the payment.

  • Google Pay

  1. In the Google Pay app, tap on ‘New Payment’.

  2. Select ‘Karur Vysya Bank’ from the list of banks provided.

  3. Enter your vehicle registration number.

  4. Select the ‘Link Account’ option and provide your bank account details.

  5. After linking your bank account, you will be redirected to the payments page.

  6. Enter the recharge value and tap on ‘Pay’.

  7. Enter your UPI PIN to complete the recharge.

How to Check your KVB FASTag Balance

  • KVB FASTag Portal

  1. Go to the KVB web portal.

  2. Login with your credentials.

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

  4. Your FASTag balance will show up on the screen.

  • KVB DLite mobile app

  1. Download the KVB DLite App from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Enter your login credentials.

  3. Once logged in you can check your balance amount.

  • Customer Care

You can call Customer Care at 1800 102 1916 and enquire about your FASTag balance.

  • Paytm

  1. Go to the ‘FASTag’ section in the Paytm app.

  2. Login using your mobile number and OTP.

  3. You can check your balance under the list of FASTag services offered by Paytm.

Karur Vysya Bank FASTag Customer Care

In case you encounter any issues contact KVB FASTag customer care on their toll-free helpline number 1800-102-1916.


KVB FASTags are easy to apply for, recharge and handle. With Bajaj MARKETS, you can recharge your FASTag within minutes. In addition, the 24x7 customer care facility ensures you can resolve your issues or queries at any time.

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FAQs on Karur Vysya FASTag

  • ✔️What happens if I don’t have enough balance in my FASTag?

     If you don’t have enough balance in your FASTag, it will be blacklisted. You can recharge immediately using any one of the above-mentioned recharge options to re-activate it.

  • ✔️How long is my FASTag valid for?

     Once a FASTag is issued, it is valid for an unlimited period of time.

  • ✔️Are there specific lanes for FASTag at toll plazas?

     Yes, there are specific FASTag lanes at toll plazas that you need to use.

  • ✔️What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

     If your vehicle has been stolen, call customer care and block your FASTag.

  • ✔️Will the security deposit be added to my wallet balance?

     No, the security deposit will not be added to your wallet. It will be refunded after you close your FASTag account.

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