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A revolutionary initiative for Indian highways, FASTag is an instrument that enables toll payments to happen directly even while a vehicle is in motion. Relying on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making payments, a FASTag can be attached to the vehicle’s windscreen and enable toll payments without any intervention by the driver or even toll collector.


The FASTag device on each vehicle is connected to a bank account. Among others, the South Indian Bank FASTag service has emerged as especially beneficial to users across India. South Indian Bank FASTag recharge can also be performed on the go, which is an especially useful feature since FASTag was made a mandatory requirement for travelling on national highways in India.

How to Buy FASTag:

Previously, national highways or any roads with tolls on them would witness huge buildups of vehicles at the toll plazas. With the FASTag, the entire process of toll payment has been simplified. The South Indian Bank FASTag recharge process also makes it easier to recharge the card itself, regardless of whether you choose to do it online or offline.

Online Process

Read below to learn how you can complete your South Indian Bank FASTag registration process and recharge your card in minutes.

  1. Head to the South Indian Bank website.

  2. From there, head to the connected NETC FASTag Portal and click on the ‘Register’ button.

  3. You will be shown a form wherein you are required to fill in your name and other details pertaining to yourself and your vehicle. Complete the KYC in this manner.

  4. You will also be required to submit photographs of your evidence, so make sure you have those ready before you begin the South Indian Bank FASTag registration.

  5. Once you have entered all the necessary details and submitted the required documents, click on ‘Submit.’


Completing this process will ensure that your registration is completed and you can simply access the South Indian Bank FASTag customer login option for recharging your card at any time.

Offline Process

For availing the FASTag card in an offline manner, you can head to the nearest branch of the South Indian Bank and ask for a card. You can also purchase a FASTag at a toll booth near you. For both these instances, remember to carry your vehicle’s registration certificate and KYC documentation to ensure a seamless purchase.

South Indian Bank FASTag Fees & Charges

Before you avail the South Indian Bank FASTag, it is important to know how much you are likely to spend on getting one. Read below to understand the fees and charges associated with your vehicle.

Vehicle Under Consideration

Tag Class

Security Deposit in INR

Threshold Amount in INR

Mini LCV/Van/Jeep/Car




Three Axle Bus




Two Axle Bus/Minibus/Truck




Four to Six Axle Vehicles




Heavy Construction Machinery








Three Axle Truck




Tractor or Tractor with Trailer




Seven or More Axle Vehicles




Documents Required for South Indian Bank FASTag

For availing your South Indian Bank FASTag, you are required to submit a few documents. Read on below to learn about the documents you require for your South Indian Bank FASTag registration.

  • The registration certificate (RC) for your vehicle

  • The vehicle’s owner passport size photograph

  • Other documents required for KYC

How to Recharge South Indian Bank FASTag through Bajaj Markets

The ability to recharge your FASTag seamlessly regardless of your location is one of the greatest benefits of having this card and through Bajaj Markets, you can make this process faster than ever. Read on below to learn how you can make the South Indian Bank FASTag online recharge simpler through Bajaj Markets.

  1. Open the Bajaj Markets app on your phone.

  2. Head to the “Bill Payment” section.

  3. Once you are there, click on “FASTag Services.”

4. Search for South Indian Bank among the various service providers listed there. 


5. Enter the vehicle number in the format provided by the sample bill.

6. Click on ‘View Bill’ and then enter the amount you wish to recharge.



7. Select the UPI ID you have previously registered on the Bajaj Markets app. 



8. Click on ‘Pay’ and you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter your UPI pin. 



9. Enter the pin and your recharge will be successfully initiated.

10. Once the transaction is complete, a Transaction Status window appears with the details.


Alternatively, you can scan the QR code given here to quickly access the FASTag recharge page through the Bajaj Markets app. 

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How to Check South Indian Bank FASTag Balance

You can perform your South Indian Bank FASTag balance check in several ways, including through SMS, email, a call to the customer service team, and online. The major methods are listed down below for your easy reference.

  • SMS:

Each time you pass a toll plaza, the relevant amount is deducted from your FASTag account. You will receive an SMS intimating you of this along with the remaining balance.

  • Online:

You can head to the South Indian Bank’s website and head to the section for FASTag. You can click on ‘View Balance’ to learn your balance.

South Indian Bank FASTag Customer Care

The South Indian Bank FASTag customer care number can be called or the team can be contacted over email as well. Read on below to learn the details.

1. Email

You can email the customer care team at customercare@sib.co.in.

2. Phone

The South Indian Bank FASTag customer care number is 1800 425 1809.


Using FASTag has made vehicular movement significantly faster and smoother across the national highways. Availing the services through South Indian Bank will make it much more seamless for you as well.

FAQs on South Indian Bank FASTag

What is the validity of the South Indian Bank FASTag?

 The validity is for a period of 5 years.

What is the email id for South Indian Bank FASTag customer care?

You can reach them at customercare@sib.co.in.

How do I perform a South Indian Bank FASTag balance check?

You can check your balance through the Bajaj Markets app or through the South Indian Bank’s website.

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