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How to calculate ₹2 Rupee Interest for ₹1 Lakhs?

Interest can be defined as the payment from a borrower or deposit-taking financial institution to a lender or depositor of an amount. The interest amount is an addition to the repayment of the principal sum and calculated at a predetermined rate. Interest can be calculated with the help of two formulas which are simple interest and compound interest respectively.


Another easy trick to calculate the interest amount is to use 2 Rupees interest for ₹1 Lakh per month equation. Calculating 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakh is related to the ₹1 interest concept. The ₹1 interest concept is the calculation of 1 rupee interest per month on the principal amount.

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Formula with an Illustration

Let’s assume you have invested ₹100 at 1 Rupee interest per month.


It means, your yearly interest = 1 x 12 = 12%

In the same way, with 2 Rupee interest on ₹100, the percentage = 2 x 12 = 24%


Now let's see how to calculate 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakh


Assume that you have invested ₹1,00,000 for monthly payouts at ₹2 Rupee interest, your rate of interest would be 24%.


Refer to the formula.


Monthly rate of interest = 24/12 = 2%

Additionally, monthly interest to be received = 1,00,000*2/100 = ₹2000


You can calculate 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakh by using the simple interest method. Simple interest can be calculated with the formula of


l = p× r × t,


where “I” stands for interest, “p” stands for principal, “r” stands for the rate of interest and “t” stands for the amount of time.


You can also calculate 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakhs by using compound interest method. Compound interest can also be calculated using the same formula of simple interest. However, the amount of interest earned each year will be added to “p” to create a new principal, which grows larger every year.


You can also calculate 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakhs by using the compound interest method.


To calculate compound interest you should know the below mentioned details :


  1. The principal amount invested by you

  2. The rate of interest at which you want to calculate compound interest

  3. The number of times your interest gets compounded per year

  4. The number of years (time period/tenure) you wish to stay invested

Now, to calculate compound interest use the following formula :


A = P (1 + r/n)nt




A = future value of interest,


r = rate of interest (in decimal format),


n = number of periods the interest gets compounded,


t = time period/tenure/duration


calculate 2re interest

2 Rupee Interest for 1 Lakh Per Month

Now that you have learned how to calculate 2 Rupee interest for ₹1 Lakh by both the methods of calculating interest, i.e. simple interest and compound interest, you can now easily calculate ₹2 Rupee Interest for 1 Lakh per month with the formula of :


l = p× r × t


You can now decide the tenor/term period of the interest earned on ₹1 Lakh by inserting the amount of time with the above mentioned formula. You can alternatively use the online FD interest rate calculator to determine the return on your investments within seconds.