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The New India Asha Kiran policy is a medical insurance plan launched to provide healthcare facilities and coverage to the parents of only girl children. A maximum of up to two dependent daughters can be covered under this policy. You can avail of the maximum insured sum of up to ₹8 Lakhs. The New India Assurance Asha Kiran policy will be terminated in case a boy child is born to the policyholder or one of the daughters becomes financially independent. However, in such instances, you can migrate the policy to a suitable health insurance policy.


This family floater plan offers coverage for up to 4 members, which will include you, your spouse and two children. Allopathy, homoeopathy, ayurveda, etc., are covered under the New India Asha Kiran policy.

Features Of New India Assurance Asha Kiran Policy

The following are some of the key features of the New India Asha Kiran Policy: 

  • Hospital Cash Benefit - 

The insurance policy offers 0.1% of the insured sum amount to manage your expenditure during the hospitalisation of any family member.

  • Coverage for Types of Treatments - 

If you are seeking homoeopathy, allopathy, unani, or any other type of treatment from a government hospital or a licensed institution duly recognised by the government, you will get coverage of 25% of the insured sum amount.

  • Ambulance Cost Coverage - 

The New India Assurance Asha Kiran policy offers ambulance cost coverage of up to 1% of the insured sum amount to the policyholder.

  • Tax Benefits - 

There are tax benefits attached to the New India Assurance Asha Kiran policy under Section 80D.

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Diseases - 

Unlike many other health insurance plans, the New India Asha Kiran policy provides coverage for pre-existing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. However, it is subjected to four claim-free and continuous policy renewals.

Inclusions and Exclusions Under Asha Kiran Policy



100% of the insured sum amount under personal accident cover

Fertility and IVF-related treatments

25% of the insured sum amount for ayurvedic, unani, homoeopathy, etc., treatments

Maternity, abortion, childbirth, cosmetic surgeries, etc., and other such healthcare expenses

10% of the insured sum amount under critical care benefit

Expenditures related to immunisation and vaccination

2% of the insured sum amount for ICU care and expenditures

Any injury or hospitalisation incurred due to war, nuclear, biological or chemical weapons

1% of the insured sum amount for hospital room rent

Any medical claim within 30 days of the policy purchase (except accidental injuries) or claims that don’t abide by the waiting period norms

0.1% of the insured sum amount as hospital cash benefit during hospitalisation


Eligibility Criteria for New India Asha Kiran Policy

There are certain eligibility parameters that one must qualify to register for the New India Asha Kiran policy -


  • You must be a citizen of India.

  • You should only have girl children.

  • The minimum entry age for a girl child is 91 days.

  • You should be between 18 - 65 years of age to purchase the New India Asha Kiran policy 

  • The maximum age is not applicable for people with mentally-abled or financially independent daughters.

Waiting Period under Asha Kiran Policy

According to the standard norms and policies, there is a waiting period under the New India Asha Kiran policy that you will have to abide by -


Waiting Period 

Standard waiting period under which no claims will be approved except accidental injuries

30 days

Pre-existing diseases or illnesses like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiac conditions, etc.

90 days

All internal and external benign tumours, cataract, gout, hernia of all types, skin disorders, hydrocele, non-infective arthritis, piles, fissures and fistula in anus, prolapse of intervertebral disc and spinal diseases due to accident, stones in urinary system, internal congenital diseases, puberty and menopause related disorders, behavioural and neuro-developmental disorders, etc.

24 months

Joint replacement due to degenerative condition, age-related osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, treatment of mental illness, stress or psychological disorders and neurodegenerative disorders, genetic diseases or disorders, external congenital diseases, etc.

48 months

**Note - The waiting period can differ with the change in norms and policies of the New India Asha Kiran policy.

Cancellation of the Asha Kiran Policy

In situations, where you don’t feel the need to continue with the New India Assurance Asha Kiran policy, you can choose to terminate this family floater plan; however, there are some cancellation conditions that you must be aware of -


  • The policy premium refund will be according to the periodic table mentioned in the policy papers.

  • In the event of policy cancellation, you are eligible for a refund only if there is no claim or coverage granted.

  • The policy premium refund might not align with unexpired policy tenure.

**Note - The policy papers might have some additional norms about cancelling the New India Asha Kiran policy. It is advisable to carefully go through the documents before purchasing the plan.

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FAQs on Asha Kiran Policy

What is the minimum age limit for the Asha Kiran Policy?

People between the age of 18 years and 65 years can opt for New India Asha Kiran policy. The minimum age to enter your girl child in the policy is 91 days. 

Is there any co-pay clause under this policy?

Yes, there is a co-pay clause under this policy. In situations, where the policyholder seeks treatments or hospitalisation above their premium zone, they are liable to pay a 20% share in the total expenditure.

What is personal accident coverage under New India Asha Kiran Policy?

Any disability or death incurred by the policyholder or their family members in an accident is covered under the personal accident cover of the New India Asha Kiran policy. The coverage share ranges from 50% to 200% depending upon the terms of the policy papers.

Is a pre-medical test required for Asha Kiran Policy?

Under the New India Asha Kiran policy, a pre-medical check-up is required for family members above 50 years of age or with any pre-existing adverse illness.

Can a midterm inclusion be made in Asha Kiran Policy?

Yes, a midterm inclusion can be made in the New India Asha Kiran policy in case of the birth of a second girl child. The midterm inclusion will require additional premium payment calculated on a pro-rata basis.

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