The annual GST return has to be filed by all registered businesses. All of them have to file monthly, quarterly, and annual returns based on the nature of their business. These GSTR filings are done online on the GST portal.

What is GST Return?

The GST return is a document that contains important details pertaining to the sales, income, expense, and purchase that a taxpayer must file with the tax administrative authorities. The provided details are used by the tax authorities to calculate the net tax liability of the taxpayer. When filing a GST return, a registered dealer has to file the purchases, output GST, sales, and input tax credit. 

Who Should File GST Returns?

As per the GST regime, every business entity with an annual aggregate turnover of more than ₹ 5 crore has to file two monthly returns and one annual return. A total of 25 returns have to be filed each year. The composition dealers are listed as special cases and must file separate returns.

Different types of GST Returns

GST Form


Date of Filing GST


Returns of outward supplies undertaken by a typical registered taxpayer under GST.

  • The due date is 11th of next month

  • Previously, the due date for GST return filing was 10th of the next month.


Returns of inward supply of goods and services as agreed by the recipient of the goods and services.

15th of next month.


A monthly GST return filing of inward and outward supplies of goods and services.

20th of next month.


Returns of outward supplies along with input tax credit is declared and payment of tax is affected by the taxpayer.

Previously it was the 20th of the next month for all taxpayers. Now it's from the month of January 2020 onwards.


GST filing for taxpayers registered under the composition scheme under section 10 of the CGST Act (Supplier of goods) and CGST (Rate) notification no. 02/2019 (Supplier of services).

The due date is the 30th of the month succeeding a financial year.


Return for a non-resident foreign taxable person.

20th of next month.


Returns that an Input Service Distributor files every calendar month. It has all the information of the invoices on which credit has been received and are issued by an ISD.

13th of next month.


A monthly return that has to be filed by the deductors who are required to deduct TDS under GST.

10th of next month.


Returns for the electronic commerce operator who is required to deduct Tax Collected at Source under GST.

10th of next month.


Annual return for a normal taxpayer.

31st December of next financial year.


Annual return to be filed by the registered taxpayer under the composition levy anytime during the year.

31st December of next financial year.


Certified reconciliation statement

31st December of next financial year.


A final return that needs to be filed to make sure the taxpayer pays off any liability outstanding.

To be filed within 3 months of cancellation of order.


Inward Supplies to be furnished by a person that has a UIN and claiming a refund

28th of the month following the month for a statement was filed.

How to file GST Returns Online?

All taxpayers have to file their tax returns with the GST department every year. Fortunately, the new GST regime has automated the complete process. The taxes can now be filed online through the app and software provided by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN). Below we have explained the steps on how to file your GST returns online:

  • Visit the GST portal, i.e.,

  • Based on your state code and PAN number, a 15-digit GST identification will be issued on the portal.

  • You must then upload all your invoices on the GST portal or the software. The system will generate an invoice reference number for each invoice.

  • Once you upload the invoices, outward return, inward return, you must file the cumulative monthly return online. In case you make any errors, you can correct them by refiling the returns. 

  • You should file the outward supply returns in GSTR-1 form through the information section located on the GST Common Portal (GSTN). This filing must be completed on or before the 10th of the following month.

  • The recipient can access the details on outward supplies furnished by the supplier through the GSTR-2A.

  • The details on outward supply have to be verified, validated, and modified by the recipient. Also, details on credit and debit notes should be duly filled in.

  • The GSTR-2 form must also carry details on the inward supplies of taxable goods and services. 

  • The modifications on the details of inward supply made in the GSTR - 1A may either be accepted or rejected. 

How to Download GST Returns?

The GST returns can be easily downloaded through the official GST portal using the following steps: 

  • Log in to the GST portal, i.e.,

  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab that is located on the top menu.

  • Next, click on the ‘Returns Dashboard’ that is located under the ‘Returns’ option.

  • Select the financial year and the return filing period from the respective drop-down boxes on the next page. 

  • Click on the ‘Search’ tab before selecting the GTR that you wish to download.

  • Click on the ‘Prepare Offline’ button under the selected GSTR.

  • Next, click on the ‘Generate File’ option under ‘Download’.

  • In general, the request for the generation of the file takes around 20 minutes.

  • A download link will be generated once your file is prepared. Click on the ‘Click Here’ option and download the ZIP file to view your GST Returns. 

How to File GST Returns with GSTN?

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) stores information about all GST registered sellers and buyers to ensure a streamlined and simple process. The data is then combined and maintained for future reference. Business entities can simply download the excel workbook that is available on the common GST portal free of charge. The template can be used to collate all the necessary information offline smoothly. Once done, the file must be uploaded to the GST portal. 

Penalty for Late Filing of GST Returns

A late fee will be levied on taxpayers if they fail to file GST return on time. The interest rate is 18% per annum. The interest has to be calculated by the taxpayer on the amount of outstanding tax to be paid. A late fee of Rs.200 will be charged per day, from which Rs.100 each will be charged as CGST and SGST. 

The penalty fee can go as high as up to Rs.5,000. No late fees are charged on IGST. The penalty rate for late GST filing may change depending on the present regulations. The period will be calculated from the day after the final deadline until the complete payment is made.

Also, read about GST on labour charges  in India. 

Lates GST Return News

The deadline to file your annual GST return has been extended until March 31 

The last date for filing yearly GST tax returns for the fiscal year 2019-20 has been stretched to 31st March, 2021 by the government. GST is an indirect tax in India that substituted a number of indirect taxes such as excise duty, services tax, and VAT.

GSTR 9C refers to a yearly audit form for every tax paying citizen with taxable income above Rs. 2 Crores in a fiscal year. The individual shall also complete the reconciliation statement and the audit certification. The government has advanced two months to the deadline for filing annual GST or goods and services tax returns for the fiscal year 2019-20.

- March 2, 2021

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