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 An insurer, also known as the insurance service provider, is generally a company that issues different kinds of insurance policies and takes on the risk on behalf of the insured person. On the other hand, the insured is an entity that gets the benefit of financial coverage against various perils. These are two terms that are most commonly used in health insurance. 

Insurer vs Insured

Insurer and insured are the two most commonly used terms in health insurance. However, they are also the ones that are often confused to be synonyms. An insurer is a person or a company which issues the insurance policy whereas the insured is an entity that gains financial coverage against perils. Let us further understand the difference between an insurer and an insured.

Who is an Insurer?

An insurer is a person or a company which is providing you with an insurance policy and offers financial coverage against a specific event or risk. It is also the entity that issues the insurance plan, handles the claims and provides compensation in case of loss. An insurer can be the insurance company or the underwriter.

Role of the Insurer

Below-mentioned is some roles that an insurer carries out:

  • Analyses the Risk

The insurance plan secures you against financial loss incurred due to certain risks. As the risk shall vary depending on the policyholder who has been issued the insurance plan, the insurer needs to assess the possibility of loss in covering the person. This is also termed as underwriting in insurance.

  • Reviews the Information

Another crucial role of the insurer is to verify and review the information provided by the policyholder and check if they meet the insurance principles.

  • Provides a Quote

Based on the risk factors of the applicant and other such aspects, the insurer shall offer a quote that must be paid to gain coverage.

  • Settles Claims

In case of loss, the policyholder shall file a claim under their insurance plan. The insurer must verify the details of the claim and assess the loss incurred. After the value of the loss has been determined, the insurer shall process the claim and provide compensation.

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Who is the Insured?

An insured is an entity or an individual who is offered financial coverage and is entitled to avail benefits under the insurance policy. The insured can raise a claim to get compensation in case the covered event occurs during the policy term. For example, if you purchase a health insurance plan and require treatment for a covered ailment, you can file a claim to get coverage against the medical expenses incurred.

Relationship Between the Insurer and Insured

The insurer is the entity that secures the insured against a financial loss specified in the policy documents. The insurance company, or the insurer, presents a contract to the insured and agrees to compensate for a specified event or risk in exchange for a predetermined premium amount. In case the covered event takes place, the insured can raise a claim to the insurer to avail the coverage amount. So, if you were to opt for an insurance plan, you would be the insured who is covered against a peril while the insurance provider would be the insurer offering coverage.


With this, you must have understood what an insurer and an insured mean and how they are bound by a contract or an insurance policy. To secure yourself against unforeseen risks, you can also opt for an insurance plan. Some common types of insurance are health insurance, life insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, etc.

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FAQs on Insurer vs Insured

What is the difference between insured and insurer?

The insured is the policyholder who is covered under an insurance policy while the insurer is the entity offering the plan.

Is the policyholder the same as the insured?

Yes, the policyholder and the insured are similar to each other as they are covered against risks under a policy.

Do I have to purchase an insurance policy from an insurer?

Getting an insurance plan is not mandated in most circumstances. However, getting an appropriate insurance plan can help safeguard you against unforeseen circumstances. So, it is recommended that you get an insurance plan. 

What is the role of the insurer?

Here are some of the key responsibilities of an insurer: 

  • Analyses the Risk

  • Reviews the Information

  • Provides a Quote

  • Settles Claims

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