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Experiencing a medical emergency in a foreign country can be quite stressful as you might not be familiar with the place. And the last thing you would want is a financial burden while you are travelling abroad. A global health insurance plan is a cover that enables you to seek cashless treatment and get the best medical care without any worries!


In case of an emergency, you can reach out to your insurance provider and connect to a network hospital to prioritise your health. The expenses incurred due to hospitalisation shall be covered by global health insurance. As many of us tend to fall sick due to unfamiliar weather conditions overseas, global health insurance plans ensure sufficient coverage against such medical urgencies even if you are far from home!

Features of Global Health Insurance Cover

  • Sufficient Coverage

Global health insurance plans provide sufficient coverage to secure your medical expenses in a foreign country. Thus, you can focus on recovering from the ailment without worrying about the financial aspect.

  • Cover for Diagnostic Tests

To understand the health issue you are facing, the doctor shall request specific diagnostic tests. Due to high-tech and advanced medical equipment, such tests can easily burn through your savings without coverage. However, you can be worry-free with a global health cover.

  • Room Charges

You shall find various health insurance companies covering room charges incurred during hospitalisation. This comprehensive coverage ensures security against events that require you to be admitted to a hospital!

  • Medical Evacuation

In case of a severe accident which requires an air ambulance to take you back home can be extremely expensive. However, global health insurance plans protect you against the cost incurred due to medical evacuation overseas without hassles!

  • OPD Charges

When it comes to minor injuries that do not require hospitalisation, you opt for OPD treatment. As medical expenses abroad can be quite high, your insurance plan comes with OPD charges included!

  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

The global health insurance policy covers the expenses of repatriating the mortal remains of the policyholder in case of their unfortunate death overseas.

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Why Should You Buy Global Health Insurance Cover?

Medical care in various countries abroad can be expensive if you were to seek treatment. Although you might be able to cover some of the expenses, the healthcare costs in case of severe illness or injury can burn through your savings. To avoid any financial burdens during your overseas trip, a global health insurance policy covers the medical expenses that you may incur. Moreover, when you are visiting a foreign country, it might be difficult to find the right healthcare provider to treat you. But the network hospitals associated with your insurance company give you easy access to quality medical services to help recover soon!

How to Choose Global Health Insurance in India

To make sure you have sufficient protection under your global health insurance policy, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a plan:

  • Opt for a global insurance cover that provides cashless benefits where the healthcare bill is directly settled by the insurance provider. This way, you do not have to pay for the expenses incurred.

  • Understand the features of the insurance plan and compare them across various policies to get the most benefit.

  • As the maximum hospitalisation expenses that you may incur shall be due to in-patient and daycare treatment, you must choose a plan that secures such costs.

  • The last thing you would want to experience is a lengthy and inflexible claim settlement process while you are recovering. To ensure smooth and hassle-free processing of your health claims, research about the company beforehand!

  • Check the cumulative bonus offered on your global health cover in case you do not make any claims during your travel. You can avail perks such as an increase in your sum insured without any changes in your premium quote.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Global Health Insurance Cover

  • Limited Features: Some insurance companies may not cover pre and post-hospitalisation costs or OPD treatment which could lead to out-of-pocket expenses during your travel. Many a time, the coverage amount may fall short in securing the expenses due to international medical care.

  • Insurance Coverage: You might find global health insurance plans with high sum insured covers resulting in an expensive health insurance premium. Moreover, the insurance plan could have certain terms and conditions related to the coverage that need to be met to avail the benefits.

  • Waiting Period: Similar to health insurance policies, global health covers also have a waiting period for pre-existing ailments and specific illnesses. Make sure you check the initial waiting period applicable after you have purchased the plan.

  • Co-Payment Clause: Another crucial point that you must know is that global health covers may also have a health insurance co-payment clause applicable. So, read the fine print thoroughly and avoid high co-payment clauses to limit any financial burdens.

  • Claim Intimation: For a successful insurance claim, you must intimate the insurance provider in case of an emergency. Failing to intimate the insurer about a claim within the prescribed time duration can lead to claim rejection. Some insurance companies might also require a certificate from a medical professional for emergency treatment.

Final Thoughts

Having a healthcare backup while travelling overseas is a must no matter how healthy you are. The weather conditions in a foreign country and other such factors can play a role in developing a health condition. To avoid incurring hefty out-of-pocket hospitalisation expenses while abroad, it is advised to choose the best global health insurance plan.


Similarly, potential health risks are always a cause for concern back home as well. This is why you require sufficient insurance coverage that can cover planned treatment and emergency hospitalisation! Browse through the health insurance plans on Bajaj Markets to avail extensive protection at affordable premiums today.

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FAQs on Global Health Insurance Cover

What is global insurance cover in health insurance?

Global health insurance cover is a plan which offers medical coverage during your international trips to financially safeguard you against health emergencies.

What is the best global health insurance plan?

You can easily find the best global health insurance plan to suit your insurance requirements by comparing various policies online!

How many days of post-hospitalisation expenses are covered under global health insurance?

The post-hospitalisation expenses covered under a global health cover shall differ from one insurance provider to another, so we recommend comparing it for various insurers.

Can children be covered under global health insurance cover?

Yes, many insurance companies also cover children under global health insurance plans during your overseas trips.

Does global health insurance offer cashless hospitalisation benefits?

Yes, You can find numerous health insurance companies providing cashless hospitalisation benefits under global health insurance plans.

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