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Robotic surgeries are an innovative treatment method in the medical industry that are used to treat a wide variety of diseases. Robots used for these types of surgeries are technologically advanced and operate at a very high level of accuracy, allowing surgeons to conduct procedures with extreme efficiency. That said, the cost of these surgeries can easily go into lakhs or even tens of lakhs due to the high level of technology and expertise involved. These costs can even be higher for patients seeking treatment in metropolitan cities. However, you need not worry, as health insurance plans that cover robotic surgery can help you take care of these very high treatment costs. 

Important Update (Dated May 30, 2024) – Good news for Health Insurance policyholders! According to the Master Circular on Health Insurance Business 29052024 rolled out on May 29, 2024 by IRDAI, insurers are to decide on the request for cashless claims within 1 hour of receiving the request. Also, the final claim is to be granted within 3 hours after the policyholder’s discharge from the hospital. Insurers have been directed by IRDAI to establish necessary systems and procedures for this process by July 31, 2024.


The Master Circular on Health Insurance Business 29052024 circular is available here -

How Does Robotic Surgery Health Insurance Work?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has recently issued guidelines stating that insurance companies must provide coverage for robotic surgeries under at least one of their health insurance plans offered to the public. 

  • The health insurance policies that provide coverage for robotic surgeries also include cover for hospitalisation charges, ICU fees, consultation fees, pre and post-hospitalisation costs, etc. However, different health plans have different coverage limits, so you should always refer to your health policy papers to understand what’s covered.

  • Moreover, not every health policy will include coverage for robotic surgery. So, when you are deciding which health insurance to buy, specifically look if they offer coverage for robotic surgery. 

Does Robotic Surgery Health Insurance Have a Waiting Period?

Yes, waiting periods for pre-existing conditions will apply even for diseases or medical conditions that require robotic surgery. If you are suffering from any pre-existing medical condition at the time of buying health insurance that will require treatment through robotic surgery, the standard waiting period of 2-4 years will apply. You will not get any coverage for treatment for the pre-existing condition while the waiting period is still active. However, once the waiting period is over, coverage for that specific medical condition will continue. 


Robotic surgery and other advanced medical treatment options can help save your and your family’s lives in the future. Even if you are not currently suffering from any medical condition that requires robotic surgery, it is better to be financially prepared for it by choosing a health plan that covers robotic procedures. More importantly, when you are buying your health policy, you must carefully read the inclusions and exclusions as well as the terms and conditions, to properly understand the scope of the policy. If you do not yet have health cover, you can check out the health insurance plans available at Bajaj Markets. 

FAQs on Does Health Insurance Cover Robotic Surgery

Does health insurance cover robotic surgery in India?

Yes, some health insurance plans provide coverage for robotic surgery in India. However, you must carefully read the policy document at the time of buying the plan to verify the coverage offered for robotic surgeries.

How can I check the premium cost of health plans that cover robotic surgery?

You can use an online ‘Health Insurance Premium Calculator’ to check the cost of your preferred health plan.

What are the diseases that require robotic surgery?

Robotic surgical procedures can be used for the following: 

  • Certain types of cancer 

  • Gastrointestinal diseases 

  • Urological procedures

  • Heart surgeries

Will health insurance cover the complete cost of my robotic surgery?

Your health plan will only cover the cost of your surgery till the maximum sum insured. So, you must purchase a health plan that has an extensive sum insured. Alternatively, you can buy a top-up health insurance plan over your existing policy.

Can I buy health insurance online?

Yes, you can buy health insurance online at Bajaj Markets and other insurance websites.

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