Common Factors Among Best Home Insurance Policies

Buying a home is a huge investment and requires nothing but the best home insurance policy applied to it to ensure its protection and high resale value. A home insurance policy provides coverage against a range of situations that can result in damage to your property. With the range of options available in the market, choosing the best home insurance policy should involve a fair amount of research and analysis before you take a final decision.

While choosing the best home insurance policy, it is important that you identify the factors important to you and then see how different policies compare. If you are looking for extensive coverage against natural disasters and 24×7 assistance in your claims process, apply for home insurance on Bajaj Markets. You can protect your home against fires, earthquakes, storms and even leakage from automatic sprinkler installations in your home.

While choosing the best home insurance policy, it is important to note the various factors that they have in common and understand that what you choose decides the premium you will pay. Read on to learn about the factors that you should keep an eye out for, while choosing a home insurance policy most suited to your requirements.

Structural Coverage

The best home insurance policies will include cover specifically for the structure of the house, including the building, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, etc. This coverage will prove useful if the building is ever damaged in case of natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Some home insurance policies will also allow you to cover additional structures in your home that are not attached to the main structure, such as a garage, swimming pool or even the fences around your house.

Cover for Personal Property

The best home insurance policy will also include coverage for your personal belongings in the house such as electrical appliances, furniture and in some cases, even jewelry. However, it is important to remember that insurers differ in terms of the personal possessions that they will provide coverage for under a home insurance policy. You will need to decide the best home insurance policy for yourself, based on your individual requirements and the options on offer from the insurer. On Bajaj Markets, you can apply for home insurance which offers coverage against burglary of your possessions and in other cases. Not only can the policy be availed easily, but you can also file claims online in an easy 4-step process.

Alternative Accommodation Cover

In case any incidents occur which are covered under the home insurance policy and you are forced to move out of your residence, the insurer will cover the expenses incurred by you in such a case. With the best home insurance policy, you would receive coverage for expenses such as rent or food.

Liability Cover

Liability cover refers to the home insurance policy which offers coverage against any legal damages you might incur in case a third person or party is injured within your premises. This can include damage to other’s property or even physical harm caused to a person. For instance, if a tree planted in your yard falls onto a neighbour’s fence or if a loose tile from your roof hits their house; you are liable to be sued by them. However, the best home insurance policy will protect you from all such legal damages and will also provide coverage for the repairs you will be forced to undertake.

Medical Payment Coverage

The best home insurance policy provides extensive coverage, including any medical payments you may be required to make if somebody suffers body injury or damage at your home and premises. Most insurance policies however only provide this for minor injuries sustained which do not require extensive treatment or expenses. The best home insurance policy would include coverage for medical payments if a visitor slips on the stairs and hurts their back or if a child playing on the swings breaks their arm. Make sure to read the fine print on the insurance documents carefully to understand what exactly is covered under medical payments. With Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance, available on Bajaj Markets, you can avail coverage for any damage done to the house’s structure and articles kept within by opting for the home content cover.

The best home insurance policies have to be selected after browsing through options available to you and ascertaining your personal requirements. Apply for home insurance on Bajaj Markets and see how easily you can avail coverage for your home against a variety of unanticipated disasters, both man-made and natural. You can also avail coverage against aircraft damage and even missile testing operations that may damage your home.


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