Form 16 is an important document for Income Tax Return (ITR) filing. It provides details about the taxpayer’s income and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) during the financial year. While you can get Form 16 directly from the payroll department of your company, you can also download it from the TRACES portal.

Why is Form 16 Required

As per the Income Tax Act, the employer needs to deduct tax from your salary if it exceeds the exemption limit. It provides details about the gross total income, taxable income, exemptions, and tax deducted. 


It is essentially the proof that your employer has deposited the TDS deducted. Form 16 can serve as proof of income for financial services and products, such as loans. You also need this document to successfully file your income tax return.

Who Can Download Form 16

The deductors of tax at source, i.e., employers, can initiate the Form 16 download process. As per the Income Tax Regulations, the employer or the deductor must provide this form to you, the deductee.

How to Download Form 16 Online

The Income Tax Department allows employers to download this from the official TRACES portal. Here is how to download Form 16 from the Income Tax site in a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the TRACES portal of the Income Tax Department

  2. Choose the ‘Deductor’ section available on the home page 

  3. Log in using the User ID, Password, PAN, and the captcha code

  4. Unregistered users can use their TIN and TAN as User ID and password

  5. Select ‘Form 16’ and enter the relevant details like the assessment year

  6. Click on the ‘Go’  button to download the form

How to Get Form 16 for the Previous Year

As mentioned earlier, your employer can download Form 16 online from the TRACES portal, and you can get it directly from them. You can request the organisation or company’s HR team to send the TDS certificate for any period during the previous year. 


Employers can issue Form 16 for the previous year by categorically choosing last year’s TDS assessment period on the TRACES portal.

How to Fill Form 16 Part A and Part B

The employer needs to fill out the form in two parts. The following details are mentioned in Part A of the form:

  • Employer’s TAN and PAN 

  • Employer’s name and address 

  • Details of the quarterly statement of TDS deductions


Part B contains the following details:

  • Details of the employee’s salary, along with any other income 

  • Details of the exempted allowances as per Section 10

  • Deductions made by the employees under Chapter VI-A of the Income Tax Act, including contributions made under sections 80C, CCC, CCD, E, and G

  • Details of the tax deducted and deposited into the Central Government’s account 

FAQs About Form 16

How can I download my Form 16?

If you are wondering how to get Form 16 online, remember that only the deductor, i.e., the employer, can generate it. The employer will issue you a certificate for TDS deductions made during the financial year. 

How can one generate Form 16?

To generate Form 16, an employer must log into the TRACES portal website using the User ID and password. They need to select ‘Form 16’ and enter relevant details, including the assessment year. Click on the ‘Go’ button to generate the form and download it.

How can I get Form 16 for salaried employees?

Salaried employees cannot download Form 16 online. A salaried employee must request their employer or company’s HR team to issue the form. 

What is the password for Form 16?

If you are an unregistered user, you can log in to the TRACES website using the TIN and TAN. Enter the former as your User ID and the latter as your password to log in as a deductor.

Can I download my Form 16 certificate without enrolling myself on the TRACES website?

Yes, you can get Form 16 online without enrolling yourself on the TRACES website. Form 16 Part A and Part B can be downloaded online in a PDF format from the Income tax website.

What if Form 16 is lost?

Learning how to get Form 16 again if you have misplaced or accidentally deleted the file is simple. Request your employer for a duplicate of the document. The TRACES portal allows deductors to generate this form online easily. 

Can I view Form 16 online?

Only the employer can access the form from the Income Tax website. You can view the form once the employer issues it to you.

When can I get Form 16?

The employers must issue Form 16 to their employees by June 15 of the assessment years. So, if your employer has deducted TDS between April 2023 and March 2024, they will need to issue Form 16 by 15th June 2024.

Can I get Form 16 if no TDS is deducted?

No, your employer will provide you with Form 16 only when they deduct TDS from your income.

Can I file my income tax return without Form 16?

Yes, you can. However, you may need to submit other documents, such as Form 26AS, if your income exceeds the exemption limit.

Can I fill out Form 16 myself?

No, only the employer (deductor) can issue and download Form 16 online from the TRACES portal.

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