The GST portal was developed to ensure a smooth transition to GST. Along with tracking all transactions, it also offers services like GST registration, filing returns, maintaining all tax details, and more. Instead of dropping emails to the helpdesk, taxpayers can also use this portal to lodge complaints. However, a lot of users have complained about the ‘emSigner error’.


You will see a dialogue box every time you encounter this GST portal error. And, it will probably say something like, “Failed to connect to the server. Kindly restart the emSigner”. It often occurs while filing your GST returns or registering your DSC on the GST portal. This article illustrates how you can solve the emSigner error.

Reason for emSigner Error on GST Portal

The emSigner error occurs due to the change of ports. Earlier, the emSigner used the '1645- https://127.0 0.1:1645' port, but it now uses the '1585-' port.

How to Resolve the emSigner Error?

The following steps will help you resolve this GST portal error:

  • Step 1: Uninstall the previously installed emSigner

The procedure to uninstall the emSigner is:

Open the control panel available in the 'Start' menu > click on programs > then opt for uninstall programs > select emSigner with 2.6 > and uninstall

  • Step 2: Install the new emSigner from the GST portal

Go to the homepage of the GST portal and scroll down to the end. Go to ‘System Requirements’ under the category 'Help and Taxpayer Facilities'. Now, click on ‘DSC Registration’ to download and install the emSigner. Once installed, click on the 'Finish' button.


Right-click on the ‘emSignergstn’ icon on the desktop and select ‘Run’ as administrator.


You will see a dialogue box indicating that the emSigner service has been started successfully. So, click on the 'Ok' button. It is advisable to check if the software runs seamlessly. On successful setup, you will see a ‘Digital Signature Signer’ window pop up.

  • Step 3: Restart the System/PC

Once you restart the PC, right-click on the ‘emSigner icon’ and follow the 'Run as Administrator' process again.

  • Step 4: Log in

After the last step, the emSigner will start working on Internet Explorer. So, log into the GST portal and file the return or register/update the DSC on it. Provide a digital signature by entering the password.


Now, you have successfully resolved the emSigner error. However, you might experience this GST error again once in a while when logging in via Google Chrome.

How to Resolve the emSigner Error on Google Chrome?

After the completion of step 2, EmSigner automatically works on Internet Explorer. Ensure that you update Google Chrome and Javascript before going about with the following steps.


Open Google Chrome > click on Settings > go to Site Settings > open Javascript > enter the URL mentioned below in the 'Allow' column

  • ""

  • ""

  • ""

  • ""

  • ""

  • ""

  • ""


Why am I facing the emSigner error?

You are facing the emSigner error due to the port change. Currently, it uses the '1585-' port.

When do you face the emSigner error?

People face this emSigner error while filing GST returns or registering DSC on the GST portal.

How to resolve the emSigner error?

You will have to uninstall the already installed emSigner software, install the new one from the GST portal and follow the steps mentioned above.


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