Tata Tigor EV Insurance

The Tata Tigor is an all-new electric five-seater sedan offered by the automotive behemoth Tata Motors. The car is available in a price range of Rs. 12.49 to Rs. 13.64 Lakhs, depending on the model and the city of purchase. It is also essential that you purchase Tata Tigor EV insurance in order to give you peace of mind from financial and legal issues.

Electric cars are good for the environment since they don’t require fossil fuels to run. Their makeup is very different from a fuel-based car and thus requires special infrastructure to repair, this is another reason to purchase an insurance policy for your car.


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About Tata Tigor EV Insurance

The Tata Tigor is an all-new electric offering from the motor behemoth, packed into a relatively affordable package. However, given that the car is electric, this causes a number of issues, ones that are best remedied with an insurance plan. Given that the car is electric, its insides are far different from a fuel-based car, and thus requires special infrastructure to repair, infrastructure that we do not currently have available at ease. An insurance plan for your Tata Tigor EV will help solve this problem and make sure you are as safe and secured as possible while you are operating the vehicle.

Tata Tigor EV Variants


Price (Ex Showroom)

Tata Tigor Ev XM


Tata Tigor EV XM Plus


Tata Tigor EV XE Plus


Tata Tigor EV XT


Tata Tigor EV XT Plus


Why is it Important to Buy Tata Tigor EV Insurance?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should insure your Tata Tigor EV electric car. For starters, it is mandatory by the law to do so, making the need for other reasons almost redundant. However, there are a number of other benefits to insuring your Tata Tigor EV. Given that it is an electric car, most garages in the country might still not be equipped to service the car if you require it. Additionally, it is best to ensure that you have no financial stake in the damage of the car, and getting your Tata Tigor insurance is the best way to do so.

Types of Insurance Plans Offered for Tata Tigor EV Insurance

There are primarily two types of insurance plans that you can get for your Tata Tigor Electric, meaning the choice boils down to one of the other given that it is mandatory to insure your Tata Tigor EV.

As part of this insurance plan for your Tata Tigor EV, you receive effective coverage against all the instances mentioned in the book of insurance, meaning this is the most holistic approach to car insurance there is. As part of this Tata Tigor insurance plan you receive coverage against accidents, coverage for your passengers in the event of an accident and even coverage against theft and own damage to your Tata Tigor EV.

Since it is mandatory to insure your Tigor EV, even third party car insurance provides coverage for all the basic requirements. However, given that this Tata Tigor insurance plan is more affordable, there are some exceptions such as there being no coverage against your own damage to the vehicle, or for your passengers in the event of an accident.

Why Choose Finserv MARKETS For Tata Tigor EV Insurance?

  • One of the biggest reasons you should opt for Finserv MARKETS as your platform of choice to purchase insurance for your Tigor EV is the sheer variety offered on the website.

  • Complete with a host of sorting filters that you use to choose an insurance plan that best suits your needs.

  • You can browse through the Finserv MARKETS website to get a plan that is best for you, knowing full well that you have considered all possible Tata Tigor EV insurance options.

Inclusions in Tata Tigor EV Insurance

  1. Damage caused by natural disasters.

  2. Vandalism

  3. Fire

  4. Theft

  5. Damage to third party/passengers.

  6. Damage was done to vehicles due to falling objects e.g. trees.

  7. Damage caused by riots/other forms of civil disobedience.

  8. Personal accident cover.

  9. Man-made calamities/hazards.

Exclusions in Tata Tigor EV Insurance

  1. Expired policy/policy not in force.

  2. War/ nuclear threat

  3. Damage done while driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.

  4. Consequential damage (for instance, a failed gearbox due to oil leaks left unchecked)

  5. Damage done if the car was being used for illegal activities.

  6. Commercial use vehicles (these have separate policies for them, and thus do not qualify).

Add-ons to Tata Tigor Ev Car Insurance

  • NCB protection

This ensures that you do not have to pay claim bonuses every year, and offers a discounted premium.

  • Engine Protection

If your engine experiences failure due to water damage etc, this add on has you covered.

  • Invoice Cover

This add-on for your Tata Tigor insurance ensures that you get the price of your vehicle that is mentioned on your bill/invoice, and not the market value, which is likely to be lower than the invoice amount.

How to Apply for Tata Tigor EV Insurance

  1. Visit your website of choice to purchase your Tigor EV insurance.

  2. Now you can proceed to enter the number plate and registration details of your car.

  3. Complete KYC formalities with your driver’s licence, email ID and phone number

  4. Input the age of your Tata Tigor Electric.

  5. Mention the condition the car is in.

  6. This will display a list of policies that fit your Tata Tigor insurance needs.

Claim Process

Depending on whether you want to file a reimbursement claim or if your Tata Tigor insurance has a cashless facility, the steps are for the most part, similar.

  1. Notify your insurer at the time of the incident.

  2. The Tigor EV insurer will send a survey to assess their exposure.

  3. Once approved, deposit your Tata Tigor EV to the garage for repairs.

  4. If you have a cashless facility available, the payments will be dealt with by the insurance company itself, requiring no further input from your end.

  5. If you want to file a reimbursement claim, submit all the receipts and documents to the insurance company.

  6. If approved, they will provide reimbursement for your Tata Tigor electric car repairs.

Wrapping it Up!

Purchasing insurance for your vehicle is compulsory, and you can land in deep trouble for not doing so. However, this rule was issued in the public interest, you should keep in mind that getting insurance for your Tigor EV also comes with some inherent benefits. If you are looking to get your Tigor EV insured, Finserv MARKETS has a comprehensive array of electric car insurance products for you to pick from.

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FAQs about Tata Tigor EV Insurance

  • ✔️Can I renew my Tata Tigor EV insurance policy if it has expired?

    Yes, you can.

  • ✔️Will there be an inspection before the renewal of my Tata Tigor insurance?

    Yes. Insurance companies always carry out assessments to gauge their risk before they allow a policy.

  • ✔️What happens if I do not renew my policy?

    If you are caught operating a vehicle without the appropriate insurance, then this can be grounds for your driver’s licence and vehicle’s registration to be cancelled.

  • ✔️What if my Tata Tigor EV is stolen?

    As part of comprehensive car insurance for your Tigor EV, your Tata Tigor electric is insured against theft.

  • ✔️How can I reduce my premium?

    Factors such as the age of the car, the model of the car, your engine capacity etc. While some factors such as the model and engine capacity of your Tigor EV are not as manipulable by you, factors such as age can be overcome by getting insurance early on into ownership of the car.

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