Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance

Mahindra Bolero is one of the recognisable SUVs on Indian roads. It is a sturdy and safe vehicle that is powered by a 1493 cc three-cylinder engine. While its safety features are modern, Mahindra Bolero car insurance is the best security feature that should be availed. The Mahindra Bolero car insurance provides a financial shield in situations which no one can anticipate, be it a freak accident, a fire, theft or a calamity. You can choose from two types of insurance plans for your Mahindra Bolero: a third-party plan, or a comprehensive plan. A properly thought-out insurance plan can make your robust Mahindra Bolero more secure and safe.

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Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance Price with Variants

The Mahindra Bolero is offered in 3 variants, all powered by a diesel engine. Let’s take a look at the Bolero variants and Bolero insurance price:

Mahindra Bolero Variants

Ex-showroom price*

Fuel Type

Estimated Third-party Premium**


₹ 8,99,996


₹ 3383


₹ 9,79,995


₹ 3383


₹ 9,99,996


₹ 3383

*The ex-showroom prices are for Delhi and are subject to change on the basis of the city.


**Third-party premium rates are indicative. The actual premium that you may have to pay may change depending on various factors. Please check the prevailing premium rates before purchasing your car insurance policy.

5 Steps to Buy a Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance

Buying a Mahindra Bolero car insurance online on Bajaj MARKETS is a simple 5-step process. Here is all you need to do: 

  • Enter your mobile number and your Mahindra Bolero registration number.

  • Provide all the necessary details about your Bolero.

  • Pick a car insurance plan as per your needs.

  • Pay the Bolero car insurance premium online.

  • Upon successful payment, your Mahindra Bolero car insurance policy will be sent to your email address.

Renew Your Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance in a Few Clicks

Renewing your Mahindra Bolero Insurance on Bajaj MARKETS is a fairly easy process. Just follow the five steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the Bajaj MARKETS ‘Car Insurance Renewal’ page.

  • Enter your Bolero registration number and your contact details. 

  • Check your car insurance renewal premium.

  • Make the Bolero insurance premium payment online.

  • Download the Mahindra Bolero car insurance policy copy.

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Why Insure Your Mahindra Bolero?

The Mahindra Bolero is a robust vehicle with some great safety features. However, in the event of an unfortunate accident, your vehicle may suffer some serious damages like shattered headlamps, bent windshield, damaged doors, etc. Replacing all of these with genuine spare parts at a certified garage can cost you up to ₹50,000, or more. This is where Mahindra Bolero car insurance can save the day! Your car insurance plan will cover the repair/replacement costs and ensure that you don’t have to drain out your savings. Besides, it is also mandatory to at least have third-party car insurance for your vehicle in India under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Which Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance Should You Buy?

You can choose from two types of car insurance plans for your Mahindra Bolero:

  • Third-Party Car Insurance

As discussed above, third-party car insurance is mandatory to drive your four-wheeler on Indian roads. This plan only covers your financial liabilities towards a third party incurred by your insured Bolero. The coverage of third-party car insurance plans is not extended to you or your Bolero.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan is an extensive policy that covers both third-party liabilities as well as damages to your Bolero due to an unfortunate event. The Bolero car insurance premium for a comprehensive plan is higher than that of a third-party cover since it covers all liabilities that you may incur. 

What is Covered in Your Mahindra Bolero Insurance Policy?

Third-party car insurance policies cover injuries/death or damages caused to a third party by your insured Mahindra Bolero. Comprehensive car insurance policies cover third-party liabilities and damages caused to your insured Mahindra Bolero due to accidental/external means, theft, natural calamities, terrorist activity, etc.

What is Not Covered in Your Mahindra Bolero Insurance Policy?

Certain expenses that are not covered under car insurance available on Bajaj MARKETS are damages caused outside the designated geographical area of the insurance policy, damages caused due to overspeeding or driving under the influence of drugs, claims arising out of any contractual liability, etc.

Enhance Your Mahindra Bolero Car Insurance with Add-on Covers

Here are some add-on covers you can combine with your comprehensive Bolero car insurance plan:

  • Consumables Cover

Covers the repair/replacement cost for consumables like engine oil, brake oil, engine oil, coolant, etc. after an accident.

  • Engine Protector

Provides coverage for engine damage due to water seepage, lubricating oil leakage, etc.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

Provides emergency roadside assistance services like flat tyre repair, towing services, urgent fuel delivery, etc.

  • Personal Baggage Cover

Provides coverage for loss/damage to your personal belongings that is caused during an accident.

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Filing a Claim for Your Mahindra Bolero Insurance- Things to Know

Two things you must know before filing a claim for your Bolero car insurance are the documents required to file a claim and the different ways to claim your car insurance. Let’s start with the list of documents that you must keep handy while filing a claim:

  • Duly filled and signed Bolero insurance claim form

  • Copy of your car insurance policy

  • Copy of your Bolero’s registration certificate (RC)

  • Copy of the driver’s licence

  • Copy of the FIR

  • Original bills and receipts of the Bolero repair expenses

Now, let’s understand how you can file a claim. There are two ways to claim your Mahindra Bolero car insurance:

  • Cashless Claim

In Cashless Claim, you can get your Bolero repaired at any nearest network garage. Your insurance provider will directly settle the repair expenses with the garage.

  • Reimbursement Claim

In Reimbursement Claim, you can get your Bolero repaired at a garage of your choice and bear all the expenses. You can then file a reimbursement claim against your car insurance policy. The insurance provider will transfer the settlement amount to your registered bank account after the claim is approved.

Tips to Reduce Mahindra Bolero Insurance Premium

Some easy ways to reduce your Bolero car insurance premium are:

  • Maintain Your Mahindra Bolero in Good Shape

Get your Bolero serviced regularly and maintain it in a good condition. This will help you get a lower car insurance premium.

  • Use No Claim Bonus Rewards

Earn NCB in car insurance reward by not making any claims on your Bolero car insurance plan throughout the policy tenor and use these rewards to get a cost-effective renewal premium.

  • Do Not File Small Claims

Avoid filing car insurance claims for inexpensive Bolero repairs to secure your NCB reward.

  • Install Anti-Theft Devices in Your Mahindra Bolero

You can install ARAI approved anti-theft devices in your Bolero for an additional reduction in the insurance premium.

  • Compare Premium Quotes Online

Always compare the Bolero car insurance premium quotes offered by various companies before you buy a car insurance policy.

Must-Know Tips to Maintain Your Mahindra Bolero

  • Check Car Tyres 

Regularly check the car tyres for damage, cuts, or any missing/loose wheel nuts. Always drive your Bolero with the right air pressure in the tires.

  • Inspect Car Battery

Keep the car battery dry and clean. Regularly check for any battery cable corrosions and salt deposition. 

  • Maintain a Clean Engine

Ensure that your Bolero’s engine has clean fuel.

  • Drive Sensibly

Always drive your Bolero at proper gear and avoid sudden braking and high acceleration.

  • Follow the Service Schedule

You must follow the Bolero maintenance and service schedule to keep your car in mint condition.

Mahindra Bolero Maintenance Cost

The Mahindra Bolero maintenance cost for six years is approximately ₹27,790. Mahindra offers free maintenance services for the first two servicing of your Bolero. Below is the maintenance schedule and the cost applicable:

Mahindra Bolero Service Schedule


Free or Paid

Total Expenses*

First Service




Second Service




Third Service




Fourth Service




Fifth Service




Sixth Service




Seventh Service




*Disclaimer: These are indicative prices. The actual cost of maintenance of Mahindra Bolero may vary and change from time to time.

About Mahindra Bolero

The Bolero has been around for more than two decades and is still popular among the masses. It is a 7-seater SUV from the Mahindra stable with BS6 technology. The car is available in 3 variants with a mHawk diesel engine and manual transmission. Some of the features of the Mahindra Bolero are a central locking system, front and rear power windows, height-adjustable driver’s seat, AUX, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, etc. The Bolero is available in two colours- Diamond White, and Lakeside Brown.

Specifications of Mahindra Bolero

The Mahindra Bolero is offered with a 1493 cc diesel engine and is available only with manual transmission. Let’s take a look at some of the other specifications of the Mahindra Bolero:


Mahindra Bolero Specs


16.7 kmpl

Engine Displacement

1493 cc

Transmission Type


Max Power


Max Torque

210Nm @ 1600 – 2200rpm

Seating Capacity


Fuel Type


Fuel Tank Capacity

70 litres

No. of Cylinder


Ground Clearance

180 mm

Note: The actual specifications may vary depending on the Mahindra Bolero variant.

Mahindra Bolero On-Road Prices Across Major Cities

The price of the Mahindra Bolero can vary tentatively based on the city you live in. The Mahindra Bolero on-road prices across some of the metro cities in India are:


Mahindra Bolero (B4) On-Road Price


₹10.22 Lakh


₹10.11 Lakh


₹9.83 Lakh

New Delhi

₹10.25 Lakh


₹10.89 Lakh


₹10.23 Lakh

Note: The actual on-road prices for different Mahindra Bolero variants are subject to change and can vary from time to time.

Mahindra Bolero Features

The Mahindra Bolero is packed with a host of great features. Some of these are:

  • Wheel Covers

  • Anti-Lock Braking System

  • Engine Immobiliser

  • Power Steering

  • Driver Airbag

  • Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat

  • Rear Wash and Wiper

  • Front and Rear Power Windows

  • Remote Fuel Lid Opener

  • Air Conditioner

Note: The actual features may vary depending on the Mahindra Bolero variant.

Bottom Line

Now that you know about the Mahindra Bolero on-road price, specifications, features, etc., it is now time to get a suitable Bolero car insurance that will act as a financial cover during unfortunate events like accidents, theft or losses due to natural calamities. Don’t put it off any longer! Head to Bajaj MARKETS and buy a car insurance plan with multiple add-on benefits and features.

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FAQs on Mahindra Bolero Insurance

  • ✔️Why is Mahindra Bolero Car insurance needed?

    Zooming off in a Mahindra Bolero car without third-party insurance is not legal. Apart from being a legal necessity, the right insurance package also cuts down on your maintenance costs and provides protection in case of accidents, thefts, arson, or riots. Insurance plans also lend protection to your Mahindra Bolero car in case of damage due to natural disasters such as earthquake, floods, landslides.

  • ✔️Can Mahindra Bolero insurance policy be renewed online?

    Yes, the Mahindra Bolero insurance can be very easily renewed online.

  • ✔️Are discounts available on car insurance?

    Insurance providers do come up with discounts and other offers to attract customers. You may be able to spot such offers for Mahindra Bolero insurance at Bajaj MARKETS. Bolero insurance amount is subject to factors such as how old the car is and its condition.

  • ✔️Is there an option to pay an insurance premium in monthly installments?

    No. It's a legal requirement to pay the full premium amount at one go. 

  • ✔️Is the Mahindra Bolero insurance policy transferable?

    Yes, if you want to sell your Mahindra Bolero, you can always get it transferred to the buyer, who will be the new owner. 

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