Dental Insurance: Features of a Dental Cover

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When we were kids, the dreaded fear of getting braces seemed like the end. The thrilling anticipation for shaky teeth to fall or the silly antics of tying a thread around it was harmless fun! After fiddling with it for hours (sometimes days!), the tooth would surrender to our shenanigans. If only matters were this simple now!  With time, our teeth have suffered the toils of wear and tear. Those with a sweet tooth may suffer from the pains of cavities, or injured individuals might need painful surgeries. As scary as the childhood fear of visiting a dentist was, we must address these dental matters now. It’s an expensive endeavour, often deterring people from seeking dental aid.  Fortunately, health insurance companies are slowly banding together to create policies and plans that tackle your dental concerns. While insurers still consider dental procedures as cosmetic corrections, some situations make the exception. 

Dental Cover: What is it? 

If you purchase dental insurance, your plan will cover expenses related to dental procedures. Most dental treatments are expensive since they require the expertise of trained professionals to operate costly equipment. The dental cover will protect your finances from the brunt of such expenses. Use the coverage provided by your dental insurance to pay for these medical bills.  Once you’ve bought the dental cover, it’s easy to apply for claims. Ensure you carry the necessary documents. Here are the generally required documents. 


● Filled Claim Form 


● Policy Documents 


● Discharge Summary 


● KYC Documents 


● Consultation Bill 


● Hospital Bill (Original) 


● Pharmacy Bill 


With your documents in line, it’s crucial that you timely intimate the insurance company about your impending dental procedure. They may request you for some documents to support your claim, like a duly filled and signed claim application. Post receiving them, the insurer will begin with the verification process. If you opt for cashless treatment, the insurer will handle the completion of the payment and other transactions.  For reimbursement claims, it may take ten days or so before the amount is transferred. 

5 Key Features of Dental Cover

If you haven’t purchased dental insurance yet, then it’s about time you begin considering its many benefits and features. Instead of letting your future self-endure the pains of pending treatment, choose a plan that rightly serves your dental needs. To help make your decision easier, we have rounded up the main features of the dental cover. 

1. Sufficient Coverage 

While shopping for plans, choose one that provides dental cover with more than sufficient coverage for treatments and procedures it covers. The treatments covered under such plans include root canals, extractions, and fillings, with a total cover of up to ₹10, 000 per year. 

2. Diverse Dental Plans 

Pick a dental plan from a wide range of options that include coverage for in-patient dental treatments to tooth fillings, extractions, and root canals. Make sure the plan covers all the essential procedures you or your dependents might require in the upcoming future. 

3. Inclusions 

Your dental cover will include benefits, providing financial support for treatment. Enquire about the list of inclusions to understand the criteria covered, like routine checkups, oral healthcare treatments and preventive care treatments. 

4. Exclusions 

Much like the extensive list of inclusions, insurers have a strict list of exclusions under the plan. They consist of cosmetic treatments and surgeries. Thoroughly read the policy documents provided before purchasing it. 

5. Network Hospitals 

Insurers have a host of network hospitals that can conduct dental procedures requiring anaesthesia in case of injury or illnesses. Find the nearest network hospitals around you for ease of location. Also, avail cashless treatment at these healthcare facilities if your plan offers this option.  Prolonged negligence of dental conditions can lead to severe consequences. Prevent yourself from falling victim to them by choosing a dental plan with adequate coverage. “Brace yourself” for the pain of treatment, not dental problems! 

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