Pune RTO

Pune is a fast developing city in the state of Maharashtra. Although the number of vehicles plying within the city are growing at a tremendous pace, there’s only one Regional Transport Office (RTO). Some of the services that the Pune RTO provides include registration and re-registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licences, and issuance of fitness certificates.


The Pune RTO office is centrally located near Sangam Bridge on Dr. Ambedkar Road. The code that has been assigned to this Regional Transport Office is MH-12. Individuals living in the city wanting to avail its services can visit the office at any time between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM during weekdays except public holidays.


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Pune RTO Code

A RTO Code is important for vehicle registration and other processes. You can find the Pune RTO Code, RTO Pune address and Pune RTO contact number in the table below:



Office timings

Contact number


38, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune - 411001

9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

91-20-26058080 / 26058090

You can find all these including RTO pune vehicle information and the services provided by Pune RTO online and application forms for its services on RTO Pune website. The Pune RTO official website address is http://www.rto.org.in/pune-rto.html.

Vehicle Registration at Pune RTO

To drive a vehicle in Pune, it should be registered with the Pune RTO. If you have bought a vehicle from another state and already registered it with that state’s RTO, to drive that in Pune, registration at Pune RTO is mandatory. Read ahead to know the vehicle registration details in Pune.

  • Locate the RTO suitable for your vehicle in Gurgaon.

  • Visit the concerned RTO with the relevant documents.

  • Pay the applicable taxes and fees.

  • Submit the forms and documents at the RTO office.

  • After verifying the submitted documents, the RTO will register your vehicle and provide you with the registration number of the vehicle.

The forms and documents required are:

  • Form 20 or application form for new registrations

  • Form 21

  • Form 22A or roadworthiness certificate of the vehicle from the manufacturer

  • Form 28 or No Objection Certificate from the financer if the vehicle is bought on loan

  • PAN Number or Form 60

  • Invoice of the purchase, if life-tax is applicable.

  • Owner’s proof of address

  • Vehicle insurance documents

  • Custom Bill, in case of an imported vehicle

  • Form TCR and TCA, if the vehicle is bought for commercial purposes

Vehicle insurance is a must for every vehicle registered under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1998. You can avail compensation under the provision of Section 140, if you have suffered from a road accident that has been caused by a vehicle. There are two types of vehicle insurances; third party policy insurance and comprehensive policy insurance.

  • Third party policy insurance:

It is the cheapest insurance plan and it will only cover any damages caused to the third person during the accident and not damage to own vehicles

  • Comprehensive policy insurance:

It covers both third-party and own damages.

The cost of vehicle insurance in Pune starts from Rs. 3800 as premium and this rate goes up depending on the vehicle, type of insurance and insurance provider. You can compare and choose a vehicle insurance policy that caters to your needs through Bajaj Markets.

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Functions of Pune RTO

Pune RTO ensures that all the rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicle Act are followed. Some of the functions of the Pune RTO office are;

  • License Issual

Issues and renews driving licenses and permits and handles any grievances or queries related to them.

  • Registration Of Vehicle

Registering of vehicles in the state and generation of a database of vehicles along with maintaining an index of drivers cross-referenced with the vehicles they have registered.

  • Collection Of Road Tax

RTO collects the excise duty on vehicles - road tax, which is an important source of revenue for the government.

  • Permit Issuance and Checking

RTO is responsible for the collection of levies, permits and taxes under the regime of the Bombay Motor Vehicle Act of 1958 and the checking of them to coordinate the increase of road transportation.


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Pune RTO Fees

Given below are the charges you have to pay for registering different categories of motor vehicles with Pune RTO.

Type of vehicle

Fees (Rs.)

Light commercial vehicle




Imported motor vehicle


Heavy goods vehicle


Medium goods vehicle


Light motor vehicle


Imported motorcycle




Invalid carriage


Any other vehicle


Certain other fees and charges are levied by the Pune RTO. But, there is no cost for termination of a hire/purchase agreement and the Certificate of No Objection can also be obtained for free. In case you don’t have insurance for your vehicle, you will be imposed with heavy penalties and that should be paid at the RTO office. You can obtain RTO Pune vehicle details by visiting RTO website pune or reaching out to them using RTO office Pune contact number.


RTOs ensure the road safety of a state and enforces all rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. While RTOs fulfill their responsibility, it is the vehicle owner’s duty to buy auto insurance. You can buy auto insurance online through Bajaj Markets. Compare prices, terms, and benefits offered by different insurance providers on Bajaj Markets and choose the right one for your vehicle.

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FAQs on Pune RTO

  • ✔️How long does RTO registration take in Pune?

    The RTO registration may take 2 -3 days in Pune.

  • ✔️Where to register a new car in Pune?

    You can register a new vehicle at Pune RTO. For that, you have to be physically present before the RTO for inspection and submit the required documentation and application forms.

  • ✔️Who is the head of RTO Pune?

    The chief of RTO, Thane and the Konkan region, Ravi Gaikwad is the head of RTO Pune.

  • ✔️How soon does a newly purchased car have to be registered with the Pune RTO ?

    You have to register your newly purchased car with Pune RTO within 7 days of purchase.

  • ✔️Does Pune RTO provide a car for driving tests?

    Yes, Pune RTO provides cars for driving tests.