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For the convenience of the state’s residents, RTO Telangana is divided into 18 zones for each of the prominent districts. Through these offices, it caters to the various needs of vehicle owners, such as applying for and renewing driving licences, vehicle permits based on intended use, payment of relevant taxes, penalties, and duties, and several other helpful services. Apart from having physical offices, RTO Telangana also offers these services through its website for the added convenience of the citizens. You can read the rules and regulations, understand the policies and amounts payable, and download the relevant forms from the comfort of your own home to avail the many services offered by the department.  

RTO Codes of Telangana

Read the table below for Telangana RTO list along with their codes -

RTO District

RTO Code

RTO District

RTO Code

Adilabad District

TS - 01

Mancherial District

TS -19

Karimnagar District

TS -02

Kumaram Bheem Asifabad District

TS -20

Warangal District

TS -03

Jagtial District

TS -21

Khammam District

TS -04

Peddapalli District

TS -22

Nalgonda District

TS -05

Sircilla District

TS -23

Mahbubnagar District

TS -06

Warangal District

TS -24

Ranga Reddy

TS -07

Jayashanka Bhupalpally District

TS -25

Medchal-Malkajgiri District

TS -08

Mahabubabad District

TS -26

Hyderabad Central

TS -09

Jangaon District

TS -27

Hyderabad North

TS -10

Bhadradri Kothagudem District

TS -28

Hyderabad East

TS -11

Suryapet District

TS -29

Hyderabad South

TS -12

Yadadri Bhuvaagiri District

TS -30

Hyderabad West

TS -13

Nagarkurnool District

TS -31

Reserved for Hyderabad

TS -14

Wanaparthy District

TS -32

Sangareddy District

TS -15

Jogulamba Gadwal District

TS -33

Nizamabad District

TS -16

Vikarabad District

TS -34

Kamareddy District

TS -17

Medak District

TS -35

Nirmal District

TS -18

Siddipet District

TS -36

Vehicle Registration at Telangana RTO

Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is not allowed to drive a vehicle without RTO registration. Therefore all motor vehicle owners must get vehicle registration in Telangana at the nearest RTO.

There are two types of vehicle registration in Telangana -


1. Permanent Registration -

Under permanent registration, your vehicle is registered with Telangana RTO for the next 15 years. You will have to renew the vehicle registration in Telangana after 15 years. To get a permanent vehicle registration in Telangana, follow the steps mentioned below-


  • Go to the closest RTO in the state.

  • You will be required to fill RTO application form (Form numbers 20, 21,&22). The Telangana RTO application forms are also available online at Telangana RTO website and can be downloaded by the applicant.

  • Enter all the mandatory details required in the forms.

  • The applicant will be required to submit certain documents –

  • Passport-size Photographs

  • Identity Proof

  • Address Proof

  • Insurance Certificate

  • PUC Certificate (Pollution Under Certificate)

  • Vehicle Invoice

  • TRN Number (Temporary Registration Number)

  • Submit the form with these documents.

  • Once the form is submitted, the verification process will begin. During the verification, the applicant will be asked to bring the vehicle to Telangana RTO.

  • After the verification process is duly completed, the RTO in Telangana will issue the vehicle registration number.


2. Temporary Registration -

When an individual purchases any vehicle, temporary vehicle registration in Telangana is issued by the dealer. To avoid any future issues, you should get a permanent TS vehicle registration number within 30 days of the temporary registration issued from the Telangana RTO.

As you get your vehicle registered it is equally important to get a good insurance plan for your vehicle. There are two types of vehicle insurance, an individual can subscribe -


  • Third-party Policy Insurance -

This vehicle insurance policy is cheaper and pocket-friendly. It covers expenses of the damages caused to a third party in the case of an accident.


  • Comprehensive Policy Insurance -

This insurance policy covers not only third-party damages but also damages that happen to your own vehicle.

Driving a motor vehicle without insurance is illegal in Telangana. One can choose a suitable plan for their car from a range of vehicle insurance policies available at Bajaj Markets.

Functions of Telangana RTO

There are many features and functions of the Telangana RTO -


  • Driving licence -

The primary duty of the RTO is to issue driving licences. It includes all types of driving licences, be it permanent, temporary, international, renewed, or duplicate.


  • Registration -

At the RTO, one can also get a trade certificate, temporary/permanent vehicle registration, renewal/duplicate registration, address change, transfer of ownership, endorsement, etc.


  • Permits -

It also sanctions, reissues, and renews permits. This is available for rickshaws, taxi cabs, buses, goods carriage permits, and many more types.


  • Vehicular Taxes -

The Telangana RTO is also responsible for collecting different types of taxes like green tax, lifetime tax, quarterly tax, border tax, etc. It also has to deal with the tax exemption cases.


  • Fitness Certificate -

It also issues fitness certificates to the transport vehicles.


  • Collection of Fees -

RTOs also hold the responsibility for the collection of all the fees like a licence issue, vehicle registration, etc.


  • Penalties -

Any charges (prosecution and compounding) charged by the Telangana transport department are also looked after by the Telangana RTO.

How To Renew Registration Certificate in Telangana

In order to get your registration certificate renewed in Telangana, you must make an application in Form 25 for not more than sixty days after its expiration date. The renewal fees is required to be paid and as mentioned in Rule 81 as per the Center Motor Vehicles Rule of 1989, it must be specified to the Registration Authority as to whose jurisdiction the vehicle comes under.

RTO Fees

Certain charges are levied on the services rendered by the Telangana RTO



Learner licence

Rs. 150

Learner licence (Test charge)

Rs. 50

Driving licence

Rs. 200

Driving licence (International Permit)

Rs. 1,000

Driving licence (For other classes)

Rs. 500

Driving licence (Renewal)

Rs. 200

Driving licence (Renewal after due date)

Rs. 300

Driving School licence

Rs. 10,000

Driving School licence (Duplicate)

Rs. 5,000

Information Update Charges

Rs. 200

The table below mentions the fee charged by the RTO in Telangana for different vehicle class -

Type of vehicle


Invalid carriage

Rs. 20


Rs. 50

Imported motorcycle

Rs. 1,000

Non-transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 600

Transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Medium goods and passenger vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Heavy goods vehicle

Rs. 1,500

Imported motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Any other type of vehicle

Rs. 3,000

The RTO is also responsible to keep a check on whether the vehicles on the road are abiding by the mandatory vehicle insurance norms of the country. If you don’t have third-party liability insurance you can land in trouble with the TS RTO, and may also end up paying some fines.


Telangana RTO tries to provide smooth and quick services to the state residents. The government tries to work efficiently and effectively by compartmentalising every possible service. As a citizen, we must cooperate with the authorities and get vehicles officially registered in TS RTO.

One must also get their vehicles insured to cover expenses of any unfortunate event. The Bajaj Markets platform has a wide range of car insurance plans provided by different insurers. You can explore the right auto insurance plan on the official website or download the app.

FAQs on Telangana RTO

  • ✔️How many RTO offices are there in the state of Telangana?

    There are 36 RTO offices in Telangana state.

  • ✔️How many categories are there in vehicle registration in Telangana?

    There are two categories of vehicle registration in Telangana: Temporary registration and Permanent registration.

  • ✔️Can I get a VIP number for my vehicle?

    Yes, one can get a VIP number for their vehicle (two /four-wheeler) via RTO. However, the individual will have to pay some charges to get a VIP number for their vehicles.

  • ✔️What is the procedure to get my vehicle insurance in Telangana RTO?

    The Telangana RTO does not offer vehicle insurance services. To get your vehicles insured, you can visit the official website of Bajaj Markets and explore vehicle insurance packages from various insurance providers.

  • ✔️When do we have to renew our permanent vehicle registration in Telangana?

    The permanent vehicle registration in Telangana expires in 15 years. You will have to renew your vehicle registration 15 years from the issue date.

  • ✔️In Telangana, how long is a driver's licence valid?

    If you drive a non-transport vehicle in Telangana, your driver’s licence will be valid for 20 years after the date of its issue or until you turn 50 years old, whichever comes first. The renewal of the driver’s licence takes place after every 5 years. However, it must be noted that the driver’s licence for a transport vehicle is valid for only 3 years after the issue date or the renewal date of the licence.

  • ✔️How do I get a learner's permit in Telangana?

    • The following should be brought with you when you individually appear before the licencing authority to apply for a learner's licence:


    • » Application Form No. 2 (on file with the department); » Rs. 50 for each class of vehicle; » Age-appropriate proof of identification. For instance, a birth certificate, a certificate from your secondary school, a life insurance policy, a passport, etc.

    • »

    • Proof of residency with the person's name on it, such as a ration card, electoral list, electricity or telephone bill, etc.

    • 3 current passport-size photos of the applicant. » A medical certificate in Form No. 1A, if necessary.

    • A Permanent Driving Licence for a Light Motor Vehicle that the applicant has had for at least a year must be produced along with the Transport Vehicle Licence Application Form No. 8.

    Candidates obtaining a learner's permit must pass a test on fundamental traffic signs and driving obligations. The learner's permit so issued is valid for six months from the date of issuance and is extendable for an additional six months at any time while it is still in effect.

  • ✔️How can I contact Telangana Transport's customer service?

    The customer service numbers for Telangana State Road Transport Corp (TSRTC) are 040-6944 0000 (Call Center) and 040-2345 0033 (Other no.

  • ✔️Where will the forms for vehicle registration in Telangana be available?

    You can download all of the application forms for vehicle registration and other transport-related services offered by the Telangana Transport Department online or pick them up from any RTO/DTO

  • ✔️What are the requirements for obtaining a two-wheeler licence in Telangana?

    In Telangana, you must be 16 years old to apply for a learning licence. The application for a learning licence must be submitted with the applicant's parent's permission. In Telangana, it is possible to ride a two-wheeler without gears. 18 years of age is required to apply for a driving licence for a geared two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

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