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SMFG India Credit Loan Pre-Closure

Be it buying a new car, furnishing home, overseas vacation, or simply to better manage your finances by settling old debts, people opt for Personal Loans due to multiple reasons. Depending on your credit score and profile, Personal Loans offer a lot of options like competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options.


Personal Loans can be a lot better deal than credit cards or other loans because of the pre-closure option: you can repay the lump sum anytime before the designated time period. This means that you end up saving a substantial amount of money. For instance, if you borrow a large sum, you can pay the entire amount at one go before the loan tenure ends. This way you will save a lot on the interest rate as compared to EMI deduction via credit card. SMFG India Credit Personal Loan provides the dual-benefit of flexible repayment and pre-closure.

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan Pre-Closure Criteria

SMFG India Credit provides a variety of Personal Loan options on the basis of your credit score and profile. SMFG India Credit Personal Loan interest rate is highly competitive and one of the striking features is SMFG India Credit Personal Loan pre-closure option. While the normal loan tenure is up to 5 years, you can pre-pay it anytime and save on the interest rate. Once the lock-in period of 6-12 months gets over, the customer can repay the entire loan anytime and save a substantial amount of money.

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan Pre-Closure Documents

If you wish to get your SMFG India Credit Personal Loan approved at one go, these are the documents that will be needed:

  • Valid ID and address proof

  • Loan Statement

  • Bank Statement

  • Cheque or Demand Draft in lieu of the pending loan amount.

How to Pre-Close SMFG India Credit Loan

SMFG India Credit Personal Loan pre-closure is a quite simple process if the following steps are followed: -

  • Go to the SMFG India Credit branch office in your area.

  • Seek a Personal Loan pre-closure form.

  • Submit the completed form along with all crucial documents.

  • Pay the pending amount along with the applicable fee.

  • Once the pre-closure is complete, a NOC (No Objection Certificate) will be provided by SMFG India Credit, which will serve as the proof that you have repaid the loan and don't have any pending dues.


While numerous loan options are available, it’s important to select the one that provides flexible repayment options at affordable interest rates. Loan pre-closure helps save a lot of money in interest rates. Fullerton Personal Loan pre-closure is allowed after completion of lock-in period of 6-12 months. If you are looking for a Personal Loan, and are sure that you will be able to repay it within a year or two, then the pre-closure option is best for you. By early repayment you won’t need to unnecessarily pay interest for the whole duration. If you are looking for such a loan then apply for Fullerton Personal Loan at Bajaj Markets and avail attractive offers.

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