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How Upwards Personal Loan Interest Calculation Works

An EMI calculator can help you get a clear understanding of the various aspects of your upwards personal loan. By entering the amount, interest rate and tenure(values considered below), you can instantly get details like the monthly EMI you have to pay, the total payable amount and the interest due. 

The purpose of an EMI calculator is to make it easier for you to figure out how much in EMIs you will be required to pay each month for the loan amount you choose for a given period and interest rate. You only need to enter a small number of details to utilize the calculator, making it easy to use.

  • Enter the loan amount you want to choose in the calculator first. You may enter loan amounts ranging from ₹15,000 to ₹5,00,000.

  • Then, state the duration, which can be anywhere from six to sixty months.

  • Continue by entering the interest rate on a yearly basis.

  • The EMI amount would then be displayed.

Factors Affecting the Upwards Personal Loan EMI

The following are some of the key factors that affect Upwards Personal Loan EMI:

  • Tenure and Loan Amount Desired: The interest rate on a personal loan often rises as the loan amount and repayment period do.
  • Credit Score: When considering whether to give money to a candidate, it is one of the first factors that lenders consider. They can use it to determine a candidate's creditworthiness and payback capacity. A high credit score (often 750 or above) shows that you are more creditworthy and makes it easier for you to get a personal loan. Additionally, it can enable you to obtain a personal loan with better terms and circumstances, such as a cheaper interest rate.

  • Educational Qualifications: Borrowers who have higher educational qualifications also have better chances of finding strong career options, which provide higher levels of income.

  • Details of Employment: As opposed to applicants with little or no work experience, those with a stable job, a history of employment, or those employed by reputable companies are more likely to be offered personal loans at a reduced rate of interest.

  • Income Level: Since applicants with higher salaries are believed to have stronger repayment capacity and are therefore less likely to miss payments. Therefore, personal loans could be offered to them at a reduced rate of interest.

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How to Pay Upwards Personal Loan EMI?

Here is how EMIs can be paid on Upwards Personal Loan:

  • You must complete the online NACH mandate form.

  • Information will be verified by the Upwards team.

  • The bank will thereafter receive a NACH mandate.

  • The bank and National Payment Corporation of India will share the mandate (NPCI)

  • The mandate is sent to your bank for setup of the EMI auto-debit upon approval.

  • Upwards is therefore granted permission by the bank to withdraw money from your account.


Why should I calculate the Upwards loan EMI before taking a loan?

Calculating the Upwards loan EMI before taking a loan would help you manage your finances better and stick to your requirements.

How can I pre-close my Upwards personal loan?

You can make early repayment to pre-close your Upwards personal loan. 


Can we pay more than the specified EMI for an Upwards personal loan?

Yes, but in case of early repayment or partial payment of the loan, banks impose a fee called foreclosure charges. These fees are assessed because lenders lose out on the interest they would have made on the transaction.


What are the prepayment charges on Upwards personal loans?

Bank prepayment fees differ significantly from bank to bank. Depending on the bank a customer borrows from, there may be a variety of restrictions, but generally speaking, the interest rate is between 4% and 5% upon the outstanding loan amount. Additionally, prepayment penalties can vary based on the loan term that has been fulfilled. Some banks may offer no prepayment fees after three years, while others may offer cheaper rates after a set amount of time.


Can I calculate my wedding loan's EMI using the Upwards personal loan EMI calculator?

Yes, you can use the wedding loan calculator to determine the EMI on a personal loan.


What advantages does Upwards Personal Loan EMI Calculator offer?

Here are the advantages of the Upwards Personal Loan EMI Calculator:

  • Helps you quickly determine the EMI amount.

  • Prevents you from having to perform the difficult calculations on your own, saving you time.

  • Allows you to determine the EMI amount by entering various loan amounts, tenures, and interest rates, which aids in helping you organize your expenses more effectively.

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