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A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a flexible investment strategy that allows you to invest in mutual funds at regular intervals. When opting for the SIP mode, planning your investment is crucial, especially if you have a tight budget. Here, tools like the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator are helpful to know the expected returns on a mutual fund scheme and how much you would need to invest. With the help of this online tool, you can learn which mutual fund scheme promises the highest returns when you invest via the SIP mode. Read on to learn more about the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator and how it works.
Monthly SIP
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₹ 1000 ₹ 100000
For a Period of
1 Y 30 Y
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1 % 30 %

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  • 4%
  • 6%
  • 8%

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How to Use the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator

As mentioned above, knowing the expected gains you can earn from an SIP is essential, and you can find that using a Bandhan Bank SIP calculator. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator:


  • Step 1: Add the amount you have decided to invest

  • Step 2: Provide the fund’s expected return rate

  • Step 3: Enter the investment horizon

  • Step 4: Click on the ‘Calculate Your SIP’ button to get the results

What is the Formula that the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator Uses?

By applying the following formula, Bandhan Bank provides you with the expected returns on your selected mutual fund: 


A = P*((1+i)^n)-1)/i)*(1+i)



A is the maturity amount of the SIP

P is the investment amount

i is the compounded rate of return (annual rate of return divided by 12)

n is the number of months

What are the Benefits of Using the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator?

The Bandhan Bank SIP calculator is a handy digital tool that offers the following advantages:


  • Easy and Quick Calculations


The Bandhan Bank SIP calculator is an online tool that lets you quickly compute expected returns on your investment. Hence, it saves you time, as the manual method to calculate your potential returns is a complex and lengthy process. 


  • Informed Decision-Making


With this online tool, you can easily compare different mutual fund schemes and choose the one that offers the highest returns. However, note that these results are based on past performance of the fund, and there is no guarantee that a fund will replicate the growth trajectory. 


  • Free Availability


You can easily access the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator facility on the bank’s website without spending a penny. There are no limits on the number of calculations and you can use this tool to assess and compare multiple mutual fund schemes.


Before you invest in a mutual fund, it is important to assess the expected returns. This helps you evaluate whether you can fulfil your financial goals, based on your contributions. For this type of planning, tools like the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator are crucial. 

You can use it to compare different schemes and determine a suitable SIP contribution you need to make. Visit Bajaj Markets to compare and opt for an appropriate mutual fund scheme.

FAQs on the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator

What variables are required to calculate potential returns on the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator?

To calculate potential returns using the Bandhan Bank SIP calculator, enter the SIP amount, expected growth rate, and investment tenor.

Is investing in an SIP beneficial for the long term?

What are the charges for using the Bandhan Bank SIP Calculator to determine the expected returns?

Are mutual funds liquid if I invest via SIPs?

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