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Making investments in mutual funds via a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a great way to reach your financial goals. However, like every investment, knowing the expected returns is essential before you select any plan.The HSBC SIP calculator can help you zero in on a suitable scheme. This helps you estimate the expected returns, along with the contribution you must make to achieve those returns. This is a reliable tool that provides accurate results instantly and helps you in your financial planning. Read on to learn how to use the HSBC SIP calculator, its advantages, the formula for manual calculations, and more
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How to Use the HSBC SIP Calculator

You can invest a fixed amount in most mutual fund schemes at regular intervals through an SIP. The HSBC SIP calculator can help you estimate the expected returns effortlessly.


Here are the steps to follow to use the SIP calculator.


  • Step 1: Choose the frequency of your SIP

  • Step 2: Enter the investment amount

  • Step 3: Provide the duration of investment in years 


Once you enter the necessary information, the SIP calculator will calculate the expected returns.

What is the Formula to Calculate Returns via an SIP?

Here is the formula used to calculate the expected returns of an SIP.


A = P*((1+i)^n)-1)/i)*(1+i)



‘A’ is the maturity amount of the SIP

‘P’ is the investment amount

‘n’ is the compounded rate of return (annual rate of return divided by 12)

‘n’ is the number of months


What are the Benefits of Using the HSBC SIP Calculator?

Check out the various benefits of using the HSBC SIP calculator.


  • Easy to Use


The HSBC SIP calculator is a convenient tool that calculates the expected SIP returns instantly. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and saves time and energy. Additionally, it also reduces the chances of any errors associated with manual calculations.


You simply need to enter the investment amount, the rate of return and the investment duration to get the results. Some SIP calculators allow you to calculate returns for up to 10 years, which can be quite difficult with manual calculations.


  • Provides Expected Returns


The most significant benefit of the HSBC SIP calculator is that it determines the expected returns of a mutual fund investment. It helps you make an informed investment choice since you can explore various investment options across different periods. 


With the help of this SIP calculator, you can compare multiple scenarios and choose a suitable option based on your financial goals. 


  • Helps You Reach Your Planned Financial Goals


Another benefit is that this calculator helps you save funds to meet your specific short-term and long-term goals. With reliable insights, you can work on healthy financial habits, which include saving money, investing frequently, and diversifying your portfolio. 


  • Available Online for Free


An attractive feature of the HSBC SIP calculator is that you can use the tool free of cost. You can use it an unlimited number of times without any restrictions. Simply access it through your smartphone or laptop from the comfort of your home.

Using the HSBC SIP calculator comes with a host of benefits. By simplifying your calculations, it helps you make the right investment choice. If you are planning to invest in mutual funds via SIP, check out your investment options on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on the HSBC SIP Calculator

Can I use the HSBC SIP calculator free of cost?

Yes, you can use the HSBC SIP calculator free of cost, without any restriction.

Do I need to contribute to an SIP monthly?

What is the minimum investment amount for an SIP?

Can I withdraw the amount that I have invested in a mutual fund via SIP?

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