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Mutual funds have become an incredibly popular investment tool as they promise higher returns than traditional avenues in favorable market conditions. Another reason for this popularity is the flexibility that mutual funds offer in terms of investment and withdrawal. Here, the general approach is to invest via a lump sum or the SIP route. If you choose the latter, tools like the SBI SIP calculator are quite helpful to plan the undertaking. These help you compute your expected returns and the ideal contribution for a set goal. Read on to learn more about the SBI SIP return calculator and how it benefits you.
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How to Use the SBI SIP Calculator

As mentioned above, SIPs allow you to invest conveniently and at a set frequency. Here, tools like the SBI SIP investment calculator determine exactly how much you need to invest to achieve your goal. This helps you compare and find offerings that align with your goals. 


You can use this tool easily by following these simple steps:


  • Step 1: Enter the final earnings you want to achieve under ‘I want to make’ 

  • Step 2: Input your preferred investment horizon

  • Step 3: Enter the expected growth rate


The calculator will display the amount you need to invest monthly, and provide you with the option to start investing.


What is the Formula to Calculate SIP Returns?

To calculate the estimated final returns for a given mutual fund, you will have to use the following formula. 


A = P*((1+i)^n)-1)/i)*(1+i)



‘A’ is the maturity amount of the SIP

‘P’ is the investment amount

‘i’ is the compounded rate of return (annual rate of return divided by 12)

‘n’ is the number of months or contributions

What are the Benefits of Using the SBI SIP Calculator?

Considering that the State Bank of India SIP calculator allows you to calculate the SIP amount based on your expected returns, there are a few benefits. 


  • Better Decision-Making


With the SBI SIP calculator, you can calculate returns offered by different mutual fund schemes and choose the one that is the most feasible. This calculator helps you compare options based on the amount you would have to contribute to achieve the final returns.


So, if you are a first-time investor or don’t have a large amount of money to put into your SIP contributions, this tool is helpful. You can use it to find funds that have the required growth rate to support smaller contributions.  


  • Convenient Process of Utilisation


The SBI SIP calculator is an online tool that lets you determine the SIP amount on different schemes from the comfort of your home. You only need to enter the expected returns, rate of return, and investment horizon to calculate the returns.  


  • Free Access 


You can access this online tool for free without any restrictions. This is particularly helpful as it helps to compare various funds based on their historical growth trends and find suitable options.  


When investing in a mutual fund through the SIP route, you must assess the expected returns before you invest. Once you know this information, the SBI SIP calculator can help you determine how much you would need to invest to achieve your goals. 

To simplify the process of investing, you can also visit Bajaj Markets to compare different SIP options and choose the one that best suits you.

FAQs on the SBI SIP Calculator

Is the SBI SIP Calculator free to use?

Yes, you can calculate the SIP amount on your mutual funds using the SBI SIP calculator for free. In addition, there is no restriction on the number of times you can use this tool for free.

How can I calculate expected returns on mutual funds from the SBI Bank’s official website?

What are the variables you need to calculate returns on mutual fund SIP investment?

What is the minimum amount that I can invest through SIP?

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