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Finnable is a leading player in the consumer loans space, with a focus on lending to salaried employees. The financial technology startup’s primary objective is to help salaried employees get access to hassle-free personal loans within a matter of minutes. 

They recognise that high earners generally find it relatively easy to access better-value debts and other financial products. On the other hand, lower earners, who are often most in need of these funds find it difficult to get these debts. This contributes to growing inequality in society. 

Finnable aims to bridge this gap by leveraging their expertise in the financial and technology sector to offer better-value financial products to low income earners. This contributes to their financial wellbeing and helps them lead less stressful and more productive lives. Visit the Finnable App and experience a hassle-free borrowing experience.

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Get access to huge amounts of up to ₹10 Lakhs in a few hours with Finnable Personal Loan

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You can connect with Finnable by writing to them at makeiteasy@finnable.com

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