About Dengue Cover

Despite our best attempts, a mosquito-borne disease like dengue can often prove hard to prevent, particularly as the seasons change. While in most cases, dengue can be easily treated with prompt medication and adequate rest, when left unchecked, it can lead to the development of severe symptoms.

That is why it is essential to have a financial safety net to protect you and your loved ones against the unpredictable diagnosis of dengue. An insurance cover for dengue, such as the one available on Finserv MARKETS, can help ensure that you have the financial assistance you need when paying for dengue treatment as well as any hospitalisation charges you may incur.

Features & Benefits

  • High Coverage at Minimal Fees

    The dengue cover at Finserv MARKETS offers a coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at a minimal fee of just Rs. 299 per year.

  • Covers Variety of Medical Expenses

    The dengue cover provides coverage for a variety of medical expenses you might incur during the treatment of dengue, such as consultation fees, medication bills as well as expenses for pre-hospitalisation and hospitalisation.

What is Covered?

In order to avail the benefits of this dengue insurance cover, the diagnosis of dengue must be confirmed with a positive Dengue Serology. Upon this confirmation, the following will be covered by the dengue cover:

  • Hospitalisation

    Any hospitalisation-related expenses of up to Rs 50,00 will be covered. This includes coverage of hospital room rent of up to Rs. 1000 per day for regular room and Rs. 2000 per day for ICU.

  • Consultation and Diagnosis

    The dengue cover will also provide coverage for the doctor’s fee as well as any related diagnostic tests conducted before or during the hospitalisation period.

  • Medication

    It is common for medical professionals to prescribe certain medications to fight the infection and help alleviate the symptoms of dengue. Any such medications will also be covered under the dengue insurance cover.

What is not Covered?

  • Hospitalisation Within 30 Days

    If the insured is hospitalised as a result of dengue within 30 days of the policy period, the dengue cover will not come into effect.

  • Hospitalisation for Reasons Other Than Dengue

    It is important to remember that this insurance cover is applicable specifically for dengue and hence, no other medical diagnosis will be applicable for the coverage.

How to Apply?

The process to apply for dengue cover is extremely simple and can be completed in 3 easy steps:

  • Visit Finserv MARKETS

    Log in to the Finserv MARKETS website

  • Select Product

    Head on the Dengue Cover page

  • Fill Details

    Click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill up the required details on the application form and submit it.

  • Make your payment

    Pay the premium fee online through the payment method of your choice. And you're done!


Claim Process

To lodge a claim under the dengue cover, you can call on the insurer’s toll-free number 1800–270–7000.
You can also contact them via email at care.healthinsurance@adityabirlacapital.com.


  • ✔️Why do I need a dengue cover?

    As a disease, dengue can be quite unpredictable and when left untreated, can get quite severe. A dengue cover can ensure that you receive the best possible medical treatment for the disease without the expenses weighing heavily on your pocket.

  • ✔️How much coverage does the dengue cover provide?

    The dengue insurance cover available at Finserv MARKETS offers a coverage limit of up to Rs. 50,000.

  • ✔️What is the premium amount that I need to pay for dengue cover?

    This dengue cover can be availed at a premium of just Rs. 299 per annum.

  • ✔️Can I use the dengue cover for other diseases?

    The dengue insurance cover is reserved only for the diagnosis and treatment of dengue and does not provide coverage for any other diseases.