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A mobile insurance plan offers coverage in case of liquid or accidental damage to your phone. Repairing and replacing a damaged phone can get quite expensive; therefore, it is important to insure your phone. This mobile protection insurance includes benefits such as a ZEE5 annual subscription, Gaana Plus subscription and F-secure mobile security.


Safeguard your phone with pocket insurance for accidental damages by opting for Mobile Screen Insurance, a service provided by CPP Group India through Bajaj Markets. For as low as Rs.649 per year, you can ensure comprehensive protection for your phone. Discover additional information by scrolling down.

Mobile Protection Plan Details

CPP Fonesafe Mobile Insurance

CPP Fonesafe Lite Mobile Insurance

This mobile insurance policy covers the device replacement costs (up to 100% of the base value before applying any cashback, coupon, depreciation, standard deductibles and discount) for up to two claims. You can purchase Fonesafe Mobile Insurance within 60 days of the date of purchase.

Display-related damages for up to two claims are covered under this plan. You can purchase Fonesafe Lite Mobile Insurance within 60 days of the date of purchase.


Handset Price Range

Fonesafe Membership Cost

Fonesafe Lite Membership Cost

























What's Covered?


Fonesafe Mobile Screen Insurance

Fonesafe Lite Mobile Screen Insurance

Accidental damage to the handset

✓ Covered

X Not Covered

Accidental damage to the mobile screen

✓ Covered

✓ Covered

Liquid damage

✓ Covered

X Not Covered

Breakdown Cover

X Not Covered

✓ Covered

Gaana Plus subscription

✓ Available for a year

X Unavailable

ZEE All-Access Annual subscription

✓ Available for a year

✓ Available for a year

F-Secure antivirus and malware protection

✓ Available for a year

✓ Available for a year

Damage due to pollution

X Not Covered

X Not Covered

Maximum sum insured

Same as handset value

Same as handset value

No. of claims allowed in a year



Maximum claim amount per claim

100% of invoice/handset value

100% of invoice/handset value

Temporary Smartphone replacement service:

If the insured mobile phone is lost/stolen, mobile protect offers you a temporary replacement phone to your doorstep in select cities across India (the maximum time period of 7 days). Kindly call the call centre and put in your request.

Benefits of Mobile Insurance

F-Secure device security:-

With CPP Fonesafe Lite Mobile Insurance and CPP Fonesafe Mobile Screen Insurance, you can enjoy a plethora of security benefits by installing the F-secure Mobile App. Some of the benefits of the plan include:

  • Remote data wipe and Remote data

  • Anti-malware and Antivirus protection

  • Protection against fraudulent websites

  • SIM card lock

  • Remotely locating the phone using GPS

  • Scream alarm

  • IMEI registration and SIM blocking

  • SIM card change

  • Auto-scan of apps that have been downloaded

Gaana Plus subscription

  • Song downloads

  • 30 million songs

  • Ad-free music experience

  • Regional languages

  • Song downloads

ZEE5 annual subscription

  • 90+ TV channels, 80+ original shows, 3000+ movies

  • 12 Indian languages are supported

  • Can connect up to five devices

  • 1,00,000+ hour content

  • Annual subscription of Rs.999/year

Key features

  • Free delivery of the replacement smartphone to the customer’s office or home within 24 hours in select cities.

  • Kindly delete all the contacts and data before handing the phone back to CPP.

  • Have to face legal actions if the phone is not returned after 7 days

List of brands that are covered under this plan:







Apple iPhone













How to Apply for the Mobile Screen Insurance?

The application process for this mobile phone insurance policy is hassle-free. You can follow the steps below:

  • Select “Buy Now”

    On the mobile insurance product page, choose "Buy Now."

  • Fill in the Details

    In the online application form, enter the necessary information.

  • Make the payment

    Complete the payment through a credit/debit card, UPI or any other online payment method.

That’s it! You will receive the mobile insurance details on your registered email ID.

How to Make a Claim

You may submit a mobile phone insurance claim by getting in touch with the insurer using one of the methods listed below:



Toll-free number: 1800-419-4000



CPP Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd.

PO Box No. 826,

Kalkaji Post Office,

New Delhi-110019

Documents Required to Make a Claim

To initiate the claim to your mobile insurance company, you must submit the following documents to the insurer:

  • A claim form filled duly and signed by the beneficiary mentioning the damage or loss and an estimate of the claim amount. 

  • Any other documentation that is necessary to establish the loss.

  • Police report (FIR) in the case of burglary theft claim.

  • Any documentation required to support the mobile insurance claim, like invoices, bills, etc.

Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets. Write to us at:

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Screen Insurance

Repairing or replacing mobile screens can be expensive and can cause financial strain. With a mobile insurance plan like this, you will get coverage of up to 100% of the phone’s value. You can raise a claim for reimbursement to the customer service team within 24 hours to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

This mobile phone insurance policy is valid for a tenure of 1 year.

The Mobile Screen Insurance by CPP Group provides coverage for accidental damages to the handset and mobile screen, F-Secure antivirus protection, ZEE All-Access Annual subscription and Gaana Plus subscription for a year.

The application process for this mobile insurance policy is entirely online and hassle-free. First, go to the product page and select "Buy Now." Then, in the online application form, enter the necessary information. Now, complete the payment through a credit/debit card, UPI or any other online payment method. You will now receive your mobile insurance details on your registered email ID.

The premium for the Mobile Screen Insurance by CPP Group starts from just Rs.649. Under this plan, you can make the claim twice a year. You can also have a year subscription to F-Secure antivirus protection, ZEE5 and Gaana Plus.

Yes, mobile insurance protects your mobile phone against such dangers and damages.

This entirely depends on the mobile insurance company from where you are taking your insurance. Most companies allow only one-time settlement per policy terms; on the other hand, some of them allow more than one claim policy. You should always check the terms and conditions of your mobile phone insurance before purchasing.

Yes, you can check your mobile insurance claim status by visiting the website of the insurer from whom you purchased your mobile insurance policy. You have to fill in some required details to get your claim status.

You will get the settlement amount of your mobile insurance plan within 15 to 30 days if all the required details are filled in properly.

You can activate your mobile insurance plan by filling out the online application form and paying the premium amount for your chosen plan. You can make payments by any method like a credit/debit card, UPI, PhonePe, etc.

Yes, you will need your mobile insurance invoice at the time of the claim process. You must provide an invoice or billing details to the insurer in order to get the claim for your mobile phone.

Well-reputed brands like Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, OnePlus and many more are covered under this mobile insurance plan. 

CPP provides the best mobile insurance plans to insure your old and new mobile phones. This mobile insurance cover protects your mobile phone from pocket loss/ theft or snatching, etc.


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