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Trekking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, and the craze of which is climbing in this country year after year. Whether you are a professional or participate as a novice, which is just exploring the segment, it involves the chances of getting hurt. In that case, having a dedicated insurance plan that offers specific coverage is essential. This is why we bring to you, the Trek Cover available on the Bajaj Markets platform. At an annual premium of Rs. 699, this trek insurance extends a host of benefits for you. 

Key Features and Benefits of Trekking Insurance Cover

Here’s why Trek Cover is best suited for you:

Get advance cash during emergencies

With emergency credit advance, you can get up to Rs. 5000 if you face financial challenges during your trip, so you can pay the hotel bills, purchase return tickets etc.

Get a spare phone

You can also receive a spare phone in selected cities to stay in touch with your loved ones till you reach back home, in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Takes care of your treatment costs

With a cover of Rs. 1.5 Lakh for treatment cost for the accidental injuries during a trek your financial worries are reduced and you can enjoy your trip freely.

How to Apply for Trek Cover

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to purchase this trek insurance policy from the Bajaj Markets portal, which is an online marketplace where you can find various policies at once –

  • Click on Buy Now

    Navigate on the Trek Cover page and click on ‘Buy Now’

  • Fill in the Details

    Submit this duly filled form after filling it properly

  • Make Payment

    Pay the amount and get your Trek Cover policy on your registered email id.

What’s Covered under Trekking Travel Insurance Cover?

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

The policy entitles you to the financial assistance of up to Rs. 1 Lakh for a domestic trek and Rs. 1.8 Lakh for your trek abroad. The insurer extends this facility to help you manage travel and accommodation in the meantime.

  • Single-call Card Blocking Facility

You can block your debit/credit card instantly with a simple call to the customer care number at 1800-419-4000. This can help you significantly if you lose your card at an unknown destination as others cannot misuse it.

  • Complimentary Medical Coverage

You can get hospitalisation reimbursement up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh to meet your expenditure for treating injuries caused during trekking or participating in adventure sports.

  • PAN Card Replacement

If you lose your PAN during your travel, you can get it replaced without paying any fees with an insurer’s help. It takes the burden of completing all the documentation processes on your behalf.

  • Travel Safe Membership

Along with this trekking insurance cover policy, you get an additional travel safe membership for one year. It facilitates the following services:

  • You can ask for a spare handset if you lose your own mobile phone on the trip. However, you must positively return it within 7 days or after the trip, whichever is convenient. Note that this facility is available in some specific cities only.

  • This membership also helps you with emergency cash of Rs. 5000 to meet your credit shortage. This way, you can cover your basic expenses at the unknown destination and return from there.

Policy Plan Details and Specifications of Trek Cover

Let's have a quick glance over the trek insurance policy details:

  • Cost: Rs.699

  • Coverage: Rs.1.5 Lakh

  • Emergency Financial Assistance: Rs.1 Lakh on a domestic trek/ Rs.1.8 Lakh on a trek abroad.

  • Additional Benefit: 1-year Travel Safe Membership

Exclusions of Trek Cover

You must know the basic criteria under which you cannot get the benefits of this trek insurance policy:

  • This policy does not cover the loss or damages of assets done under the influence of toxicants.

How to Make a Claim for Trek Cover

To claim coverage against this trekking insurance policy, acknowledge your complications by contacting the insurer in the following ways:

  • Through Contact Number:

The toll-free number 1800-419-4000 remains available 24 hours, enabling you to claim coverage anytime.

  • Through E-mail ID:

As an alternative to a phone call, you can send an email at to claim the Trek Cover's policy benefits.

Note: You need to inform about the unfortunate events within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Documents Required to Process a Claim

You need to provide the below-mentioned documents while applying for the policy coverage:

  • Basic KYC documents

  • Letter of Travel Safe Membership

Trek Cover Customer Care Details

You can connect with us at Bajaj Markets by writing to us at:

Trekking Insurance - FAQs

Is the financial assistance of Trek Cover interest-free?

Yes, the insurer does not take any interest against a credit it advances to individuals having Travel Safe Membership. Nevertheless, you need to repay this borrowed amount within 28 days.

What payment modes are available to transact the policy cost while buying thus Trek Cover policy?

You can easily pay the amount for buying Trek Cover policy through debit card, credit card and mobile wallet.

How can I get the confirmation letter of Travel Safe Membership?

After the transaction is complete, the insurer will send you the Travel Safe Membership letter on your registered email ID.

What are the alternative payment modes to purchase this Trek Cover?

Bajaj Markets has various payment modes, including mobile wallet, credit card and debit card, so that you can conveniently purchase this policy.

How can I get a spare mobile under this policy?

To get a spare mobile device, you need to inform the insurer that you have lost your device during trekking. Nevertheless, this facility is available in some specific locations, as mentioned in the policy brochure.

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