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Companies like Okinawa, Hero Electric, and Ola Electric continue to make their mark in the electric two-wheeler industry. The competition to manufacture cost-effective and good-quality electric scooters in India continues to intensify. On the other hand, the government is also encouraging citizens to purchase electric two-wheelers by offering subsidies and has introduced various schemes.

Price of Low-Cost Electric Scooters

Refer to this list and compare the prices of different models before finalising your purchase:


Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)


₹89,999 onwards

Ampere Magnus EX

₹1,04,900 onwards

TVS iQube 

₹1,17,422 onwards

Okinawa PraisePro

₹99,645 onwards

Bounce Infinity E1+

₹89,999 onwards

Hero Electric Flash LX

₹59,640 onwards


₹84,999 onwards

Yulu Wynn

₹59,999 onwards

*Disclaimer: The aforementioned prices are subject to change. Check the price prior to making a decision.

Low-Cost Electric Scooters in India

Let us learn about some of the cheapest electric scooters in India in detail:

1. OLA S1X

OLA Electric recently launched its cheapest electric scooter the S1X, available in two variants, at ex-showroom prices starting from just ₹89,999. The base model in this series has a 2 kWh battery capacity while the high-end variant, S1X+, comes with a 3 kWh capacity. 


Furthermore, advanced features such as smart connectivity, keyless unlock, and a segmented display of 12.7 cm are available in the S1X+ model. OLA's new scooter provides great performance with an acceleration of 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.3 seconds. Here are some other specifications of the electric scooter that you should be aware of:




Riding Range

91 km

151 km

Battery Capacity 

2 kWh

3 kWh

Top Speed

85 kmph

90 kmph

Charging Time

7.4 hours

7.4 hours


₹89,999 onwards

₹1,09,999 onwards

2. Ampere Magnus EX

The Ampere Magnus EX is one of the top-selling electric scooter models available in India. It comes with front and rear mechanical drum brakes, side stand sensors, and telescopic suspension. Furthermore, Magnus EX comes with a combined braking system and can accelerate from 0-40 kmph in just 10 seconds. It comes with removable batteries and a 60V, 7.5A Li charger. Other specifications of the e-scooter include:

  • Riding Range: 80 to 100 km
  • Battery Capacity: 60V
  • Top Speed: 50 kmph
  • Charging Time: 6-7 hours
  • Price: ₹1,04,900 onwards


3. TVS iQube

Owing to the FAME-II subsidies, the cost of the TVS iQube has been discounted substantially. This EV functions on an electric motor that generates a power output of up to 4.4 kW, providing great on-road performance. It is powered by 2 Li-ion IP67-rated battery packs. The e-scooter boasts a smart LED headlight, an HMI controller, and a storage capacity of 32 litres. Here are some other specifications of the scooter that you should know about:

  • Riding Range: 145 km
  • Battery Capacity: 4.4 kW
  • Top Speed: 82 kmph
  • Charging Time: About 5 hours
  • Price: ₹1,17,422 onwards


4. Okinawa PraisePro

This electric scooter from Okinawa has a 2.08 kWh detachable Lithium-ion battery and generates a peak power of 2700 W. Available in a single variant, Okinawa PraisePro offers a maximum speed of 56 kmph and offers a riding range of 81 km. It further consists of an E-ABS controller and hydraulic telescopic suspension that enables a smoother ride. Additionally, the e-scooter consists of Motor Walking Assistance, central locking system, anti-theft alarm, mobile charging USB port, and keyless entry. Here are some other important specifications of the scooter:

  • Riding Range: 81 km
  • Battery Capacity: 2.08 kWh
  • Top Speed: 56 kmph
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Price: ₹99,645 onwards


5. Bounce Infinity E1+

One of the low-priced electric scooters in India, the Bounce Infinity E1+ is an excellent two-wheeler made in India for Indian roads. It is available in 8 colour options and customisable skins. The scooter comes with a plug-in home charging dock for convenient charging. Here are some other important features of the e-scooter that you must consider:

  • Riding Range: 70+ km
  • Battery Capacity: 1.9 kW
  • Top Speed: 65 kmph
  • Charging Time: About 4 hours
  • Price: ₹89,999 onwards


6. Hero Electric Flash LX

One of the cheapest electric scooters in India, the Hero Electric Flash LX, with its 51.2 V electric motor offers great performance. You can choose between a lead-acid battery and a lithium-ion battery when purchasing the scooter. With its controlled speed of up to 25 kmph, it is easy to ride and manoeuvre. Furthermore, you do not need to register the vehicle or have a driving licence to ride the Hero Electric Flash LX.  Here are some key specifications of the e-scooter you can consider:

  • Riding Range: 85 km
  • Battery Capacity: 51.2V
  • Top Speed: 25 kmph
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours
  • Price: ₹59,640 onwards


7. iVOOMi S1

The iVOOMi S1 is one of the most recent e-scooters to be launched in India’s electric two-wheeler market and is claimed to have the lightest charger. Tailored suspensions, durable build quality, and robust frame of the scooter are engineered to withstand challenging road and geographical conditions while providing exceptional riding comfort. It comes with a first-in-industry protection fuse and other features such as swappable batteries, customisable suspension, and high-ground clearance. Other important details of the scooter are as follows:

  • Riding Range: 120 km
  • Battery Capacity: 2.1 kWh 
  • Top Speed: 55 kmph
  • Charging Time: Over 4 hours
  • Price: ₹84,999 onwards

8. Yulu Wynn

The Yulu Wynn does not require you to have a driving licence. It features a controlled speed limit of 25 kmph that helps you enjoy a smooth ride that is easy to handle. It comes with a switchable battery that generates a power output of 250W. The Yulu app allows you to have keyless access to your e-scooter and track its location anytime, anywhere. Other details of the scooter include:

  • Riding Range: 68 km
  • Battery Capacity: 51V
  • Top Speed: 24.9 kmph
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Price: ₹59,999 onwards


You can opt for any of the entry-level electric scooters mentioned in the list, such as the Hero Electric Flash LX. Some of the feature-packed best-selling electric scooters like the OLA S1X and TVS iQube are also included in the list. Check these models and other options available to you and choose a low-cost electric scooter that fulfils all your requirements prior to making a decision. 


Which is the cheapest electric scooter available in India?

The Ola S1X, Yulu Wynn, iVOOMi S1, and other scooters mentioned above are some of the cheapest EV scooters available in India.

Which electric scooter gives the highest riding range?

Amongst the e-scooters discussed above, TVS iQube provides the highest riding range at 145 km per charge.

How much loan can I get to purchase an electric scooter?

You can get up to 100% financing of the on-road price of two-wheelers by applying for a bike loan on Bajaj Markets.

What is the interest rate for an electric scooter loan?

The bike loan interest rate varies from one lender to another, and can range from 8% to 28.3%.

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