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Technology is constantly evolving and there are rapid innovations in all the industries. The automobile industry is not lagging. As the petrol and diesel prices are soaring, the people are exploring other economical ways to facilitate their conveyance. Many people are considering buying an electric vehicle.

Here is all about electric cars such as the advantages of electric vehicles, the disadvantages of the electric car, and whether you should own an EV or not.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

The benefits of electric cars have become a hot topic in recent times. Here are the major benefits of electric vehicles:

1) No Pollution

This is the main advantage of electric cars, which has been catching the attention of many people. Many big and leading car manufacturers are announcing the launch of electric motor cars and even the government in our country and abroad are supporting the companies by offering electric vehicles tax benefits, so that the roads remain free of pollution caused due to petrol and diesel cars.

2) Needs Lesser Maintenance

Petrol and diesel cars need regular and expensive maintenance of the engine but when you have electric vehicles, then you don’t have to worry about it. The electric motor has fewer moving parts, so the maintenance requirement is much lower than other vehicles.This cost-cut will allow you to pay Electric Car Insurance premium easily.

3) Cost-Effective

As we know, the cost of petrol and diesel is high and keeps on rising, having an EV will save a lot of fuel expenses. The full charge of the electric vehicle will cost you less. Also, the electricity in your EV is 100% renewable.

4) Improved Performance

With the improvement in technology and bigger manufacturers venturing into the electric vehicle segment, the EV performance levels have improved drastically.

5) No Noise Pollution

Unlike the combustion engine of petrol and diesel cars, one of the electric cars' environmental benefits is that there is no noise when the EV is running on the road.

6) Distinctive

To make your statement and stand out in the crowd, sport an electric car. Though it has become extremely popular with more and more people owning it, it still cannot match the number of fuel cars.

7) Instant power delivery

If you are someone who likes the initial acceleration and wants to get up to speed quickly then you will like electric cars. The power delivery is almost instantaneous and the acceleration is quite thrilling. It also has a lot of torque to offer so it can keep moving even in situations where conventional cars would lose traction and stop moving.

8) Rechargeable Batteries

Electric cars use rechargeable batteries that are installed inside the car. These batteries power the car, allow lights and wipers to function, etc. Some cars may also offer features like regenerative braking that helps charge the batteries every time you apply the brakes.

9) No Gas is Needed

Electric cars use electricity and you don’t need to buy gas. A gas-powered vehicle is a more expensive proposition than an EV.

Disadvantages of Electric Vehicles

While there are a lot of advantages to electric cars, there are some disadvantages too.

1) Not for Long-Distance Journeys

The EVs may not allow you to go for long distances. Though you can travel quite a distance on a single charge, as it has improved a lot in the current times. Electric cars can travel 70 to 100 miles and more in a single charge. Hybrid electric vehicles in which the electric motor works with a combustion engine can be the best fit for this.

2) Limited Battery Life

The batteries currently in EV have a limited life. You will have to replace the same in a few years. This is something you may not have to worry about in a petrol/diesel car since the tank lasts for much, much longer.

3) Recharge Time

A car running with fuel needs you to visit a service station, refill, and continue your way in less than five minutes. Charging electric vehicles will take a longer time. You can charge your EV on a slow charge throughout the night or during the day in your company car park. Even rapid charging might take around an hour or so.

4) Less Variety

Though the market for electric cars is growing, today there are only a few options for EVs. And, while some of them are pretty good, the really good options can tend to be quite expensive.

Wrapping up

As you would have observed, the benefits of electric vehicles are more as compared to its disadvantages. The drawbacks in the EV will be reduced further in the future, due to the constant evolution and improvement in this car segment. It is expected that the electric car charging system will grow, batteries will last for a longer time, there will be more variety in cars, the cars will become more affordable, etc. You can also explore electric car tax benefits.

Also, do not forget to apply for car insurance, once you decide to buy an EV. Use online tools to calculate your Electric Car Insurance premium

FAQs On Advantages of Electric Car

Will it be convenient to use an electric car?

The electric vehicle can be recharged easily even in the regular socket and you don’t need to line up for fuel at the fuel station.

Is an EV environmentally friendly?

Electric cars are 100% eco-friendly as they run on electrical engines. There are no toxic gases and smoke emissions.

Is an electrical car safe to drive?

Electric cars are safer to use as they have a lower center of gravity. In the case of an accident, airbags will open up and the electricity supply will be cut from the battery.


Is EV more cost-effective?

Both the cost and maintenance of EVs have gone down, making them cost-effective.

Does EV make noise?

Electric cars are quieter and offer a smooth drive with no noise. In fact some cars were so silent that manufacturers were worried about it making the driver sleepy, so they had to introduce some noise using the airflow over the car.

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