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A little over a year ago the Government of India decided to make FASTag usage mandatory for all vehicles using national highways; barring those listed under the exempted category. This means that all vehicles operating without FASTag stickers stuck to their windshield will need to pay twice the toll charges each time they cross a national highway toll booth.


The value of ‘FASTag’ lies in the fact that it boosts efficiency at toll plazas; wait times are reduced thus preventing congestion. If you haven’t purchased a FASTag for your vehicle so far, you should avail of one as soon as you can. The National Highway Authority of India has given 22 banks the approval to issue FASTags, amongst which is City Union Bank. Continue reading to understand how to avail of a FASTag issued by City Union Bank (CUB).

How to Buy a FASTag?

If you wish to purchase a City Union Bank FASTag, apply online or else offline. CUB FASTag online registration, as well as offline registration, have been explored below.

Online Application Process

Those wishing to apply for a FASTag issued via City Union Bank online can take advantage of its easy and hassle-free process. This process simply requires you to fill out an application form. . The steps to be followed are mentioned below:


Step 1: Begin by visiting City Union Bank’s official website.


Step 2: Click on the ‘Apply FASTag Now’ button.


Step 3: You will be redirected to a new webpage where you must select the ‘Click here’ button.


Step 4: Once again you will be taken to a new webpage that features the FASTag application form.


Step 5: Fill out this application in its entirety and key in pertinent information. You will be required to upload certain documents during this time.


Step 6: Once you complete this application, select the ‘Generate OTP’ button located at the end of the page.


Step 7: Key-in the OTP sent to your registered number and select the two checkboxes located at the bottom of the page.


Step 8: Click on the ‘Submit’ button.


Step 9: You will be required to pay a certain fee depending on your vehicle type.


Step 10: Once your payment has been processed, your application process is complete. You will receive your FASTag shortly, which will be delivered to your registered address.

Offline Application Process

If you’re more comfortable with buying a FASTag offline, visit any one of the locations mentioned below

  • National Highway Toll Plazas

You can visit the City Union Bank point of sale counter at a national highway toll plaza to purchase a FASTag. When visiting this counter, make sure you carry relevant documents with you. That includes your driving license and KYC documents. Also, make sure to bring the vehicle you are planning to register along with you.

  • City Union Bank Branch

Another location you can visit is the nearest City Union Bank branch, where you can speak to the concerned employee regarding a FASTag purchase. Here too, you will need to bring the necessary documents along with your vehicle.

City Union Bank FASTag Fees and Charges

Before purchasing a FASTag via City Union Bank, it is worth understanding the fees and charges you will incur. Examine the table mentioned below to understand what category your vehicle falls under, what the issuance (or joining) fee will amount to and the security deposit you must pay.

Type of Vehicle

Tag Joining Fees

Tag Replacement Fee

Security Deposit

Minimum Recharge Amount

Car / Jeep / Van / Small Commercial Vehicle





Bus / Truck





Light Commercial Vehicle





3-axle Commercial Vehicle





4 to 6-axle Commercial Vehicles





7 or 7+ Axle Vehicles





Earth Moving Machinery/ Heavy Construction Machinery





Documents Required for City Union Bank FASTag application

In order to apply for a FASTag issued by City Union Bank, you will need to keep the following paperwork ready at the time of application. Take a look at the list mentioned below:

  • A copy of your Vehicle’s Certificate of Registration.

  • As the owner of the vehicle, your passport size photograph is needed.

  • A copy of your KYC documents that help prove your identity and address.

How to Recharge City Union Bank FASTag

It is important to ensure that your FASTag has adequate funds at all times. This avoids you getting caught in a situation where you are unable to pay the toll fee. Continue reading to understand the different methods via which CUB FASTag recharges occur online.

1. Bajaj Markets

The Bajaj Markets app is an extremely useful platform that can serve as a one-stop-shop for your financial needs. The application also includes a FASTag recharge option. Follow the steps mentioned below to recharge your FASTag issued by City Union Bank 


Step 1: Open the Bajaj Markets application on your smartphone.


Step 2: Visit the “Bill Payments” section.


Step 3: Click on the “FASTag Service” button.

Step 4: Click on your service provider from the options available or else search for it.


Step 5: Now, enter your vehicle number (You have the choice to view a sample bill on this page).


Step 6: Select the “View Bill” button to proceed.

Step 7: Key in the amount of money you want to add to your FASTag wallet.


Step 8: Select the UPI account you have registered on the Bajaj Markets application. In case you have registered multiple accounts, select the bank via which you would like to add money.


Step 9: Click on the “Pay” button to enter your UPI PIN to process your payment.

Step 10: Once your payment has been processed, you will see a transaction status window that shows you details of your transaction. 

Scan this QR code to access the Bajaj Markets application and initiate your FASTag recharge. 

1. Alternative Methods to Recharge your FASTag

In addition to the Bajaj Markets smartphone application, you can recharge your City Union Bank issued FASTag via the following means.

1. Recharge your FASTag with your debit or credit card on the official City Union Bank website.

2. FASTag recharges can be made via UPI channels that include Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe.

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How to Check Balance on your City Union Bank FASTag

It is important to know how much money is remaining on your FASTag so that you can recharge it accordingly. Listed below are varied methods via which you can perform a CUB FASTag balance check:

1. Use the ‘My FASTag’ App

Available on both Google Play as well as the App Store, the ‘My FASTag’ smartphone application allows you to check your balance. You can view your balance by simply entering your vehicle number. Different colour codes denote the extent of your balance. They are as follows:

  • Green – This colour indicates that there is sufficient balance in your FASTag wallet.

  • Orange – This colour is used to signify the need to increase your balance.

  • Red – Indicative of a low balance, this colour means that you must recharge your FASTag wallet immediately in order to avoid it from being blacklisted.

2. Place a Missed Call

The National Highway Authorities of India have created a missed call service that enables FASTag users to check their FASTag balance by placing a missed call on +91 88433 33331.

3. Visit the CUB Official Website

If you have availed of your FASTag via City Union Bank, you can always use your City Union Bank FASTag login credentials to sign in to your FASTag account. Once signed in, you can click on the ‘View Balance’ button in order to see the FASTag balance on your screen.

City Union Bank FASTag Customer Care

If you ever find yourself needing to reach out and inquire about the FASTag issued to you via City Union Bank, you can always dial the CUB FASTag customer care number 1800 258 7200 and speak with a representative. You can also lodge a complaint on this number.

The CUB FASTag customer portal is also an option for those wishing to reach out to a customer care executive. This customer portal is available on the official CUB website and can be accessed once you have used your CUB FASTag user login credentials to sign in to your account.

Else, you can always email customer support to have your issues addressed. This email is fastagcare@cityunionbank.in


FASTags has been made a mandatory requirement for all vehicles, barring those that have been listed under the exempted vehicle category. The Government’s eagerness to promote the FASTag initiative lies in the fact that these tags save time: removing congestion that has previously plagued several toll plazas. Given the benefits FASTags offer, the government wishes to expand its usage to parking lots in the future. If you haven’t got a FASTag for your vehicle yet, you must consider getting one immediately. Else, if you already have a FASTag and feel you need to add more funds to it, consider doing so via the Bajaj Markets smartphone application. 

FAQs on City Union Bank FASTag

Is there an issuance fee applicable to the City Union Bank FASTag?

Yes, there is an INR 100 issuance fee applicable. 

What are the varied ways via which I can recharge my CUB-issued FASTag?

You can recharge your FASTag on the Bajaj Markets application as well as via UPI applications. You can also use internet banking, your credit or debit card for payments on the official City Union Bank website.  

Can I use my City Union Bank FASTag on multiple vehicles?

No, your City Union Bank FASTag is only meant to be used on the vehicle it was issued to. It cannot be used on any other vehicle. 

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