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According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 under section 177, it is mandatory to have a driving licence in India while driving. If someone is found without a valid driving licence or is driving based on their expired licence, it is considered a serious crime and can be penalised heavily. You have to carry the expired driver’s licence, Aadhaar Card, Duly filled and signed Form-9, Form-1 and Form 1A. Make sure that you carry documents and photocopies of documents like your address proof, age proof and 2-4 recent passport size photographs.

List of Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal

If you are applying online for renewal, you would need to input your Aadhaar number, your mobile number and other details. Here is a complete list of the required driving licence documents for renewal.

1. Application Form:

You should submit a completely filled Form 9 or form of application for the renewal of your driving licence. This can be obtained from the Parivahan web portal or directly from the RTO office. You need to fill in details like name, driving licence number, address, etc on that.

2. Driving Licence:

One of the important drivers licence requirements for renewal is your expired licence. Before the process of renewal begins, all the basic details are taken from here.

3. Fitness Certificate:

It is important to prove that you are medically fit to drive at this point of time. For that, you can either download this form from the RTO website or you could contact your local RTO for the same.

It is a very essential DL document and you should get this certified from an authorised medical practitioner. The fitness certificate assures you are fit to drive the vehicle. Even if it is for renewal, this is an important document required for a driving licence and cannot be avoided.

4. Age Proof:

Proof of age is important to prove your drivers licence eligibility. Age is an aspect which cannot be compromised while obtaining your licence, so you may need to submit certain documents required for driving licence. You can use your aadhaar card for that.

5. Address Proof:

You need to submit your address proof which is an important document required for driving licence renewal. Any one of the documents like passport, voter’s ID card, aadhaar card, ration card, or electricity bill issued in your name can be used as a proof of address.

You can also use utility bills like LPG bill, a rental agreement or the documents of the home you own as an address proof. Depending on the local RTO this may change and you can decide on one after contacting your RTO.

6. No Objection Certificate:

You should get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO that issued your original licence if you are shifting your residence to another state within India temporarily or permanently. This can be obtained online from parivahan website which will take you to the issue of NOC as a driving licence service.

During this process, you may have to enter your present address and the permanent address. The NOC will be sent to your home RTO, from where you would have to collect it. Remember, NOC is one of the vital documents required for driving licence renewal.

7. Photographs:

Along with the fully filled application form and other documents, you have to submit passport size recent photographs for driving licence renewal.

You can upload all these documents online via the parivahan website or you could visit your local RTO directly with the documents to prove your driving licence eligibility while applying for DL renewal. To save a lot of time and effort and finish the process in one go, make sure to provide authentic information, and carefully fill your forms. Once your documents, forms and your DL eligibility are verified, the RTO issues the renewed licence. Fees for driving licence renewal could vary from state to state or over time but it should be paid to the RTO for renewal.


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Summing Up

You may have understood all the important documents required for a driving licence. Check whether your driving licence is due for renewal anytime soon. If so, start checking all the required documents you need beforehand. If they are in place, get the renewal done in time so you can drive tension-free.


Driving without a licence in India is a punishable offence. Remember that you would need a car insurance or two-wheeler insurance policy to drive around in India as it is also mandatory. Choose any vehicle insurance policy available on Bajaj Markets today, and start driving in peace. Be a responsible citizen and drive safely!

FAQs on Documents Required for Driving Licence in India

Can I make changes to my residential address when I renew my driving licence?

Yes, you can. While renewing the driving licence you can change the residential address if you can provide necessary documents.

Should I retake the driving test when I renew?

No. In most cases, while renewing a driving licence, the practical driving test for driving is not necessary. However, if you have crossed the age of 50, or if there are significant changes in your health condition, you may be asked to retake the driving test.

What is the validity of a renewed driving licence?

The validity of transport vehicle licences on a renewal is three years and for non-transport vehicles, it is five years from the date of renewal.

What is the fee for renewing a driving licence in India?

The fee for renewing a driving licence in India varies from state to state or over time.

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