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People visit the RTO Office in Bangalore, in person or online, whenever they need any service related to their vehicle such as its registrations, payment of road tax, issuance of permits or applying/renewing their driving licence. 


The Bangalore RTO Office is divided into 5 urban subdivisions and 4 rural ones, thereby catering to a large population in and around the city. Being the IT capital of the country, the state government also provides the convenience of using ‘mParivahan’ and ‘Digilocker’ apps to reduce the need of carrying physical documents and the risk of losing them.

Bangalore RTO Code

Bangalore RTO is divided into two divisions: Urban and Rural.

Here is the Bangalore RTO list of urban divisions and their address and contact details.

RTO Location

RTO Code

Contact Details

RTO Bangalore Central,

Koramangala, BDA Complex, 3rd Block,



KA 01



Fax: 25633525

Email: rtobngc-ka@nic.in

RTO Bangalore West,

Rajajinagar Shopping Complex,



KA 02


Fax:‌ 23327188

Email: rtobngw-ka@nic.in

RTO Bangalore East,

CA-15, N.G.E.F, East, Kasturi Nagar,



KA 03


Fax:‌ 25205079

Email: rtobnge-ka@nic.in

RTO Bangalore North,

3rd Floor, Shopping Complex,

Railway Station Road, Yashwanthapura,

Bangalore - 560022


KA 04


Email: rtobngn-ka@nic.in

RTO Bangalore South,

Jayanagar Shopping Complex,

4th Block, Jayanagar,



KA 05




Email: rtobngs-ka@nic.in

Railway Men Layout,

Near Upkar Layout, Malathalli,



KA 41



Email: rtojnbt-ka@nic.in

Here is the Bangalore RTO list of rural division along with its address and contact details.

RTO Location

RTO Code

Contact Details

B.H.Road, Tumakuru-572101

KA 06

0816-2278473, 2277644, 2276444

Email: rtotmkr-ka@nic.in


K.G.F - 563122

KA 08


Email: artokgf-ka@nic.in

Bengaluru Road,

Chikkaballapura - 562101

KA 40


Email: rtocbpr-ka@nic.in

Revenue Dept. Employees Society Building, Honnavara Road,


KA 44


Email: artotpt-ka@nic.in

Bangalore RTO Officials Contact Details

Besides the above-mentioned office details, the state government has also provided a few contact numbers of the transport department officials which you can use to get in touch with the transport department of Bangalore. 


Contact Number

Email Id




Transport Commissioner



Joint Commissioner

080-22271100 (Urban)

080-22866670 (Rural)



Vehicle Registration at Bangalore RTO

To drive/ride on the state's roads, you must register your vehicle, according to the rules. To finish your vehicle registration, go to the RTO Bangalore online at https://transport.karnataka.gov.in/english or visit your nearest RTO office in Bangalore.

Below is the list of documents required for the vehicle registration.


  • Form 20

  • Form 21

  • Form 22A, or the vehicle's manufacturer's roadworthiness certificate

  • If the car is purchased on loan, the financer must provide Form 28 or a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

  • Purchase invoice

  • In the event of an imported car, a custom bill is required.

  • If the vehicle is purchased for commercial use, complete TCR and TCA forms.

  • PAN card or Form 60

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Resident proof

  • Passport size photographs

  • Road tax as per the state

  • Bank statement of last six months

  • In the event of loan hypothecation, use Form 34


The Karnataka government has also introduced two apps titled ‘mParivahan’ and ‘Digilocker’ for their citizens to eliminate the process of carrying a physical driving licence, registration certificate, etc. These apps are called secure document wallets. People can save virtual copies of their vehicle-related documents and use them accordingly.


In addition to vehicle registration, vehicle insurance is also a crucial thing that you must have. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Indian government has made it mandatory for anyone who owns or operates a vehicle in India to purchase auto insurance. A person who is caught breaching the law by a traffic official will be penalized significantly. Officials may even take legal action against the individual if necessary. To ensure a smooth experience and save time, acquire automobile insurance through the Bajaj Markets platform. Bajaj Markets does not provide insurance; nonetheless, some organizations on the platform provide automobile insurance online via the portal. You can purchase from any of them.


Below are the types of vehicle insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

A third-party insurance policy protects you against legal or unintentional liability, financial loss, or physical harm. The policy also covers you in the event that your car causes a third-party injury or death.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft, or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters. All third-party liabilities are covered by the comprehensive insurance plan.


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Functions of Bangalore RTO

Here are the functions provided by the Bangalore RTO.

1. Registration of the Vehicle

The Bangalore RTO is accountable for maintaining permanent and temporary motor vehicle registration certificates, as well as transferring vehicle ownership, changing registration data, and renewing certificates.

2. Driving licence

People can receive their driver's licence from the Bangalore RTO, including duplicates, commercial, learning licences, and so on.

3. Vehicle Inspections

The Bangalore RTO inspects automobiles for mechanical fitness as well as pollutants to guarantee that pollution levels are kept under control, and the environment is not harmed.

4. Tax Collection

The Bangalore RTO is in charge of collecting Motor Vehicle Tax or Road Tax in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, as well as dealing with any motor department action concerns and collecting vehicle inspection expenses.

5. Issuance of Permits

The Bangalore RTO handles tourist and transit licences, as well as interstate and national commercial vehicle permits, including the International Driving Permit (IDP).

6. Other Services

In addition to the abovementioned functions, Bangalore RTO is also responsible for providing other services including renewal of driving licence, fee payment, appointment, a tutorial for learning licence, and so on.

Bangalore RTO Fees

Here is the table containing the details of Bangalore RTO fees.



New Registration Certificate



Rs. 300


Rs. 600

Registration Number



Rs. 6000


Rs. 25000

Other Vehicles

Rs. 30000

Driving License (All Vehicles)


Learning License

Rs. 200

Permanent Driving License

Rs. 200

Renewal of License

Rs. 200

International Driving Permit

Rs. 1000

Wrapping it Up

Vehicle registration and vehicle insurance, both are the essential elements. The government has also mandated the presence of both in order to drive/ride your vehicle. Therefore, to exempt yourself from any kind of difficulties, you must acquire both. 

FAQs on Bangalore RTO

How many RTO offices are in Karnataka?

There are around 66 RTO offices scattered throughout the state.

What are the RC transfer fees in Karnataka?

A transfer charge of Rs. 150 is required in the case of two-wheelers and Rs. 300 is applicable for four-wheelers.

What are the charges for the registration number of two-wheelers in Bangalore?

You are required to pay Rs. 6000 to get a registration number for your two-wheeler.

What are the services provided by the e-website of the Karnataka Transport Department?

The site offers services for vehicle registration, driving licence, appointments, and so on. You may visit https://transport.karnataka.gov.in/english to know more about it. 

What is the grievance number of Bangalore RTO?

You can call on 1902 to register your complaint regarding any scheme or services provided by the state government.

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