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Road tax is a vital source of income for state governments. It helps fill their coffers with revenue that is used for the building, maintenance, and repairs of the road network in the state. The same is the case for the state of Madhya Pradesh. 


The road tax in MP is levied differently on two-wheelers, four-wheelers, private, and commercial vehicles. Moreover, the actual amount is calculated based on various factors such as the vehicle's engine capacity (in cc), seating capacity and ex-showroom cost price. 


Non-payment of the road tax or late payment can result in a penalty of 4% of the unpaid tax over and above the pending amount.


State governments require revenues to manage their infrastructure. Road tax is a vital revenue source for any state government, and the same is the case with the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP). While there is a defined price by the manufacturer for each vehicle, it is not the same amount which you need to pay when you buy your vehicle. The actual amount is slightly higher due to the addition of the costs of registration, vehicle insurance and road taxes (MP RTO tax). 


The MP road tax is governed as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 - Section 39. In this article we will examine the applicable road taxes for the different kinds of vehicles in MP and how they can be paid on time to avoid penalties.


Why Is Road Tax Levied At State Level


While the central government is responsible for the construction of inter-state highways, each state government is largely responsible for building and managing the road infrastructure for the respective state. To fund these construction and maintenance activities, they levy a road tax on the vehicles registered in the state, over and above the ex-showroom price of the vehicle.

How To Pay Road Tax In MP Online

The road tax is to be paid to the Regional Transport Office when you are registering your vehicle. You will have to provide the registration documents of the vehicle and other supporting documents. You can also pay the MP road tax online at their official website: Madhya Pradesh transport Department.

How Is Road Tax Calculated In MP

Road tax in Madhya Pradesh is a combination tax imposed by both the Central and State governments. The portion of the total road tax imposed which is subject to the government rules and regulations is the main reason that road tax is different in different states. The Madhya Pradesh road tax is calculated based on several specifications of the vehicle like the engine capacity, seating capacity and cost price. Moreover, the MP RTO tax is also different for trucks, vans, cars, two wheelers, and other types of vehicles.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax In MP

The RTO tax in MP is charged on 2 wheelers based on the weight of the unladen vehicle. The following is the rates for quarterly tax on two-wheelers:



Unladen weight of up to 70 kgs

Rs. 18

Unladen weight of more than 70 kgs

Rs. 28


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Four-Wheeler Road Tax In MP

As mentioned in the beginning, different types of vehicles come with different RTO charges in MP. For four-wheelers, the quarterly tax rates are as mentioned below, based on their unladen weights:



Unladen weight of up to 800 kgs

Rs.64 per quarter

Unladen weight more than 800 kgs till 1600 kgs

Rs.94 per quarter

Unladen weight more than 1600 kgs to 2400 kgs

Rs.112 per quarter

Unladen weight more than 2400 kgs to 3200 kgs

Rs.132 per quarter

Unladen weight more than 3200 kgs

Rs.150 per quarter

Commercial Vehicle Road Tax In MP

If you are looking to understand the RTO charges in MP for commercial vehicles, then the tables below can be of help. As you would notice, the taxes for commercial vehicles are largely based on their use and their classification.

  • Road Tax In Madhya Pradesh for Auto-Rickshaws



Seating capacity up to 3+1

Rs. 40

Seating capacity from 4 – 6

Rs. 60

  • Road Tax In Madhya Pradesh for City Service Taxis



Seating capacity from 3 – 6+1

Rs.150 per seat 

Taxi / Maxi cab seating capacity from 7 – 12+1

Rs.450 per seat 

  • Road Tax In Madhya Pradesh for Large Passenger Carriers



Tempo Travellers from 4-12 passengers

Rs. 60 per seat 

Ordinary bus from 4 to 50 passengers

Rs. 60 per seat 

Express bus from 4 to 50 passengers

Rs. 80 per seat 

Education bus

Rs.30 per seat

  • Road Tax In Madhya Pradesh for Private Service Vehicles



Seating capacity above 6+1 registered in the name of the owner

Rs.450 per seat per quarter

Seating capacity above 6+1 and plying on lease

Rs.600 per seat per quarter

Penalty For Non-Payment Of Road Taxes In MP

The laws are stringent regarding the non-payment of the RTO tax in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This incurs a penalty of 4% of the unpaid amount of tax. This is over and above the uncleared amount which also needs to be paid. Longer delays or high unpaid amounts may also result in a legal notice from the transport department.


Paying the road tax levied by the state is a mandatory requirement and the failure to do so can lead to penalties and even the seizure of your vehicle in case of repeated offence. Furthermore, vehicle insurance is also an essential requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act of India. You can choose from various motor insurance policies on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs On Road Tax In MP

Is there different road tax for different cities in MP?

No, the road tax for a state is fixed and determined by that particular state.

Do I need to visit an RTO to pay the road tax?

MP RTO road tax online payment is a simple and easy process which does not require you to visit any RTO office physically. To pay your MP RTO tax online, just visit the website and follow the well guided process.

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