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The Regional Transport Office in Assam is a government regulated body that oversees compliance with traffic rules. Furthermore, all vehicles operating in the state need to be registered with it and drivers need to get a valid driving licence issued from it. RTO Assam also collects revenue for the government in the form of road tax, green tax and in the form of other charges and penalties.


There are 31 RTO offices in the state and each is assigned a unique RTO code. So if you see a vehicle with a number starting with AS 01 it will be registered in Guwahati, AS 03 in Jorhat, and so on.

RTO Codes of Assam

You can refer to the table given below to know the Assam RTO list:


RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Location

RTO Code

Guwahati, Kamrup


Dima Hasao




Karbi Anglong


















Lakhimpur district
























Kamrup Rural








Assam new series



AS-30/ AS-31

Vehicle Registration at RTO Assam

Once you purchase a new or second-hand vehicle in Assam, you have to compulsorily register it at your local RTO office. You can avail two types of Assam vehicle registration facilities:


  • Temporary Registration:

You can avail the facility of temporary vehicle registration in Assam by approaching an authorized vehicle dealer. Once you purchase a vehicle, the dealer will provide you with a temporary vehicle registration number. Depending upon the type of your vehicle, the temporary registration is valid, anywhere from a week to 30 days.

  • Permanent Registration:

Before your temporary registration expires, you have to approach the RTO office within the jurisdiction limits of your residential address to apply for a permanent registration certificate. You can get a permanent registration by making an online application or by physically visiting the local RTO office. You are required to submit the following documents:


  • Form 20: This is the application form for the permanent registration certificate.

  • Form 21: This is the vehicle sales certificate.

  • Form 34: This form is required if you have financed your vehicle.

  • Recent passport-size photographs.

  • Proof of address.

  • Proof of identity.

  • Temporary Registration Number (TRN).

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

  • Valid insurance.


Thus, before applying for permanent registration in Assam, you compulsorily need to have a valid motor insurance plan. Are you worried about the cost of motor insurance in Assam? Fret not, for we have your back. To get the best motor insurance plans at affordable premium payments, you can visit the platform of Bajaj Markets. Here, the best four-wheeler motor insurance policy starts from Rs. 2,071 per year while the top two-wheeler vehicle insurance plan starts from Rs. 482 per year.

Functions of RTO Assam

The Assam RTO office is entrusted with multiple responsibilities. Here’s a look at its functions:


  • Providing Vehicle Registration Certificates:

Along with issuing permanent and temporary vehicle registration certificates, the RTO Assam provides the facility of transferring the ownership of vehicles.

  • Providing Driving Licenses to State Residents:

Among the key functions of the Assam RTO office is to issue driving licenses to the state residents. After conducting the requisite driving tests, it issues the learners and permanent driving licenses.

  • Providing Other Certificates:

Along with streamlining the system of vehicle registration in Assam, the RTO Assam provides other certificates, such as No Objection Certificate (NOC), trade certificate and permits.

  • Issuing an International Driving Permit:

Along with issuing a permanent license, the RTO Assam also issues an international driving license to the residents of the state.

  • Vehicle Inspection:

The Assam RTO office is also responsible for conducting vehicle inspections at different checkpoints in the state.

  • Collection of Taxes and Fees:

The RTO Assam levies a wide range of fees and charges for its services. It also collects taxes, such as road tax and pollution control tax.

  • Pollution Control Initiatives:

The Assam RTO office has established a network of pollution control checking centres in the state. These centres provide Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates to vehicle owners.

  • Road Safety Initiatives:

RTO Assam also conducts road safety initiatives to raise awareness about traffic rules and regulations.

RTO Fees

To know the charges levied by the Assam RTO for various vehicle registration facilities, you can refer to the chart given below: 


RTO Assam fees and charges

Issue/Renewal of registration certificate for two-wheelers

Rs. 50

Issue/Renewal of registration certificate for Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs)

Rs. 300

Issue/Renewal of registration certificate for heavy goods vehicle

Rs. 1,500

Issue/Renewal of registration certificate for imported LMVs

Rs. 5,000

Issue/Renewal of registration certificate for imported two-wheelers

Rs. 2,500

Smart card charges

Rs. 200

Fitness test for two-wheelers

  • Rs. 200 (manual)

  • Rs. 400 (automated)

Fitness test for LMVs

  • Rs. 400 (manual)

  • Rs. 600 (automated)

Fitness test for commercial vehicles

  • Rs. 600 (manual)

  • Rs. 1,000 (automated)

Renewal of vehicle fitness certificate

Rs. 200

Hypothecation charges for two-wheelers

Rs. 500

Hypothecation charges for two-wheelers

Rs. 1,500

Hypothecation charges for commercial vehicles

Rs. 3,000

Issuing letter of authority

Rs. 15,000

Appeal against RTO order

Rs. 3,000

For other services, the various charges and fees of the Assam RTO office are as follows:


RTO Assam fees and charges

Learner’s license Form 1

Rs. 151

Learner’s license Form 2

Rs. 151

Learner’s license test

Rs. 50

Learner’s license

Rs. 150

Permanent driving license

Rs. 200

International driving license

Rs. 1,000

Addition of another class of vehicles to driving license

Rs. 500

Driving license renewal

Rs. 200

Application for change in particulars of the driving license

Rs. 200

Smart Card driving license

Rs. 200

Road safety cess for gearless/with gear two-wheelers

Rs. 100

Road safety cess for light motor vehicles

Rs. 150

Road safety cess for transport category light motor vehicles

Rs. 200

Road safety cess for commercial heavy motor vehicles

Rs. 500

Along with paying the stipulated RTO fees for various services, you must also ensure having a valid motor insurance plan. Not having valid vehicle insurance can result in fines and penalties, as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, by RTO Assam. Now choose the best motor insurance on Bajaj Markets with top insurance providers, such as Bajaj Allianz and Acko.


Now that you are aware of the vehicle registration details in Assam, do remember to drive or ride only after obtaining a registration certificate as well as a driving license. You can avail yourself of these services conveniently on the Assam RTO website. Also, consider getting a comprehensive motor insurance plan on Bajaj Markets, which along with the mandatory third-party cover, also protects your vehicle from damages due to an unfortunate event.

FAQs on RTO Assam

What is the Assam RTO helpline number?

There is no common helpline number for all the RTOs in Assam. To contact the various branch offices, you can visit the link:

Does Assam RTO provide online facilities?

Yes, the Assam RTO online facilities include making an online application for a driving license, registration certificate, and more. 

Can I get my registration certificate from the Assam RTO office as a smartcard?

Yes, you can get your registration certificate in the form of a smartcard by paying an additional charge of Rs. 200. 

Why are the Assam vehicle registration codes different?

Each RTO in Assam has a pre-assigned code. For instance, if you register your vehicle in RTO Guwahati, you will be assigned an Assam vehicle registration code of AS 01. 

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