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Being a state rich in natural resources, Jharkhand witnesses a lot of activity involving heavy commercial vehicles. The necessary permits for their movement, payment of their taxes and issuance of the licence to operate them, are all governed by the RTO of Jharkhand. Not just the commercial vehicles, all private ones fall under RTO Jharkhand’s purview as well. This includes gearless two-wheelers, bikes and scooters, cars, jeeps, vans, and so on.


The department has Regional Transport Offices in 12 major districts of the state to cater to the needs of its residents. Moreover, you also have the option to visit the RTO Jharkhand’s website and avail most of the services online.

RTO Codes of Jharkhand

Here is a complete list of all the RTO in Jharkhand along with their codes -

Jharkhand RTO Location

Jharkhand RTO Code

Jharkhand RTO Location

Jharkhand RTO Code


JH -01































Bokaro Steel City






Saraikela Kharsawan










Vehicle Registration at RTO Jharkhand

Vehicle registration is one of the most important responsibilities that every citizen should be careful about to avoid any troubles in the future. But before you start the process of vehicle registration in Jharkhand, you must be well aware of the entire procedure of registration.


Here is a brief step-by-step process of vehicle registration in Jharkhand RTO -

  • The first step of vehicle registration is to get your vehicle inspected. The inspection is carried out by the concerned RTO officer.

  • Secondly, fill out the application form for vehicle registration. You can also make online vehicle registration inquiries in Jharkhand by visiting the Jharkhand RTO website.

  • Now submit the filled application form along with all the supporting documents.

  • If all the submitted documents are verified without any faults, you will receive your vehicle registration in Jharkhand via mail at your registered mail address.


**Note - Make sure you have all the required documents ready with you at the time of registration. Here is a list of all the required documents for vehicle registration in Jharkhand.

  • Form 20 (application form)

  • Temporary vehicle registration certificate.

  • Form 22 (pollution certificate issued by the dealer)

  • Address Proof

  • Letter of authority

  • Authorization

  • Birth date Proof

  • PAN card copy

  • Form 34 (in case of loan hypothecation)

  • Undertaking application (in case of delayed registration)

  • Insurance document copy

  • Form 21

  • Engine and chassis pencil print

  • Invoice provided by the dealer

  • NCRB or MOB (if the vehicle registration process is started after 3 months of temporary registration)


Vehicle insurance is also a crucial element that one must complete with the documentation process. There are two types of vehicle insurance one can choose from -

  • Third-party Policy Insurance

This vehicle insurance policy is cheaper and pocket-friendly. It covers expenses of the damages caused to a third party in the case of an accident.

  • Comprehensive Policy Insurance

This insurance policy covers not only third-party damages but also damages that happen to your own vehicle.

The starting range for vehicle insurance in Jharkhand is Rs. 3,800. One can buy a subscription to a vehicle insurance policy from Bajaj Markets.

Functions of RTO Jharkhand

Various functions are managed by the RTO in Jharkhand concerning the vehicle permits, licenses, registrations, etc. Here is a list of all the vehicle-related functions of Jharkhand

Issue of License -

The Jharkhand RTO is responsible to issue learner licenses, driving licenses, etc to the state residents. There are various categories of licenses that are issued by the RTO in Jharkhand.

Document Renewal -

The Jharkhand RTO also manages the renewal of the documents like driving license, vehicle registration certificate, etc.

Vehicle Registration -

Jharkhand RTO keeps a proper and updated record of all the vehicles in the state. The RTO maintains a separate database for temporary and permanent vehicle registration.

Information Update -

The primary details regarding the owner and the concerned vehicle have to be mandatorily updated in the RTO. The owners can get their addresses updated in the database. Any change in detail has to be compulsorily reciprocated to the RTO.

Authority -

The RTO in Jharkhand has the right to release any vehicle records for any investigation purpose. Apart from that, the Jharkhand RTO can scrap and discard Jharkhand RTO registration details.

Taxes -

The Jharkhand RTO is also responsible for looking after the collection of different types of taxes like green tax, lifetime tax, quarterly tax, border tax, etc. It also has to deal with the tax exemption cases.

Penalty Charges -

RTOs also hold the responsibility for the collection of all the penalties and fees like a license issue, vehicle registration, etc. 


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RTO Fees

Some charges are levied on the services provided by the Jharkhand RTO



Learner License

Rs. 130-260

Learner License Test

Rs. 25

Driving License

Rs. 500-800

Driving License Test

Rs. 300

Driving License (International Permit)

Rs. 500

Driving License (Renewal)

Rs. 250

Driving License (Duplicate)

Rs. 350

Driving School License

Rs. 2,500

Driving School License (Duplicate)

Rs. 1,000

The table below mentions the fee charged by Jharkhand RTO for different vehicle classes -

Type of vehicle


Invalid carriage

Rs. 20


Rs. 50

Imported motorcycle

Rs. 1,000

Non-transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 600

Transport light motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Medium goods and passenger vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Heavy goods vehicle

Rs. 1,500

Imported motor vehicle

Rs. 1,000

Any other type of vehicle

Rs. 3,000

It is the responsibility of the Jharkhand RTO to keep a track of the insurance status of the vehicles on the road. All vehicle owners must get their vehicles insured. In case you do not have insurance for your vehicle you might have to pay penalty charges to the Jharkhand RTO. 


The main motive of Jharkhand RTO is to provide all the citizens with facilities in a smooth and time-saving manner. The authorities of Jharkhand RTO aim at delivering all vehicle-related services to all the citizens effectively and efficiently. As responsible citizens, we must be aware of our responsibilities and get vehicles registered under Jharkhand RTO.


You must also get your vehicle insured for covering the expense of any unfortunate event that might occur in the future. You can get different types of offers and deals on vehicle insurance available on the official website of the Bajaj Markets. You can also have a look at these offers and deals through the Bajaj Markets app.

FAQs on RTO Jharkhand

How many RTO offices are there in Jharkhand?

There are 24 RTO offices in Jharkhand.

How many categories are there in vehicle registration in Jharkhand?

There are two categories of vehicle registration in Jharkhand - Temporary registration and Permanent registration.

What is the procedure to get my vehicle insurance in Jharkhand RTO?

The Jharkhand RTO does not offer vehicle insurance services. To get your vehicles insured, you can visit the official website of Bajaj Markets and explore vehicle insurance packages from various lenders.

When do we have to renew our permanent vehicle registration in Jharkhand?

The permanent vehicle registration in Telangana expires in 15 years. You will have to renew your vehicle registration 15 years from the issue date. You will have to fill and submit Form 25 for vehicle registration renewal.

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