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One of the largest cities in Gujarat, Vadodara, is home to more than 22 lakh people and a proportional number of vehicles. Vadodara has a Regional Transport Office (RTO) to keep the vehicles and drivers in check. The RTO in Vadodara is responsible for issuing the driving licence, Accident Information Report, Report of Inspection, etc., to the people of Vadodara. RTO Vadodara regulates and maintains the transport facilities in Vadodara and is also responsible for collecting vehicle excise duty. Let us look at all the details regarding the RTO Code of Vadodara, RTO office address, and more.

RTO Code of Vadodara

As mentioned above, there is only one RTO office located in Vadodara that is responsible for handling all the RTO related functions in the city. You can find the exact details of the RTO Vadodara office along with the RTO code down below: 



RTO Office Code Number


RTO Office Address

RTO Office, Near Golden Chowkdi, Darjipura, Vadodara, 390006

Vadodara RTO Number











Vehicle Registration at RTO Vadodara

If you are planning to purchase a new or second-hand vehicle in Vadodara, you will need to avail the services of RTO Vadodara office to get your vehicle properly registered. As mentioned above, the RTO code for the Vadodara office is GJ-06, which falls under the state of Gujarat. Here are the steps you can follow to register your vehicle:


Step 1: Get your vehicle inspected at the RTO Vadodara facility by an officer.


Step 2: After the inspection process, fill out and submit the application form for vehicle registration.


Step 3: After your application is processed and verified, you will be given the official registration number by the RTO Vadodara.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to get your new vehicle insured with motor insurance as driving without valid insurance can land you in legal trouble.

Functions of RTO Vadodara

The RTO office in Vadodara serves many important functions, such as:

  • Obtaining and issuing driver's licence

This procedure entails administering tests to determine whether or not an individual qualifies for a learner's permit. A professional driving instructor's licence can be obtained as well as renewed. A conductor's licence and an overseas driving licence can also be issued by the Regional Transport Office Vadodara.

  • Vehicle Registration

A temporary registration certificate, a no-objection certificate, a trade certificate, a vehicle fitness certificate, and permits for commercial vehicles and taxis are just some of the items that an RTO can issue. They issue motor vehicle registration certificates as well as the transfer of vehicle ownership on a registration certificate.

  • Taxes and Fees

Green taxes or pollution control levies are imposed by RTOs. They also adjust other fees on behalf of the Indian government during the registration, issuance, and other processes.

  • Vehicle Inspections

The RTO of Vadodara is in charge of examining automobiles at several checkpoints throughout the city.

  • Measures to Reduce Pollution

The RTO also handles CNG/LPG vehicle conversions and provides PUC testing locations for certification and inspection.

  • Programs for Road Safety

The RTO runs road safety programmes on a regular basis to educate the general public on traffic laws.

  • Issuing Permits

The RTO Vadodara is also responsible for issuing special permits such as ‘Goods Carrier Permit’ or ‘National Permit’ which allow the driver to use the vehicle for commercial or other purposes.

  • Additional Functions

The following vehicle-related functions are also handled by the RTO Vadodara.


  1. Automobile registration

  2. The registration certificate of a motor vehicle is renewed

  3. Changing your address or the registration certificate for your vehicle

  4. Penalties are collected, such as road taxes, and offenders are penalised

  5. Ensuring that provisions concerning traffic offences are adhered to

  6. Putting safety measures in place for on-the-road behaviour

  7. Granting commercial vehicle fitness certificates.

  8. Motor vehicle registration card renewal

  9. Conductors are issued driver's licences

  10. Developing stage carriage programmes and obtaining national permissions

RTO Fees

There are several types of fees that you may end up paying at the RTO Vadodara office for functions like vehicle registrations and acquiring permits. You can find the fees for registration of new vehicles as well as driving licence related functions in the tables given below:

Licence Related Fees

Driving Licence Function


Learning Licence


Issuing of DL


Duplicate DL


Changing DL information


International DL


DL for a new type of vehicle


DL Renewal


Permit for driving school


RTO Registration Charges

Type of Vehicle

Registration Charges



Light motor vehicles


Non-transport vehicles


Transport vehicles


Medium goods vehicles


Heavy goods vehicles


Imported vehicles


Imported bikes


 Heavy passenger vehicle


Wrapping it Up!

Now that you are aware of the Regional Transport Office Vadodara office details, address and contact information, you can easily visit the office to get any of your driving licence or motor-related issues resolved. More importantly, you need to ensure that you have a proper motor insurance plan for your vehicle to avoid getting fined by the RTO or traffic police. If you do not yet have proper insurance for your vehicle, you should look into getting either a third-party or comprehensive insurance plan. You can choose from the motor insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets.

FAQs on RTO Vadodara

Is it required for me to register my vehicle with the Vadodara Regional Transport Office (RTO)?

Yes, all vehicles must be registered with the state's transportation department in order for their owners to drive them around, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Where can I get the registration paperwork I need in Vadodara?

Download the relevant forms from the Government of Vadodara Transport Authority's official website. You can also pick up all of the forms you need in person at your local RTO in Vadodara.

How can I get a PUC certificate for my vehicle in Vadodara?

PUC testing stations are available at the majority of RTOs in Vadodara, where you can register your car for a PUC certificate.

What is the Vadodara RTO contact number?

You can call the Regional Transport Office in Vadodara at - 0265-2540016

What is the official RTO Vadodara website?

You can visit the Baroda RTO website at

How can I check the Regional Transport Office Vadodara vehicle registration details?

You can check the RTO Vadodara registration details by visiting the RTO office in person.

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