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The Vashi Regional Transport Office or RTO office in Vashi held an auction of vehicles which had not paid the taxes. The public auction of the vehicles was held by the Navi Mumbai RTO. It is not the first time the RTO has taken such a step. A similar auction had happened in 2020 too.


As per the Deputy Regional Transport Office, the auction of vehicles due to the unpaid taxes was held on 12th September, 2022. The auction took place in the APMC office in Vashi. The Vashi RTO had asked the citizens to visit the office and participate in huge numbers.


In case the vehicle owners were ready to pay the pending dues, they could have taken their vehicles back. Despite repeated reminders, many had not turned up, and the transport authority went ahead with the auction as a last resort.

Things to know about RTO Vashi Auction

Here is what more you need to know about the Vashi RTO story:

  • As per the Motor Vehicles Tax Maharashtra Act of 1959 as well as the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, the RTO Flying Squad has the right to confiscate vehicles from individuals who have not paid taxes.

  • There were a large number of vehicles in the auction. Some commercial vehicles were lying in the RTO complex in Vashi for a very long time. They were a part of the auction too.

  • The vehicle auction happened on 12th September 2022.

  • It began at 11 a.m and more than 349 vehicles were auctioned. 

  • The auction happened at the Vashi RTO office which is in the APMC.

  • A senior RTO officer had asked interested people to participate.

  • As per the Motor Vehicle Act, all tourist vehicles need to pay taxes. The vehicles that have not filled their dues are liable to get confiscated by the Sub RTO of Navi Mumbai.

  • A list of vehicles was displayed on the notice board of the Deputy RTO or APMC.

  • If you were interested in buying the vehicles that were a part of the auction, you could have visited the Sub Regional Transport Office, located near the APMC Grain Market. It is in the Sec no. 19 of Vashi in the B.T. Block. The landmark is the Gate No.7 in Vashi.

  • The confiscated vehicles were available for auction at APMC market in Sec-19 in the RTO testing ground.

  • According to the Vashi RTO officer, more and more bidders participated in the auction. To know more details, such as the terms, conditions, a deposit of the auction, etc., they can visit the Dy. RTO office in Vashi.

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The auction by the Sub-Regional Transport Office in Vashi is held from time to time for sale of the vehicles that are seized for not paying taxes. However, the vehicle can be reclaimed by the owner in case the dues are paid before the auction.  The RTO officers encourage citizens to participate in the auction of these seized vehicles. The sale of these seized vehicles is a good reminder to keep yourself updated with the government notifications and ensure you pay all your vehicle taxes and motor insurance premiums in order to avoid the confiscation of your commercial vehicle.

FAQs on Vashi RTO Auction

When did the Vashi RTO auction of vehicles happen?

The auction happened on Sep 12th of this year. The time of the auction was 11:00 am at the Sub-RTO office at APMC.

Why did the auction happen?

The commercial vehicles that had not paid the taxes were sold to the highest bidders in the RTO vehicle auction. The Mumbai Motor Vehicle Act says that owners of tourist vehicles who have not paid motor vehicle taxes will have their vehicles confiscated and auctioned by the Sub-RTO of Navi Mumbai.

How to reclaim the vehicle and save the same from the auction?

The transport authority offers a facility in this regard. If your vehicle is going to auction, then paying the arrears of these vehicles or paying the entire tax amount till the date of auction can save your vehicle from sale at the auction, and you can get it back.

How do I know whether my vehicle is in the auction?

The list of vehicles that were a part of the auction was posted on the board. The notice board can be found at the Sub-RTO in APMC. Also, the vehicles that were there in the auction could also be viewed at the office itself. The office is located near the APMC Grain Market. It is in the Sec no. 19 of Vashi in the B.T. Block. The landmark is the Gate No.7 in Vashi.

What were the conditions of the auction?

The conditions of the auction were published before commencement of the auction.

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