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Haryana is one of the fastest growing states of India and has a huge traffic volume. To streamline the process of imposing and paying fines for traffic violations, the Haryana Traffic police has introduced the e-challan system. This is an efficient and time-saving mechanism. 


Haryana has a rigorous traffic rules regulatory framework. Once a vehicle is fined in Haryana, the offender can deposit the fine amount through online modes by using the Haryana Traffic police website. The offline method of payment of fines also exists and the offender will have to go to the nearest RTO or Traffic Police office. Here, you can know about traffic rules’ violation penalties and the online Haryana challan check and pay process. 

Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Haryana

A Haryana traffic police challan may be issued to you if you are found in violation of the following rules:



Driving without Helmet


Driving without seatbelt




Two Wheelers - ₹2,000

Light Motor Vehicles - ₹4000

Heavy Motor Vehicles - ₹4000


Driving without licence

Two Wheelers - ₹ 5000

Three/Four Wheelers - ₹5000


Underage driving

First-time offenders- ₹5000
Subsequent offence- ₹5000

Driving without vehicle fitness certificate



Causing obstruction to emergency vehicles (Example: ambulance)


Disregarding traffic signals

Up to ₹10,000


Drunk driving



Driving without insurance

First-time offenders - Imprisonment of up to 3 months and/or penalty of up to ₹2,000

Subsequent offence - Imprisonment of up to 3 months and/or penalty of up to ₹4,000

How to Check Your E-Challan Status Online

Haryana challan status check can be done in a few easy steps as follows-


  • Step 1. Go to the e-challan website or the mParivahan app

  • Step 2. Click on the ‘Check Challan Status’.

  • Step 3. Enter all relevant details such as challan number, vehicle registration number, driving licence number, etc.

  • Step 4. You will then be asked to enter a captcha code. Once you enter the captcha code, all details and the current status of your e-Challan would be presented to you.

Haryana Traffic Police Challan Online - Check and Pay

There was a time when traffic offenders could only deposit their fines offline. However, with the widespread adoption of network-based systems, it is now possible for online-challan Haryana to be paid through a variety of modes. You can do so using the Haryana government-run e-gras portal, the Central Government’s Parivahan portal and apps such as Park+.

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How to Make an Online Challan Payment in Haryana through Parivahan?

Haryana online challan payment can be done by following these steps on the Parivahan portal:


  • Step 1. Visit the government e-challan website

  • Step 2. Select the option 'Check Challan Status'.

  • Step 3. Enter relevant details such as the challan number, vehicle registration number, or driving licence number.

  • Step 4. Once your challan details appear on the screen, confirm your challan details, and click on ‘Make Payment’ to move on to the online Haryana e-challan payment page.

  • Step 5. You will be provided with various options for Haryana traffic police challan online payment such as credit/debit card, net banking, UPI, etc. Select your preferred mode and make your e-challan payment.

How to Pay Haryana E-Challan Online via Park+

Payment of Haryana challan can be processed using apps such as Park+. You can do this in the following steps:


  • Step 1. Visit

  • Step 2. Enter your mobile number and verify the OTP.

  • Step 3. All your Haryana traffic challan details will be displayed on the screen. Select the e-challan and complete the payment.

Steps for E-Challan Payment in Haryana via E-Gras

You can also pay your Haryana traffic challans online through the Government Receipt Accounting System online portal, e-gras Haryana. Here are the steps to follow for e-challan payment in Haryana through e-gras:


  • Step 1. Visit the

  • Step 2. Sign up or log in using your username and password.

  • Step 3. Select the ‘Police Fees’ option.

  • Step 4. Choose ‘Challaning of Vehicles’ as the purpose of payment.

  • Step 5. Choose the applicable District, Treasury, Office Name and Period.

  • Step 6. Fill in the amount due.

  • Step 7. Enter your contact details.

  • Step 8. Select the mode of payment.

  • Step 9. Print a copy of your e-challan receipt upon successful payment.

Final Thoughts

E-challan is an efficient means of charging traffic violators and demotivating them from committing similar offences in the future. If you are issued an e-challan in Haryana, you can pay it easily through offline and online modes. To avoid getting penalised, always follow traffic rules and make sure you carry all the relevant papers related to your vehicle such as registration certificate, pollution clearance certificate, and vehicle insurance. In case you do not have vehicle insurance, or it has expired, you can get a new one in a matter of a few clicks from Bajaj Markets.

FAQs related to E-Challan Haryana

Who has the authority for charging drivers with an e-Challan in Haryana?

The authority for issuing e-Challans rests with the local city traffic police as well as with the Haryana state police. 

What happens if I don’t pay my e-Challan in Haryana on time?

After a certain time elapses, you will be visited by a traffic police/police constable for the collection of fines. If the fine is not paid at this stage, you will be issued a court summons. Failure to pay the fine even after this stage would lead to the suspension of your licence.

What is the deadline for paying e-Challan in Haryana?

You can pay the e-Challan within 60 days of its issuing date. 

What should I do to avoid getting an e-challan in Haryana?

To avoid e-Challans, make sure that you follow all the traffic rules and regulations and carry the relevant documents with you while driving.

How can I check my e-challan status in Haryana?

 You can check your Haryana challan status through the Parivahan portal.

How to report a traffic violation in Haryana?

In order to report a traffic violation in Haryana, you can call on the following numbers:

1073 (BSNL), 1033 (Others) - Traffic control room - 0184-2283199

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