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Maharashtra traffic e-challan is nothing but a digital challan, and gets issued if you are found guilty of violating any traffic rules and regulations. These rules are regulations imposed to ensure the safety of the drivers, pedestrians, and reduce road accidents.


Maharashtra was one of the first states to introduce e-challans in a bid to improve the road safety across the state. Depending on the rules or regulations you violate, you could get a maharashtra traffic e-challan with a fine ranging from ₹1,000 to ₹10,000. 


It is important that you pay the e-challan on time. Failing to do so can result in you being summoned to the court. Read on to learn more e-challan by Maharashtra traffic police and other important things to keep in mind.

Penalties for Traffic Rule Violation in Maharashtra

With Maharashtra’s e-challans, the authorities intend to instill the habit of following the traffic rules and regulations. This can in turn, ensure better safety standards for drivers and everyone else. Anyone violating the traffic rules will be issued a Maharashtra RTO challan as per the following norms.



Driving without wearing the seatbelt

₹ 1,000/-

More than one rider on the pillion (second seat) of two-wheeler (More than one person sitting in on the pillion)

₹ 1,000/-

Driving without your licence or registration

₹ 5,000/-



Driving without an active third-party insurance

First offence: ₹2,000/- and/or three months of imprisonment

Subsequent offences: ₹4,000 and/or three months of imprisonment

Riding without a proper helmet

₹1,000, community service, and/or disqualification of driving licence

Irresponsible or Rash driving 

₹ 1,000 to ₹5,000 and/or imprisonment of 6 months to 1 years



Driving while intoxicated

First offence: ₹10,000 and/or six months of imprisonment

Subsequent offences: ₹15,000 and/or two years of imprisonment



Going beyond the mentioned speed limit

₹1,000 to ₹2,000 if an LMV

₹2,000 to ₹4,000 if

medium or local transport (licence can be seized too)

Not obeying the road rules

₹ 500 to ₹1,000/-

Using phone while driving (Texting and driving)

₹ 5,000/-

Not giving way/preference to emergency vehicles

₹ 10,000 and/or imprisonment of six months

Disclaimer: The fine amounts are subject to change as per the rules and regulations of the Government

How to Pay An E-challan by Maharashtra Traffic Police Online

Paying e-challan in Maharashtra and in other states is important to avoid having to deal with higher fines and other consequences. With the document being an electronic one, you can make the payment online in various ways. Here are some of the ways you can try.

1.Pay Maharashtra E-challan by Traffic Police Through Parivahan

  • Visit the official website

  • Go to ‘Online Services’

  • Select e-Challan from the drop-down menu

  • Login with your credentials 

  • Enter the required details to check the challan

  • Select the pending e-challan by Maharashtra traffic police

  • Pay the fine and save your receipt

2.Pay E-Challan by Maharashtra Police through the State Traffic Website

  • Visit the official E-challan Maharashtra website

  • Enter the required details (challan or vehicle number)

  • Check E-challan details displayed on the redirected webpage

  • Pay the challan through your preferred mode

  • Save the receipt/ message of payment

3.Pay E-challan by Maharashtra Police Through Paytm

  • Download the App from play store

  • Open the app and go to ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’

  • Click on e-challan and enter the details

  • Pay through your preferred mode


Confirmation message will be sent to your mobile after the transaction is successful.

How to Check the Status of E-challan by Maharashtra Traffic Police?

An E-challan by Maharashtra traffic police is only issued to you if you have violated any traffic rules. As such, you can only check the status if you have an e-challan available. By checking the status of your e-challan you can keep track of your paid and unpaid fines. 


This will help ensure that you do not have to face any consequences that can arise due to non-payment. To check the status of your e-challan payment in Maharashtra traffic police, follow either of the given methods.

1.Through MahaTraffic App

  • Install the app on your phone

  • Register with your mobile number (Login directly if already registered)

  • Complete the verification status through the OTP

  • Enter the required details (vehicle number or challan number)

  • Issued challans will be displayed on the website

2.Through Parivahan

  • Go to the official Parivahan website

  • Choose ‘eChallan’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Online services’

  • Log in with your credentials

  • Enter the details

  • Check the details of the e-challan by Maharashtra traffic police


In case there is no e-challan payment in Maharashtra issued against you, the screen will display a message for the same. 

Traffic Rules That Every Motor Owner should Follow

Traffic rules and regulations are imposed for your safety. Abiding by them can help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe and avoid paying hefty fines. Here are some of the most common rules that you should follow while on the road:


  • Fasten your seatbelts to keep yourself secure

  • Do not drive if you have consumed alcohol and drugs

  • Drive within in the speed limit and responsibly

  • Keep your insurance documentation and driver’s licence with you

  • Use turn signals whenever needed

  • Do not use your mobile phone when driving

  • Follow the traffic signals and do not run red lights

  • Ride with a proper helmet

Final Takeaway

Traffic safety rules are implemented to keep you safe and avoid road accidents. An important rule that every vehicle owner should follow is to have motor insurance. Third-party liability cover is mandatory and operating a vehicle without a valid cover is punishable with a fine, imprisonment, or both.


Thankfully, you can find an affordable policy on Bajaj Markets and get a suitable motor insurance plan. Find deals on car insurance or two-wheeler insurance on Bajaj Markets and avail perks such as 24x7 claim assistance, cashless facilities, hassle-free claim settlements, renewals and more!

FAQs related to E-Challan Maharashtra

Can I get Maharashtra traffic police e-challan for repeat violations?

Yes. In some cases of repeat violations, you may even have to pay a higher fine or face the possibility of imprisonment. 


Do I need to pay the challan within a certain time period?

As per rules, you need to pay your e challan issued by the traffic within 15 days. In case you fail to pay in that period, your challan will be sent to court and you may be summoned.

Who can issue e-challan in Maharashtra?

The Maharashtra traffic police is responsible for issuing e-challans in the state.

Will I be notified for e-challans issued in Maharashtra?

Yes. When an e-challan by Maharashtra traffic police is issued against you, you will receive a message on the registered mobile number.

What happens if I fail to pay my Maharashtra traffic challan in the stipulated time?

If you do not pay your Maharashtra traffic police e-challan on time, you may be summoned to the court for legal action.

How can I check my e-challan in Maharashtra?

You can check the issued e-challan by Maharashtra traffic police in various ways. These include through the official website, Parivahan services, Paytm, and the MahaTraffic App.

What happens if the traffic challan is not paid in Maharashtra?

  • As it is an e-challan, you are not restricted to paying the fine in Maharashtra only. 

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