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Maharashtra has incorporated new traffic rules and regulations to mitigate road violations in cities like Pune. For instance, you will not get an e-challan in Pune if you get caught for a traffic violation while operating a vehicle. Newer provisions like these help the Pune traffic police enforce the laws in place, and make the road safer for travellers.  


An e-challan is issued for a range of violations. It specifies the details of the offence, the fine charged, the vehicle’s number and the owner’s name. The e-challan also allows easy and hassle-free online payment of fines.

What is an E-challan?

An e-challan is an electronically generated challan. E-challans enable the traffic police to enforce laws with ease, and fine offenders. As it is a digitised solution, an e-challan by Pune authorities has other digital provisions, one among which is that you can pay the fine online.


As it is intertwined with the state transportation system, it aids in ensuring that road and traffic rules are upheld efficiently. Moreover, adding transparency to the system, Pune e-challans have significantly reduced the time involved in allocating traffic challans in Pune and paying dues. 


Once an e-challan is issued, traffic violators can pay their dues online or offline. Read on for an in-depth understanding of e-challan Pune.

How to Pay Pune Traffic E-challan Online?

Paying e-challans online has increased in popularity since it is easy and time-efficient. You can complete these payments using third-party applications such as Paytm. If not, you can use the Parivahan web portal.

E-challan Pune Online Payment via Paytm

You can pay your e-Challan via the Paytm portal with ease. Follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Step 1: Visit the challan payment page on the Paytm portal ( and choose ‘Maharashtra Traffic Police’

  • Step 2: Enter your e-Challan number or vehicle details and select the ‘Proceed’ button

  • Step 3: Check the challan amount and select your preferred mode of payment

  • Step 4: Complete your payment without much hassle and clear your e-Challan dues

Payment of e-challan Pune via 'Parivahan'

You can pay e-challan Pune using the Parivahan portal. Follow the steps mentioned below to make your payment:


  • Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website (

  • Step 2: Enter your vehicle, driving licence or challan number 

  • Step 3: Check out the captcha code on your screen. Enter it and select the ‘Get Detail’ button

  • Step 4: Read all important details displayed on the new page

  • Step 5: Verify the violations listed, see the status of your challan and then select the ‘Pay Now’ button to pay your dues

Payment via Maharashtra e-challan Website

Follow the steps mentioned below to pay your e-challan Pune online:


  • Step 1: Visit the official Maharashtra e-challan website (

  • Step 2: Enter details like your vehicle number and the last four digits of your chassis or engine number

  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Submit button’. Alternatively, you can also provide the challan number and then click on ‘Submit’

  • Step 4: Check out the list of fines you have to pay

  • Step 5: Pay your fine using your credit/debit card or through mobile wallets such as Mobikwik, Paytm, etc.

  • Step 6: Receive a confirmation after successful payment of the Pune rto fine

How to Pay Pune Traffic E-challan Offline?

Follow this simple procedure to pay Pune e-challan offline. 

  1. Search for a traffic police officer having an e-challan machine in Pune. 

  2. Mention your challan number and pay by cash, card or any online payment gateway method like MobiKwik, Paytm etc.


Another option is to visit the Pune Traffic Police Department and give the required details. Then, pay the amount and clear your dues. Alternatively, you can send the challan amount in the form of a cheque, money order or demand draft addressed to the Pune Traffic Police.

How to Check E-challan Pune Status Online?

It is always important to check the status of your e-challan Pune to know whether or not your payment was successful. Check the status of your e-Challan Pune by following the steps mentioned below:


  • Step1: Check the status of your e-Challan by visiting the Maharashtra e-challan website site  (

  • Step 2: Fill in your vehicle number and the last 4 digits of the chassis number to check out e-challans listed under it and view their status

  • Step 3: Make sure you type out the captcha code correctly before selecting the search button

  • Step 4: Verify the e-challan details once redirected to a new page


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Latest Traffic Rule Violation Penalties in Pune

The following violations and penalties apply to Pune and the rest of Maharashtra. If you do not follow traffic rules and regulations, you are issued a Pune e-challan.


RTO Fine (Pune and the Rest of Maharashtra)

Driving without a licence



₹1000 – ₹4000

Driving/riding while intoxicated

Imprisonment for 6 months and/or ₹2000

Imprisonment for 2 years and/or ₹15000 for repeat offenders

Driving/riding without motor vehicle insurance

₹2000 – ₹4000

Imprisonment for 3 months along with community service and a fine of up to ₹2000.

In case of repeated offence, this fee will amount to ₹4000.

Not using a seatbelt


Rash driving

₹1000 – ₹5000

Violating red regulations

₹100 – ₹1000

Using a mobile while driving


To understand the intricacies of each road violation and have a more comprehensive understanding of the same, visit the Maharashtra Traffic Police website. The ‘Traffic Education’ button under the ‘Citizens Corner’ tab will provide insights into e-challan Pune.


Now that you know driving on the road without proper motor insurance can attract heavy fines. To avoid this, check out various vehicle insurance plans on Bajaj Markets without delay!

FAQs on E-challan Pune

Is it possible for an e-challan to be cancelled?

There are certain instances in which e-challans have been cancelled. However, it is not common. As per the Government norms, your e-challan can get cancelled depending on the circumstances.

Is it possible for me to pay my e-challan offline in Pune?

Yes, you can pay your e-challan offline at a local traffic police station.

Where should I raise a complaint in case of an incorrectly filed e-challan?

Yes, there are provisions for the same. Visit the Maharashtra traffic police website and select the ‘complaints’ button to resolve your query. 

What are some common traffic violations that lead to e-challans?

Some common traffic violations that lead to e-challans include rash driving and running red lights. You can also receive an e-challan if you exceed the prescribed speed limit, overtake other vehicles or misuse your vehicle’s lights.

What are two internet-based payment methods for e-challans?

The two internet-based payment methods for e-Challans include Paytm and the Parivahan website.

What is the fine for a minor?

If you are below 18 years and drive a vehicle, you can be charged up to ₹25,000 and even imprisoned for 3 years.


Who is authorised to collect the payments for traffic challans in Pune?

Pune Traffic Police is the authorised department to collect the traffic challan payment in Pune.

What will happen if I do not pay the traffic challan?

If you default on your payment, a traffic police officer can visit your residence to collect the same. Despite this, any payment default can result in a court order or suspension of your driving licence.

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