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What is a Fancy Car Number

Getting your own automobile is nothing less than living your dream if you are a vehicle enthusiast. There are numerous customising choices to give your car a unique touch and make it stand out among the others’ vehicles. Obtaining a VIP number for a car from the RTO is one of the numerous ways that you can use to improve the appearance and uniqueness of your vehicle. It is why some spend thousands or sometimes lakhs to obtain a fancy number for a car.


Some examples of fancy numbers for vehicles include 9999, 4444, 0001, and so on.

However, the RTO doesn’t assign these numbers randomly. The RTO charges a premium by conducting an auction after establishing a standard rate. This also assists the government in raising additional revenue. 


Here are a few additional key points of fancy car number plates. 


  • Individuals having a VIP number for a car are needed to get HSRP (High-Security Registration Plates) since these plates are a standard requirement for all vehicles.

  • These unique plates are made of aluminium and have a 10-digit PIN with a barcode connected to each plate.

  • Fancy numbers for vehicles must comply with the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1989 standards.

How to Get a Fancy Registration Number for Your Car in India

The process of obtaining a fancy car number involves e-auctions. You are required to place a bid through the online e-auction by visiting the RTO website where fancy number registration is offered and make the necessary payments. 


Here is the step-by-step guide that will assist you in getting a VIP number for the car. 


  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. 

  • Register yourself to the page as a public user.

  • Once logged in to the page, scroll down and select the ‘Choice Number’ option.

  • You will be redirected to a new page. Select your ‘State’ and ‘RTO name.’

  • A list of fancy numbers for cars will appear on the screen. 

  • Select a VIP number of your choice.

  • Pay the charges to reserve your number.

  • Make a bid on the number of your choice.

  • The auction result will be announced online. 

  • If the number is allotted to you, pay the remaining fee to get it.

  • Print the allocation letter for your reference. 

Fees and Registration Charges for Car

Before buying a fancy number for a car, you must be aware of the applicable fees and registration charges as these fees vary across the states. 




Super Elite


₹5 Lakhs

Single Digit

0002 to 0009

₹3 Lakhs

Semi-fancy Numbers

0100, 0111, 0200, 0222, 0300, 0333, 0400, 0444, 0500, 0555 0600, 0666, 0700, 0777, 0800, 0888, 0900, 0999, 2000, 2222 3000, 3333, 4000, 4444, 5000, 5555, 6000, 6666, 7000, 8000, 8888, 9000, 0101, 0108, 1008, and 1313

₹1 Lakh


0786, 1111, 7777, 9999, 0010 to 0099

₹2 Lakhs

How to Check Car Fancy Numbers Availability Online

Several types of fancy numbers for cars are available online. You may check the same by following the outlined steps. 


  • Visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways homepage.

  • Scroll down to the page and click on 'Choice Number' at the right bottom.

  • You will be sent to a new page. Here select the state and the RTO name.

  • The new website will display a list of fancy vehicle numbers from which you may make a selection.


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Process of E-Auction of Fancy Car Registration Numbers

Below are the steps explaining the e-auction process. 


  • Visit the webpage of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

  • Complete the registration process and log in to the page. 

  • Scroll down to the ‘Choice Number’ option.

  • You'll be sent to a different page. You must choose your ‘State’ and ‘RTO name’.

  • Next, a list of VIP car numbers will be displayed on the screen.

  • Choose a VIP car number and pay the charges in order to reserve that. 

  • Make a bid for the reserved number.

  • Initial bids start at ₹1,000 and may go up to multiples of ₹10,000.

  • If the number is allotted to you, an SMS or confirmation email will be sent to you. 

  • Within five days after the declaration date, make the balance deposit online.

  • Following the online payment of the deposit amount, the allocation letter will be generated. 

How to Register for Reserved Fancy Number with the RTO

If two persons wish to get the same fancy number for their cars, they both are required to bid for the same. The individual who wins the e-auction will get that number. Following are the steps to register for a reserved VIP number.


  • Visit the Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways' official website.

  • If you are an existing user, log in with your credentials.

  • If you are taking part in the e-auction for the first time, you must register as a new user.

  • After logging in, scroll down and click on 'Search by Number.'

  • To participate in the e-auction, select a number and then click on the ‘E-Auction’ tab.

  • Click on the ‘Number Selection’ to choose your reserved number.

  • Next, select the ‘Registration’ alternative.

  • Fill out the application form and press the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Now pay the fees and generate the fee receipt for further use. 

Approximate Time to Register Your Fancy Car Numbers with the RTO

After registration, the entire process of placing a bid for your fancy number takes five days. The e-auction bidding procedure starts on the fourth day following fancy number registration on the official website and concludes by the fifth day. At the conclusion of the procedure, an allocation letter is generated and given to you. After that, you have 90 days to register your car with the state RTO.

How do Bidders Can Bid for Reserved Number

Here are the steps to follow:


  • Navigate to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' website.

  • Log in with your current credentials if you are an existing user.

  • In the case of a new user, complete the registration process.

  • Once logged in, go to the ‘Auction Services’ tab and choose ‘Bidding Process.’

  • Enter the Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN) you obtained upon registration.

  • Put up a bid for the number you want.

  • The successful bidder will get payment instructions through text messages and email.

How to Check Final Auction Result for Fancy Number in Any States

Below are the steps to check the final auction result. 


  • Access the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways site.

  • Click on the ‘Final Auction Result’ option available at the bottom of the page.

  • Next, a new page will appear. Enter the required details like state name, RTO name, and result date and submit them.

  • The final result will be displayed on the screen.

Do You Need HSRP for a Fancy Number Plate

According to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989's number plate regulations, to ensure consistency of the registration plates across India, all forms of car number plates including fancy numbers will be equipped with HSRP in order to alleviate owners of any prospective difficulty. 


People buy fancy numbers for cars to draw more attention and make their cars more attractive. If you wonder how to get a fancy number for a car, you may easily get one by visiting the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways web portal. However, in order to obtain it, you must be aware of the process involved in a fancy car number acquisition. This will assist you in making an informed decision. 


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FAQs on How to Get Fancy Number for Car

What are the parameters for obtaining a fancy vehicle number?

There are no qualifying requirements for obtaining a fancy number for a car. You are required to reserve a number and make a bid for the same.

How to get a VIP number for a car?

You may get a VIP number plate for your automobile by bidding online on the MoRTH webpage for your chosen VIP plate number.

What is the validity of the allotment letter?

The allotment letter is valid for the registration of your automobile at the relevant RTO for a period of 90 days.

Is it possible to apply for a fancy vehicle number offline?

No. The procedure for obtaining a fancy registration number involves filling out an online application form and online payment. Hence, you cannot obtain a fancy car number through offline mode.

What are the charges for VIP number plates?

These kinds of number plates are divided into four categories: Super Elite, Single Digit, Semi-fancy Numbers, and Others. The price of each number plate is different from each other. It starts from a few thousand rupees and may go up to ₹5 Lakhs.

Can I get a VIP number for my vehicle?

Yes, one can get a VIP number for their vehicle (two /four-wheeler) via RTO. However, the individual will have to pay some charges to get a VIP number for their vehicles.

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