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Every motor vehicle owner, new or old, must have a high-security registration plate (HSRP) as per the updated RTO number plate policy. The goal of this regulation is to maintain uniformity in all vehicle licence plates. An HSRP is simply a number plate made of aluminium that is secured to the vehicle by attaching one-time-use locks. 


On the top-left corner of the plate, is a hologram that is chromium-based with blue-coloured Ashok Chakra. On the left, a permanent identification number (PIN) is engraved. A hot-stamped film with the inscription ‘India’ at a 45-degree angle is added to the registration numbers and the letters by HSRP. It is then electronically attached to your vehicle after the vehicle’s registration is done. 

What Is an HSRP?

According to the new RTO number plate rule, each motor vehicle owner must have an HSRP or High-Security Registration Plate on their vehicle. The objective of this rule is to ensure uniformity and orderliness of vehicle registration plates across the country. From April 1, 2019, each motor vehicle comes with HSRPs attached. 


  • The High-Security Registration Plates is an aluminium plate locked with non-reusable locks fixed on your vehicle

  • It consists of a chromium-based, blue-coloured hologram of Ashoka Chakra on the top-left corner, measuring 20mm x 20mm

  • There is a 10-digit PIN (Permanent Identification Number) engraved on the bottom-left corner of the plate

  • Some HSRPs come with the hot-stamped film placed on the vehicle registration number. The numerals and alphabets denote the district code, state code, and a unique alpha-numeric identification number

  • The inscription ‘India’ is seen at an angle of 45-degrees. After the unique registration number is engraved on the HSRP plate, it is electronically linked to your vehicle

Who Needs HSRP?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made it mandatory for all old and new vehicles to have HSRP registration from 2022. All the vehicles purchased after April 2019, already have HSRP characteristics. So, all vehicles sold before April 2019 must acquire the High Security Number Plates registration in 2022. You can apply for a HSRP number plate for old vehicles both online or offline. 

What Are the Benefits of HSRP?

The existing or old car number plates are easily tampered with and can be switched in no time. As a result, many stolen vehicles end up with replaced car registration plates, making it all the more challenging for police authorities to track them. HSRP has a non-removable lock on your vehicle and is impossible to replace. Further, this can help authorities keep the number of vehicle theft instances across the country under control.


A few highlighting benefits of HSRP are as follows. 

  • High Security to Your Vehicle

Nobody can switch the HSRP with another number plate. The breaking of the snap lock makes the installation of any other number plate impossible.

  • Efficient Management of Registered Motor Vehicles

Having HSRP attached to motor vehicles allows RTOs across India to maintain a record of all the registered vehicles and manage their movements.

  • Easy Replacement of Damaged HSRP

If there is any damage to the HSRP, you can get a new number plate issued with the concerned RTO.

  • Security Against Theft

The HSRP contains essential details of the vehicle, like the engine and chassis numbers. It also has a 10-digit PIN that helps in identification in case of theft.

  • Get HSRP at Your Car Dealer

Vehicle dealers sell cars with HSRP attached to it. However, HSRP is issued only after the vehicle owner submits essential details at the time of vehicle purchase.

  • Uniformity

HSRPs come with a uniform pattern to avoid any future confusion related to the vehicle.

How to Apply for a High Security Number Plate?

As of now, vehicle owners in Uttar Pradesh, Daman and Diu, Andaman and Nicobar, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh can opt for HSRP online registration at www.bookmyhsrp.com. It is a dedicated portal for High-Security Number Plates online application for old and new vehicles and colour-coded HSRP stickers. The website is verified by the government of India, so you can easily apply for the High-Security Number Plate online in the following way. 

  • Step 1: Visit the website to apply online for HSRP (www.bookmyhsrp.com)

  • Step 2: Input the details required on the page such as your state, registration number, chassis number, vehicle number, etc. and enter the correct captcha code

  • Step 3: Select ‘Non-Transport’ if your vehicle is for private use under the vehicle class option

  • Step 4: On submitting the form, you shall receive a username and password on your registered phone number

  • Step 5: Log in to the website again with the username and password and complete the payment process

  • Step 6: Once the HSRP number for your vehicle is ready, you will receive a notification on your registered number


Other State Governments are yet to enforce a portal for High-security Number Plate (HSRP) online registration for old vehicles as well as new ones. So, the best way to complete the HSRP booking is by visiting your nearest RTO. You can also buy the High-security Number Plate from an authorised auto dealer. It is recommended to check the website of your respective State Transport Department for a High-security Number Plate online application option and information on authorised auto dealers before buying the HSRP.

What is the Cost of HSRP?

There is no cap on the High-Security Number Plate price, which means the value can differ across states in India. Usually, the HSRP costs between ₹400 and ₹1,100 for two-wheelers and cars (depending on the category of the vehicle). Moreover, the HSRP colour-coded stickers can be attached for an additional ₹100.

What are the Differences between HSRP and a Normal Number Plate?

Let’s understand how the HSRP plate is different from a normal number plate and look at some of its unique features. 

  • The HSRP plates are aluminium plates fixed with two non-reusable, tamper-proof security locks. In case the locks are broken, you must buy a new one from an authorised dealer as the HSRP plate cannot be reattached

  • The PIN is engraved using a laser to allow ease in scanning, also making it tamper-proof

  • A chromium-based Ashoka Chakra is present on the left side of the HSRP number plate

  • The style and font are the same where the HSRP number plate has a colour code to indicate the fuel type

How to Get a Duplicate HSRP Number Plate?

If your HSRP plate is damaged, you can request for a duplicate plate. Here’s how you can register for this replacement. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official HSRP booking portal (https://www.bookmyhsrp.com/)

  • Step 2: Select “Replacement Booking”

  • Step 3: Fill in details about your vehicle like the chassis, registration, and engine numbers

  • Step 4: Choose your vehicle registration state

  • Step 5: Go through the captcha verification process

  • Step 6: Pick your preferred location for fitment 

  • Step 7: Choose an appointment slot

  • Step 8: Recheck and verify the details shown

  • Step 9: Pay the nominal fee online

  • Step 10: Download the payment receipt

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Can I get a unique number plate for my car?

Yes. But you have to submit a written application and pay a certain amount, which depends on the type of number plate you need and your vehicle.

What are the custom fonts?

Custom fonts should be visible to anyone from a distance. Anything that mismatches can get you in trouble with the traffic authorities. It is against the rule to use unrecognisable or unreadable fonts for your car number plate. It is a wise practice to have clear and bold letters on your vehicle number plate.

What is the meaning of a rising arrow in the car number plate?

The rising arrow on any car number plate signifies military vehicles.

How is the HSRP denoted?

HSRPs are holograms of the Ashok Chakra and the acronym of India written on them as ‘IND’.


What are the unique colours of number plates?

Car number plates come in the following unique colours:

●     White

●     Yellow

●     Blue

●     Black

●     Red

●     Green

Should I obtain an HSRP for my electric car?

Yes, it is wise to acquire an HSRP for your electric car. Your electric vehicle’s number plate must meet the HSRP criteria.

Will I need to provide the engine and chassis number when I apply for an HSRP?

When you apply for an HSRP online, you will need to submit your vehicle’s engine and chassis number along with other information.

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