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A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a vital legal document issued by the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). It facilitates hassle-free vehicle transfers within the same state or across state borders and serves as evidence that there are no objections to the proposed vehicle transfer. Whether you're relocating to a different state or selling your vehicle to someone in another region, obtaining an NOC is essential for a smooth transition.

Why is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) Important?

Planning to relocate to a different state and bring your vehicle along? While doing so, understanding the necessary paperwork for transferring your vehicle from one state to another is crucial. If your move is temporary, lasting less than 90 days, you typically won't need to apply for an address change or vehicle re-registration. For longer durations, however, securing an NOC from the local RTO becomes essential. This document serves as confirmation that there are no outstanding taxes or dues associated with your vehicle, facilitating its registration in the new state or union territory.

When is NOC Required for a Vehicle?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, an NOC for a vehicle is required in the following circumstances:

  • Transfer of Ownership

The transfer of ownership of a vehicle occurs under various scenarios, including sale, purchase, or inheritance due to the demise of the original owner. Irrespective of the reason for the transfer, the new owner must procure an NOC from the original Regional Transport Office (RTO) where the vehicle was initially registered. This certification legitimizes the resale or transfer of ownership.

  • Vehicle Re-registration in a Different State or Union Territory

When relocating permanently from one state or union territory to another, re-registration of the vehicle is necessary. In such cases, obtaining an NOC from the original RTO where the vehicle was registered becomes mandatory. However, for temporary relocations lasting less than three months, NOC may be optional.

How to Apply for an NOC

The Ministry of Road Transport has introduced online application facilities for NOCs via the Parivahan website. However, it's important to note that this service may not be available for all states. Here's a step-by-step guide to applying for your vehicle's NOC online:

  • Navigate to the official Parivahan website and select your state from the dropdown menu provided

  • Enter your vehicle's registration number and select the relevant RTO

  • Once logged in using your registration number, locate and click on the 'Application for No Objection Certificate' option

  • Fill in all necessary details about your vehicle on the new page that opens

  • Upload all relevant documents as required for the NOC application process

  • Complete the online payment process and ensure to download all payment receipts

  • Take printouts of the completed forms and payment receipts

  • Finally, visit your respective RTO office to submit the printed documents and receipts for further processing


Your NOC will be delivered to you after the documents are verified.


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Documents Required to Apply for an NOC

To apply for an NOC, there are certain necessary documents that you need to procure. Keep soft copies of the following handy so your application can be done in a hassle-free manner:

  • Certificate of registration for your vehicle (RC)

  • Certificate of vehicle insurance

  • With respect to commercial purpose vehicles, a fitness certificate, and permit of use

  • Your vehicle’s pollution under control certificate that tests for emission

  • Duly obtained consent by your vehicle’s financier (if financed) on CMV Form 28. This is necessary provided the vehicle is covered by an HPA, lease agreement, or hypothecation

  • A pencil print of the chassis and engine number

  • Your KYC documents which include valid documents for identity proof and address proof

How Long Is an NOC Valid For?

Similar to other documents, an NOC has a validity period, after which it expires and requires re-registration. In this case, the validity period for an NOC is six months from the date of issuance.


Understanding that an NOC isn't solely required for transferring vehicles from one state to another is essential. You also need one when selling a vehicle to an individual residing in a different state or union territory. Interstate vehicle transfers necessitate specific paperwork in India, and obtaining an NOC is one of the crucial documents in this process.

FAQs on No Objection Certificate

Is the application process for obtaining an NOC for a car the same as for a bike?

Yes, the process to obtain an NOC for both a car and a bike is identical. You can apply for a car or bike NOC online or visit your local Regional Transport Office (RTO) for assistance.

How can I apply for a vehicle NOC online?

You can apply for a car or bike NOC online through the Parivahan website.

How do I check the status of my vehicle's NOC?

You can check the status of your vehicle's NOC by visiting the Parivahan website and entering your registration details, or by inquiring at your nearest RTO.

Where can I find the NOC letter format for transferring vehicle ownership?

You can find all the necessary documents and details required for obtaining an NOC, including the No Objection Certificate letter format, at your local RTO.

Can I travel to another state without obtaining an NOC?

You can travel to another state without an NOC if your visit is for a period of less than 3 months.

Who issues the NOC certificate for the vehicle registration process?

The NOC certificate for the vehicle registration process is issued by the Vahan Citizen Services to the vehicle owner.

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