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Delhi, being the capital of the nation, boasts an extensive population spread across the main city and its suburbs. As one of the wealthiest cities in the country, the majority of residents own two-wheelers and/or four-wheelers utilised for both personal and commercial purposes. Given the substantial number of vehicles in the city, the Delhi government garners significant revenue through road tax collections from vehicle owners. Discover more about the road tax rates applicable to various vehicle types in Delhi and explore convenient online payment options.

Online Payment for Road Tax in Delhi

Follow these steps to conveniently pay your road tax online in Delhi:

  • Visit the official Parivahan website: https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/vahan/ui/statevalidation/homepage.xhtml

  • On the website, choose the 'Vahan Service' option and provide your vehicle registration information.

  • Select the 'Pay Tax' option from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your phone number to generate the OTP (One-Time Password) and submit it.

  • Verify the details about your road tax in Delhi presented on the screen to ensure accuracy.

  • Choose one of the available online payment methods and proceed to make the road tax payment.

  • Upon successful payment, expect to receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

How is Road Tax Calculated in Delhi?

The road tax amount you are obligated to pay is contingent on several government-decided factors in Delhi. These factors encompass the type of vehicle, its intended purpose (commercial or personal), price, weight, and age. Additional considerations may include engine capacity, passenger capacity, and adherence to the tax rules outlined by the Delhi government. It's important to highlight that road tax payments for commercial vehicles are an annual requirement, making it crucial for owners to fulfil this obligation each year.


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Two-Wheeler Road Tax in Delhi

The table given below lists all the information about road tax in Delhi that applies to different types of two-wheelers:

Type of Two-Wheeler

Applicable Road Tax (Annual)

Two-wheelers with less than 50cc power


Two-wheelers with more than 50cc power




Motorbikes with an attached trailer

₹1,525 + 465

Four-Wheeler Road Tax in Delhi

The four-wheeler road tax in Delhi is primarily calculated based on the vehicle’s weight. To understand the four-wheeler road tax structure of Delhi in detail, you can refer to the table provided below:

Weight of Four-Wheeler

Applicable Road Tax (Annual)

Four-wheelers less than 1000 kg


Four-wheelers between 1000-1500 kg


Four-wheelers between 1500-2000 kg


Four-wheelers above 2000 kg

₹7,020 + ₹4,570 + (₹2,000 for every extra 100 kg)

Road Tax for Transport/Commercial Vehicles in Delhi

Road tax for commercial vehicles in Delhi is levied based on their passenger capacity. Take a look at the table below for applicable road tax on different types of commercial vehicles:

Passenger Capacity of Vehicle

Applicable Road Tax (Annual)

2 passengers excluding the driver


2-4 passengers, excluding the driver/conductor


4-6 passengers, excluding the driver/conductor


6-18 passengers, excluding the driver/conductor


More than 18 passengers, excluding the driver/conductor

₹1,915 for 18 passengers + 280 for every additional passenger

Road Tax for Goods Carrying Vehicles in Delhi

As part of commercial/transport vehicles related road tax, the Delhi government also applies road tax on goods-related vehicles. You can find the applicable road tax for goods-related vehicles in the table below:

Weight Capacity of Goods Vehicles

Applicable Road Tax (Annual)



Between 1-2 tonnes


Between 2-4 tonnes


Between 4-6 tonnes


Between 6-8 tonnes


Between 8-9 tonnes


Between 9-10 tonnes


More than 10-tonnes


Penalty for Not Paying Road Tax Delhi

Every vehicle owner in Delhi bears the responsibility of paying road tax, and failure to do so can result in severe penalties involving substantial fines. Untimely payment of road tax necessitates settling not only the original road tax amount but also incurring fines equivalent to a percentage of the vehicle's cost price. These penalty percentages vary for different types of vehicles. Fortunately, the online road tax payment facility in Delhi offers a convenient solution, enabling individuals to clear pending taxes from the comfort of their homes.

To Conclude

The Delhi government, as mentioned earlier, collects road tax from vehicle owners, utilising these funds for the construction of new roads and the upkeep of existing road infrastructure. Timely payment of your road tax in Delhi is crucial to avoid fines. Another essential aspect of vehicle ownership is motor insurance. Driving without valid third-party motor insurance can result in a ₹2,000 fine. If you are yet to secure insurance for your vehicle, explore the motor insurance plans offered at Bajaj Markets for comprehensive coverage.

FAQs on Road Tax Delhi

Can I pay my Delhi road tax online?

Yes, you can pay your road tax online in Delhi through the Parivahan Yes, you can pay your road tax online in Delhi through the Parivahan website: https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/vahan/ui/statevalidation/homepage.xhtml

What is the road tax for two-wheelers in Delhi?

If your two-wheeler has an engine which is below 50cc, you will have to pay ₹650 as road tax. If your two-wheeler is above 50cc of engine power, you will have to pay ₹1,220 as road tax. 

Can I pay my road tax offline in Delhi?

If you wish to pay your road tax in Delhi offline, you can visit your nearest RTO office. 

Can I drive my car without paying road tax?

If you are caught driving your car without paying road tax in Delhi, you will have to pay hefty fines.

How is the Delhi road tax for cars calculated?

The four-wheeler road tax in Delhi is calculated based on the weight of the vehicle.

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