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Gurgaon has become an industrial and commercial hub in north India in the last decade and a half. Adjacent to Delhi, this city in Haryana is home to several high rise buildings, malls, and large multinational companies. The booming population growth is a contributor to a large number of motor vehicles here. Moreover, there is a daily influx of office goers and casual visitors from Delhi, which further enhances the need for infrastructure management. The State Government of Haryana needs to collect funds via road taxes to manage and maintain this infrastructure, and one of the chief sources for this is via the collection of road tax in Gurgaon.

How to Pay Road Tax in Gurgaon Online

You can pay road tax Gurgaon online by following the below steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan portal.

  • Step 2: Choose the state of Haryana and the relevant RTO.

  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Pay Your Tax’ option to go ahead and fill your vehicle registration details and get the payable amount.

  • Step 4: Pay your road tax online using your preferred mode of payment.


Note: It is recommended to keep the e-receipt saved for future reference.

How is Road Tax Calculated in Gurgaon

Being under the jurisdiction of the state of Haryana, the road tax in Gurgaon is governed by the Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 2016. This tax is calculated based on the type of vehicle, its make, its model and designated usage. The taxes are most often collected on a one-time basis usually at the time of registration. Once paid, owners can continue using their vehicles without having to pay road taxes again, until specifically asked to do so. Sometimes they are a fixed amount and in some other cases, they are a percentage of the total original cost of the vehicle.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax in Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, the tax for two-wheelers is a percentage of the total original cost of the vehicle, irrespective of the weight or engine capacity. 

Cost of the Two-Wheeler

Rate of the Tax

Up to ₹75,000


Between ₹75,000 and ₹2 lakh


More than ₹2 lakh


Four-Wheeler Road Tax in Gurgaon

Road tax in Gurgaon for cars and other private four-wheelers is similarly calculated as the two-wheelers, which is dependent on the original cost of the vehicle..

Cost of the Four-Wheeler

Rate of the Tax

Less than ₹6 lakh


Between ₹6 lakh and ₹20 lakh


More than ₹20 lakh


Commercial Vehicle Road Tax in Gurgaon

In case of commercial vehicles, distinction is made between goods and passenger-carrying vehicles and they are taxed as per separate slabs. You can choose to pay by visiting the RTO directly or make the road tax payment online in Gurgaon. The tax rates are mentioned here for your convenience. 

Class of Vehicle

Annual Tax

Motorcycle used for hire (yellow/black)


Motorcycles used for renting


Taxis upto 4 seaters


Taxis upto 5 seaters


Buses/minibuses upto 18 seats


For every additional seat over 18 seats


To pay road tax in Gurgaon for goods vehicles, follow these rates.

Gross Weight of Vehicle

Vehicles Belonging to Individuals (One Time Tax at the time of registration)

Vehicles Belonging to Companies (One Time Tax at the time of registration)

Upto 1,000 kgs



Above 1,000 kgs - Upto 2,000 Kgs



Above 2,000 kgs - Upto 3,000 Kgs



Above 3,000 kgs - Upto 4,000 Kgs



Above 4,000 kgs - Upto 5,000 Kgs



Above 5,000 kgs - Upto 6,000 Kgs



Penalty for Non-Payment of Road Taxes in Gurgaon

For vehicles registered in Haryana, paying the state road tax is a mandatory requirement. If not paid, then the registered owner is required to pay a penalty or fine. If the vehicle in question is a light motor vehicle (LMV), then the penalty is ₹10,000. For other kinds of motor vehicles, the penalty is flatly fixed at ₹25,000.

FAQs Road Tax in Gurgaon

Is there any time frame to pay road tax in Gurgaon for new vehicles?

The stipulated time limit for paying road tax in Gurgaon is 30 days. This means, within 30 days of purchasing a new vehicle, you are required to pay the requisite road tax. Else, you will incur a penalty.

What is the payable tax for school buses?

Educational institutes running their own buses/minibuses are taxed via a separate mechanism. The details can be found here: https://haryanatransport.gov.in/en/content/educational-institution-vehicles

Are vehicles used as ambulances tax-exempt?

Ambulances are also required to pay a one-time road tax in Gurgaon. But there is a significant subsidy provided for these kinds of vehicles. The vehicles are categorised as per their ownership, whether belonging to State/Central Government departments, charitable institutions or NGOs, or belonging to private clinics, hospitals, etc. 

Do I have to pay road tax in Gurgaon for cars?

Yes, you have to pay road tax in Gurgaon for cars, bikes, and other types of vehicles.

Can I pay Gurgaon road tax online?

Yes, you can visit the Parivahan portal to pay the road tax online.

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