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The road tax in Jammu and Kashmir is utilised for the development and maintenance of roads that connect people in remote hamlets as well as modern urban centres. The vast and rugged terrain of the state poses great challenges, hence, it is the civic duty of the residents to pay the taxes applicable for private and commercial vehicles in a timely manner.


Unfortunately, not everyone does that, which is why the Union Territory imposes fines and penalties on defaulters. In extreme cases, the vehicle can even be seized by the authorities. For the convenience of the residents of the U.T, the tax can be conveniently paid online though the official Parivahan website.


In India, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory for vehicle owners throughout the country to pay road tax. The government utilises this road tax to earn resources for operations and infrastructure maintenance.


In J&K, the charges differ based on the type of vehicle and certain specifications. Read on to know more about how to calculate road tax in Jammu and Kashmir, the charges for two-wheelers and four-wheelers and the penalty charges for late payments.

Who Levies Road Tax and Why is it at State Level

Building and maintaining roads is the government’s responsibility, hence tax is levied on two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and other vehicles to generate funds. The Central Government levies central sales tax, GST, customs duty, etc., whereas the state government levies passenger and goods tax, toll tax, state VAT, amongst other taxes. However, why is the road tax imposed at a state level? It is because around 80% of roads across the nation are constructed by the respective state government. Basically, road tax is levied by state governments to bear the cost of constructing roads and maintaining road safety.

How to Pay Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir Online

The road tax is payable at the Regional Transport Office or RTO, where the vehicle registration is done. In order to complete online RTO tax payment, Jammu and Kashmir residents can follow these easy steps:


Step 1: Go to the official Vahan Website


Step 2: Enter your registration number, and registered mobile number and generate an OTP by clicking on the button


Step 3: Enter the OTP you receive and then select “Show Details”


Step 4: Verify all your tax details, vehicle permit, etc. under the “Owner Tax” option. Here, enter the number of months, years or quarters for your payment mode. The options are quarterly, monthly, semi-annual and annual.


Step 5: After confirming the tax mode, you will be shown the payable amount. Click confirm to proceed to the payment gateway.


Step 6: Complete the payment procedure, after which you will receive a receipt which you can download or print.

How is Road Tax Calculated in Jammu and Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, the road tax depends on the vehicle’s cost price, engine capacity, unladen weight, seating capacity, and other such factors.

Two-wheeler Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir

Two-wheelers in Jammu and Kashmir are taxed on the basis of the total cost of the bike and how old it is. Here are the charges for private two-wheelers:

Vehicle type

Quarterly Tax

One-Time tax







Motorcycle with sidecar



Four-wheeler Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir

The tax levied on four-wheelers in Jammu and Kashmir factors in how the vehicle is being used, as well as its specifications. Here are the rates for taxes applicable to private four-wheelers in the state:

Vehicle type

Quarterly Tax

One-Time tax

Motor car up to 14 HP



Motor car above 14 HP



Motor car with trailer



Invalid carriage



Commercial Vehicle Road Tax in Jammu and Kashmir

Commercial vehicles are those that are used for transporting goods or ferrying passengers for fares. Here is the tax levied on these vehicles:

Vehicle capacity

Quarterly Tax

8 – 21 passengers


22 – 33 passengers


34 passengers and more




For vehicles that transport goods, within the state as well as interstate, there are different tax rates. Here are the charges for goods-carrying vehicles.

Vehicle Type

Quarterly Tax rate

Weighing up to 3,600 Kg


Weighing 3,600 Kg – 8,100 Kg


Weighing 8,100 Kg and above


Penalty for the Non-Payment of Road Taxes in Jammu and Kashmir

The penalty for failing to pay road taxes in Jammu and Kashmir is an initial fine of ₹100. The penalty can even go up to vehicle seizure if the payment is extremely late, or if the taxes remain unpaid for a considerable amount of time.

To Wrap it Up!

Road tax in Jammu and Kashmir is based on the Jammu and Kashmir Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1957. Since road tax is imposed at a state level, every state has its own set of rules and regulations. However, one rule remains the same for all states, like a third-party car/bike insurance plan, paying RTO tax is also mandatory. Additionally, as a new vehicle owner, instead of opting for third-party insurance to fulfil the legal requirement, you must go for a comprehensive motor insurance policy. Along with third-party losses, it will also protect you and your vehicle against unforeseen perils. Do your thorough research on motor insurance and buy the right plan at Bajaj Markets. We have a wide range of four-wheeler and two-wheeler insurance plans with add-on covers like 24x7 assistance, NCB, return-to-invoice cover, and more.

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