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Before you pay road tax in Kolkata for your vehicle, it is important to know some facts about this tax. Road tax is applicable to all two-wheelers, four-wheelers and other types of vehicles. The amount is used towards building and maintaining almost 80% of the Indian roadways. Road tax can be paid online by visiting the parivahan link, entering some simple details such as vehicle registration number and verifying with your registered mobile number. Road tax is calculated on the basis of make and model, engine type and capacity, fuel type and age of the vehicle.


Many individuals are not aware of the many little things that add to the cost of ownership of a vehicle. Road tax is one such thing. Since it makes up a major part of the cost of a vehicle, it is extremely crucial for you to be aware of the different road tax rates applicable to your city.


And if you’re living in the city of Kolkata, this article will go into detail with respect to the different rates of Kolkata road tax. So, continue reading to find out the rates of tax for two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the city.

Who Levies Road Tax and Why is it State Level?

All two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and other types of vehicle owners have to pay the road tax. Barring national highways, all other roads in India that constitute around 80% of the total roads are constructed by the respective State Governments. Therefore, the State Government essentially imposes road tax. In this article, we will have a look at Kolkata road tax and how to do Kolkata RTO tax payments online.

How to Pay Kolkata Road Tax Online

Did you know that you can make RTO Kolkata road tax payment online? That’s right. Here’s what you would have to do for the same:


  • Step 1: Click this link - https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/vahanservice/vahan/ui/statevalidation/homepage.xhtml

  • Step 2: Enter your vehicle registration number on the field on the left side of the website.

  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Proceed’ button. You will be taken to a new webpage.

  • Step 4: Here, click on the ‘Pay Your Tax’ option. You will again be redirected to a new webpage.

  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Verify Details’ option.

  • Step 6: You will now be asked to enter your registered mobile number.

  • Step 7: Enter it and generate an OTP.

  • Step 8: Once you receive the OTP on your phone, enter the same and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

  • Step 9: Select ‘Road Tax’ as the tax that you wish to pay.

  • Step 10: Choose your preferred payment method.

  • Step 11: Complete the RTO Kolkata road tax payment. You can now download the receipt for payment of road tax in Kolkata for future reference.

How is Road Tax Calculated in Kolkata?

Road tax calculations are dependent on the following factors:


  • Make and model of the vehicle in question

  • Age of the vehicle

  • Engine type

  • Engine capacity

  • Fuel type


Also, everything from Kolkata RTO road tax to the penalty for non-payment of the same is governed by the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Act. Want to know just how much the road tax rate for two-wheelers is according to the act? Here’s some much-needed information.


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Two-Wheeler Kolkata

As with many other cities in India, the Kolkata road tax is also divided into two - on first registration and on subsequent registrations. This means that in addition to new vehicles, vehicles that undergo re-registrations are also required to pay road tax too. The table below clearly outlines the different rates of tax for two-wheelers.

On First Registration:

Engine Capacity of the Two-Wheeler

Kolkata road tax 

Up to 80 cc

 ₹ 1,560

More than 80 cc

₹ 3,125

More than 170 cc

₹ 4,685

More than 250 cc

₹ 6,250

On Subsequent Registrations:

Age of the Two-Wheeler


(Since first registration)

Kolkata Road Tax


(Up to 80 cc)

Kolkata Road Tax


(Above 80 cc)

Kolkata Road Tax


(Above 170 cc)

Kolkata Road Tax


(Above 250 cc)

1 to 2 years

₹ 1,460

₹ 2,925

₹ 4,375

₹ 5,835

2 to 3 years

₹ 1,360

₹ 2,725

₹ 4,065

₹ 5,420

3 to 4 years

₹ 1,260

₹ 2,525

₹ 3,755

₹ 5,000

4 to 5 years

₹ 1,160

₹ 2,325

₹ 3,445

₹ 4,585

5 to 6 years

₹ 1,060

₹ 2,125

₹ 3,135

₹ 4,170

6 to 7 years

₹ 960

₹ 1,925

₹ 2,825

₹ 3,755

7 to 8 years

₹ 830

₹ 1,675

₹ 2,485

₹ 3,330

8 to 9 years

₹ 725

₹ 1,475

₹ 2,165

₹ 2,900

9 to 10 years

₹ 625

₹ 1,250

₹ 1,850

₹ 2,475

10 to 11 years

₹ 525

₹ 1,050

₹ 1,540

₹ 2,060

11 to 12 years

₹ 425

₹ 850

₹ 1,230

₹ 1,645

12 to 13 years

₹ 325

₹ 650

₹ 920

₹ 1,230

13 to 14 years

₹ 225

₹ 450

₹ 610

₹ 815

14 to 15 years

₹ 125

₹ 250

₹ 300

₹ 400

Four-Wheeler Kolkata Road Tax

The road tax in Kolkata for four-wheelers is charged based on the engine capacity of the vehicle. The higher the engine capacity, the higher the amount of tax. Also, the city levies an additional tax for air-conditioned vehicles over and above the base road tax. Here’s a quick look.

Engine Capacity of the Four-Wheeler

Kolkata Road Tax

Additional Tax for Air-Conditioned Vehicles

Up to 900 cc

₹ 10,550

₹ 4,000

900 cc to 1,490 cc

₹ 13,900

₹ 7,500

1,490 cc to 2,000 cc

₹ 21,800

₹ 10,000

2,000 cc to 2,500 cc

₹ 28,000

₹ 12,500

More than 2,500 cc

₹ 30,000

₹ 15,000

Commercial Vehicle Road Tax in Kolkata

The road tax rates specified above for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers would be applicable for commercial vehicles as well. Kolkata is one of the few cities in India to charge the same amount of tax for both private and commercial vehicles.

Penalty for Non-Payment of Road Taxes in Kolkata

Now that you know how to make an online vehicle tax payment in Kolkata, let’s move on to non-payment of road tax. Did you know that using your vehicle without paying the requisite road tax is a serious offence and that you can be penalised for it? Here’s some information on the penalty that you will have to bear for non-payment of tax.


(Number of days from the due date)


16 to 45 days

25% of the amount payable as tax

46 to 75 days

50% of the amount payable as tax

More than 75 days

100% of the amount payable as tax


In this article, we explored what is the road tax in Kolkata and how to pay the same. Paying this mandatory tax on time is important for better road conditions. Another important thing you should know while driving your vehicle is that you should have valid car insurance or bike insurance in place to give financial backing to your vehicle. In India, it is legally mandatory to have at least third party insurance for your vehicle. You can choose from a wide variety of bike insurance and car insurance plans available on Bajaj Markets. Go to the official website of Bajaj Markets and get your hands on the best-suited insurance plan for your vehicle now.

FAQs on Road Tax in Kolkata

What is the penalty for non-payment of road tax in Kolkata?

The penalty for non-payment of road tax depends on the number of days of delay. It can range anywhere from 25% to 100% of the road tax payable amount.  

Do I have to pay any additional tax for air-conditioned four-wheelers in Kolkata?

Yes. In the case of air-conditioned four-wheelers, you would have to pay an additional tax over and above the base road tax in Kolkata.  

When does the road tax in Kolkata for other state vehicles become applicable?

If another state vehicle has stayed in Kolkata for more than 30 days, the owner of the said vehicle will have to pay road tax for the said vehicle.  

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