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State governments bear the responsibility of constructing and maintaining roads within their territories. To fund the ongoing maintenance and development of this vital infrastructure, road tax is imposed on both private and commercial vehicles. The road tax rates can vary significantly among states and are categorized based on vehicle types.


In Uttar Pradesh (UP), road tax for private vehicles is determined as a percentage of the vehicle's purchase value. Conversely, for transport and commercial vehicles, it is a fixed amount contingent on the tonnage. Compliance with this tax obligation is crucial and can be fulfilled conveniently through online remittance on the UP Parivahan Road Tax platform. It can also be done by visiting the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO).

How to Pay Uttar Pradesh Road Tax Online?

Save time and avoid queues by paying your road tax online in Uttar Pradesh through the UP transport department's official website. Whether for commercial trips or vehicles with temporary permits, this online facility ensures a convenient process. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official UP Parivahan Road Tax online payment website, and select UP State Vehicle Tax

  • Enter your vehicle registration number, state, and RTO on the Vahan Citizen Services page, then click 'Proceed’

  • Under 'RC Related Services,' click 'Pay Your Tax’

  • Choose your preferred mode of payment (debit/credit cards, online banking, etc.) for the online road tax payment

  • Download and save the road tax payment receipt for your records

How is Road Tax Calculated in Uttar Pradesh?

Under Section 3 of the Uttar Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act, 1962, all vehicles must pay road tax during registration. This tax is added to the ex-showroom price. Additionally, vehicles need to pay other road taxes based on existing rules. The calculation method for UP road tax differs for three vehicle types:

  • Two-wheeler

  • Four-wheeler for personal use

  • Four-wheeler for commercial use


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Penalty for Not Paying Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh

Failure to pay road tax in Uttar Pradesh can lead to penalties. For each month of non-payment, a penalty of 4% is imposed on the outstanding tax, with a cap of twice the unpaid amount. Additionally, if the lifetime road tax remains unpaid, a penalty equivalent to 1/10th of the lifetime road tax is levied for each year.

Two-Wheeler Road Tax in UP

You can refer to the chart given below to learn about the annual UP road tax for two-wheelers.

Two-wheeler specifications 

UP road tax

Weight less than 90.72 kg


Price of the vehicle is up to ₹40,000

7% of the vehicle’s value

Price of the vehicle is above ₹40,000

10% of the vehicle’s value

UP Road Tax for Four-Wheelers/Cars

You can refer to the chart given below:

Value of the car/ four-wheeler

UP road tax

Less than ₹10 Lakhs

7%-8% of the vehicle’s value

More than ₹10 Lakh

10% of the vehicle’s value

UP Transport Vehicle Tax

To have a better understanding of the road tax payable by goods/transportation vehicles, you can refer to the chart given below:

Commercial vehicle

UP transport vehicle tax


Quarterly: ₹242/tonne

Yearly: ₹893/tonne


Quarterly: ₹525/tonne

Yearly: ₹1,890/tonne


Quarterly: ₹242/tonne

Yearly: ₹893/tonne

Goods vehicles from other states

₹20/day to ₹100/day


With these insights into the road tax regulations in Uttar Pradesh, it is crucial to ensure timely payments. Alongside road tax compliance, obtaining motor insurance is an important aspect of vehicle ownership. Motor insurance not only safeguards your vehicle financially in unforeseen circumstances but is also a legal requirement. To find suitable motor insurance plans for your vehicle, explore the offerings on Bajaj Markets. Ensure both road tax payments and motor insurance coverage are in place to enjoy a hassle-free and legally compliant driving experience.

FAQs on Road Tax in Uttar Pradesh

How can I pay road tax online in UP?

 You make your road tax payment online in UP via http://uptransport.upsdc.gov.in/en-us/Online-Services/Tax-Payment

What kind of vehicles are required to pay UP road tax periodically?

 All commercial vehicles are required to pay UP road tax periodically.

Can road tax be paid annually in Uttar Pradesh?

 Yes, you can pay the road tax for commercial vehicles monthly, half-yearly, or annually. However, you pay road tax only once for private vehicles.

How can UP road tax payment be done offline?

 You can visit the nearest RTO in UP to pay your road tax offline.

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