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The Delhi RTO or Regional Transport Office was established under Section 233 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 to enforce the traffic rules in the national capital. The Delhi RTO functions under the Delhi Transport Department. More than 10 RTO offices are functional in Delhi, which provide a wide range of services like issuing driving licences and registration certificates, granting commercial vehicle permits and trade licences, maintaining the city traffic situation, collecting tax, pollution prevention, etc. You can visit the Delhi RTO website to check details like Vehicle registration number, RTO Codes of Delhi, etc.

RTO Codes of Delhi

Across the city of Delhi, there are a total of 13 zonal Regional Transport Offices (RTO). You can know their locations by referring to the Delhi RTO list given below:

RTO location in Delhi

Delhi RTO code list

Mall Road, North Delhi


Tilak Marg, New Delhi


Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi


Janakpuri West, West Delhi


Loni Road, North East Delhi


Sarai Kale Khan, Central Delhi


Mayur Vihar, East Delhi






West Delhi


Rohini, New Delhi


Vasant Vihar, New Delhi


Surajmal Vihar, Delhi


Vehicle Registration at Delhi RTO

If you have purchased a new or second-hand vehicle in the national capital, you must complete the process of Delhi RTO registration. Registration of vehicles is compulsory under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. The RTO provides two types of Delhi vehicle registration facilities:

1. Temporary vehicle registration:

If you have purchased a new vehicle, the authorised dealer will provide you with temporary vehicle registration. However, the temporary number is valid for up to 30 days, following which you have to approach your local RTO office to receive a permanent registration certificate.

2. Permanent vehicle registration:

You can apply for a permanent registration certificate at your local Delhi RTO by submitting an application along with the list of the stipulated documents. You are then required to pay the requisite fees. The permanent registration for a vehicle is valid for 15 years. Here’s a look at the list of documents required for applying for a permanent vehicle registration certificate:

  • Permanent registration certificate application form (Form 20).

  • Vehicle sales certificate (Form 21).

  • Roadworthiness certificate from the vehicle manufacturer (Form 22).

  • Details of hypothecation/financing (form 34).

  • Address proof.

  • Identity proof.

  • Temporary registration number.

  • Recent passport-sized photographs.

  • Custom clearance certificate for imported vehicles.

  • Motor insurance.


After your application you can use the Delhi RTO website to check your vehicle registration status in Delhi.


Always remember that before applying for a permanent registration certificate at a Delhi RTO, you must have a valid motor insurance plan. Worried about the cost of motor insurance in Delhi? To get some of the best motor vehicle insurance plans from various insurers at affordable rates, you can visit the website or download the app of Bajaj Markets.

Functions of Delhi RTO

The RTO is entrusted with multiple responsibilities and provides a wide range of services. Here’s a look:

1. Issuing driving licence:

You can apply for a beginner’s or permanent driving licence in Delhi either by physically visiting your local RTO office or through the Delhi RTO website.

2. Issuing registration certificate:

You can get a permanent registration certificate or renew your existing RC book by physically visiting your local RTO office or by making an online application on the Delhi RTO website. Once you make an application, you can then see your vehicle registration status in Delhi online by providing details, like your date of birth and reference number.

3. Issuing trade licence and permit:

You can also make applications at the local RTO for receiving commercial licences and permits for your vehicle.

4. Collection of taxes:

The department collects various taxes, such as the road tax and green tax.

5. Administrative functions:

It takes steps to streamline the traffic management system in Delhi.

6. Pollution control measures:

The RTOs in the city are entrusted with the responsibility of taking steps to prevent vehicular pollution.

7. Road safety measures:

The Delhi RTO regularly conducts various events and programmes to sensitise people about traffic rules and safe driving practices.

8. Maintains a record of registered vehicles:

The Delhi RTO vehicle registration details are maintained in the database of each office. To access the Delhi RTO vehicle information, you can visit the Delhi RTO website or the Parivahan Sewa website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. 


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Delhi RTO Fees

To know the fees and charges for registration of vehicles and other services, you can refer to the table given below:


Delhi RTO fees

Registration of two-wheelers

Rs. 300

Renewing registration for two-wheelers

Rs. 1,000

Registration of Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs), such as cars, jeeps etc.

Rs. 600

Renewing registration for LMVs

Rs. 5,000

Smart card charges

Rs. 200

High Security Registration Plates (HSRPs) for vehicles

Between Rs. 230 to Rs. 400

Conducting test for the grant of fitness certificate on renewal for two-wheelers

  • Manual: Rs. 200

  • Automated: Rs. 400

Conducting test for the grant of fitness certificate on renewal for LMVs

  • Manual: Rs. 400

  • Automated: Rs.600

Grant/renewal of letter of authority

Rs. 15,000

Issuing duplicate letter of authority

Rs. 7,500

Appeal against RTOs decision of renewal

Rs. 3,000

Hypothecation for two-wheelers

Rs. 500

Hypothecation for LMVs

Rs. 1,500

Transport licence for LMVs and three-wheelers plying in Delhi (whiteboard number plate)

Rs. 600

Transport licence for LMVs and three-wheelers plying on roads outside Delhi ( yellow board number plate)

Rs. 1,000

Fee for imported LMVs

Rs. 5,000

Fee for imported motorbikes

Rs. 2,000

Road tax for two-wheelers above 50 CC

Rs. 1,220

Road tax for LMVs weighing between 1,000 kg to 1,500 kg

Rs. 4,880

Road tax for LMVs weighing below 1,000 kg

RS. 3,815

Now that you know about the registration charges and road taxes, here’s a look at the fees and charges for other services:


Delhi RTO fees

Learner’s licence

Rs. 200

Permanent driving licence

Rs. 200

International driving licence

Rs. 1,000

Driver’s licence test

Rs. 300

Renewal of driving licence

Rs. 200

Appeal against RTO order

Rs. 500

Along with paying the requisite fee and charges for availing various services at a Delhi RTO, do remember to apply for a motor insurance plan. Not having valid vehicle insurance–with the mandated third-party cover–is a punishable traffic offence. You can end up paying a fine of Rs. 5,000 for not having a motor insurance plan. To get good car or bike insurance plans from good providers such as Bajaj Allianz and Acko, you can visit the Bajaj Markets platform.


Thus, you can avail various services, including getting a registration certificate for your vehicle from the RTO. Do remember to drive/ride only after obtaining a registration certificate and a driving licence. Also, ensure that your vehicle has a motor insurance plan from a reliable and trusted insurer.

FAQs on RTO in Delhi

What is the validity of the registration certificate in Delhi?

The registration certificate issued by RTOs across the country and in Delhi has a validity of 15 years.

Can I see the Delhi vehicle details online?

Yes, you can visit the Delhi RTO website to view the Delhi RTO vehicle registration details. 

Does the Delhi RTO conduct a vehicle inspection before renewing the registration certificate?

Yes, physical inspection of vehicles is conducted before renewing the RC book.

What is the procedure for getting NOC from Delhi RTO if I have brought a vehicle from another state?

If you have brought a vehicle from another state to the national capital, you can re-register it in Delhi by getting a NOC from Delhi RTO. You can apply for a NOC by submitting Form 28 (application for grant of NOC) along with the requisite documents, such as proof of road tax, registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy, PUC and so on. 

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