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Gurgaon Regional Transport Organisation (RTO) is responsible for implementing the laws of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The RTOs are established under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These RTOs issue permanent and learner’s driving licences, personalised registrations, road tax collection, issuance of permits, etc. Gurgaon RTO is under the jurisdiction of Haryana, and hence, the Gurgaon RTO code begins with ‘HR’. You can register your new vehicle with the Gurgaon RTO by getting in touch with the RTO directly. You can go to the Gurgaon RTO website if you want to collect Gurgaon vehicle registration details.

Gurgaon RTO Code

You should know your RTO code for the vehicle registration and its future proceedings. There are 3 RTO offices in Gurgaon. The Gurgaon RTO office addresses and RTO codes are mentioned below.

RTO Region

RTO Code

Office Address

Gurgaon - North


The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram (North), Haryana -122018

Gurgaon (Only for Commercial Vehicles)


The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram, Haryana - 122001

Gurgaon – South (Only for Private Vehicles)


The Regional Transport Officer (RTO), Gurugram (South), Haryana - 122018

Office timings are 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and RTO Gurgaon contact number is (91)-124-2321808 / 2224444.

Vehicle Registration at Gurgaon RTO

All vehicles should be registered at Gurgaon RTO under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. You can register a vehicle temporarily (issued by the vehicle dealer and valid for one month) or permanently (issued by RTO and valid for 15 years from the date of registration). Read ahead to know the Gurgaon vehicle registration details.

  • Locate the RTO suitable for your vehicle in Gurgaon.

  • Visit the concerned RTO with the relevant documents.

  • Pay the applicable taxes and fees.

  • Submit the forms and documents at the RTO office.

  • After verifying the submitted documents, the RTO will register your vehicle and provide you with the registration number of the vehicle.


The forms and documents required are:

  • Form 20 (Application)

  • Form 21 or Sale Certificate

  • Form 22 or Road Worthiness Certificate from the vehicle manufacturer

  • Form 34 (in the case of vehicle subject to an agreement of hire purchase/ lease)

  • Proof of Citizenship

  • Proof of Residence

  • Valid Insurance Certificate


If you want to know more details about Gurgaon car registration and vehicle registration status in Gurgaon, you can use the Gurgaon RTO helpline number - 91-124-222 4444 or 91-124-222 5042.

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Functions of Gurgaon RTO

Regional Transport Office Gurgaon ensures that all the rules and regulations under the Motor Vehicle Act are followed. Some of the RTO functions are

  • Issuance of License and Permits

Issuance of driving licence and their renewal, issuing No-Objection certificate, vehicle fitness certificate as well as the issuance and renewal of various vehicle permits, including permits for commercial use.

  • Vehicle Registration

Temporary and permanent registration of the vehicle and renewal of the registration certificate.

  • Promotion of Road Safety

Responsible for promoting road safety rules among citizens and conducting educational campaigns for them.

  • Collection Of Road Tax

Collection of application fees and taxes, including road taxes.

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Gurgaon RTO Fees

Given below are the charges you have to pay for registering different categories of motor vehicles with Gurgaon RTO.

Type of Vehicle

Amount (in ₹)

Invalid carriage




i) Non-Transport


ii) Light commercial Vehicle






Imported Motor Vehicle


Imported Motorcycle


Any other Vehicle not mentioned above


Source: Haryana Transport Department


Gurgaon RTO also imposes penalties and violation charges on those who don’t comply with the rules. If you don’t have auto insurance for your vehicle, you will be imposed with heavy penalties and that should be paid at the RTO office. So, it is always safe to avail vehicle insurance and carry the document with you wherever you drive around.

FAQs on RTO Gurgaon

What are the documents required to obtain Gurgaon vehicle registration?

The forms and documents required to obtain an Gurgaon vehicle registration are:

  • Form 20 (Application)

  • Form 21 or Sale Certificate

  • Form 22 or Road Worthiness Certificate from the vehicle manufacturer

  • Form 34 (in the case of vehicle subject to an agreement of hire purchase/ lease)

  • Proof of Citizenship

  • Proof of Residence

  • Valid Insurance Certificate

How many RTO offices are actively functioning in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon has three RTO offices. The HR-55 RTO Office in Gurgaon only provides services for commercial vehicles, whereas HR-72 RTO Office in South Gurgaon provides services associated with private vehicles.

How long can a temporary registration be used in Gurgaon?

From the date of delivery of the vehicle, the temporary registration can be used for seven days which can be extended for up to a month.

Can I drive my 10 year old diesel car in Gurgaon?

14 districts of Haryana, including Gurgaon come under the NCR, in which the use of 15-year-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel vehicles are completely banned.

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