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Haryana has more than 90 Regional Transport Offices (RTO) to implement The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. It also keeps the vehicles and drivers in check. The Haryana RTO is responsible for issuing the driving licence, Accident Information Report, Report of Inspection, etc., to the people of Haryana. RTO Haryana regulates and maintains the transport facilities in Haryana and is also responsible for collecting vehicle excise duty. You can also visit the Haryana RTO website to get vehicle-related services. Let us look at all the details regarding the RTO Code of Haryana, RTO office address, and more.

Haryana RTO Code

A RTO Code is important for vehicle registration and other processes. You can find the details about Haryana RTO codes in the table below:

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Ambala

HR 01

RTO Yamuna Nagar

HR 02

RTO Panchkula

HR 03

RTO Karnal

HR 05

RTO Panipat

HR 06

RTO Kurukshetra

HR 07

RTO Kaithal

HR 08

RTO Guhla

HR 09

RTO Gohana

HR 11

RTO Rohtak

HR 12

RTO Bahadurgarh

HR 13

RTO Jhajjar

HR 14

RTO Meham

HR 15

RTO Gurgaon

HR 26

RTO Chandigarh

HR 70

RTO Sonipat

HR 69

RTO Beri

HR 77

Haryana RTO Contact Details

The state government has provided several mediums to get in touch with the Haryana RTO officials. Residents may call at Haryana RTO helpline numbers listed below for any kind of assistance related to the Haryana vehicle registration owner details or other services.


  • 18001802407

  • 0172-2700029

  • 0172-2784359

  • 0172- 2700541


Other options to contact the Haryana RTO officials are:

Email Id

Office Address

Transport Commissioner, Haryana. 30 Bays Building, 2nd Floor, Sector 17C, Chandigarh - 160017, Haryana

Official Website

Vehicle Registration at Haryana RTO

As per the law, you must register the vehicle in order to drive/ride on the state’s road. You may go to the Haryana RTO website at or visit the RTO office available in your city to complete the registration of your Haryana vehicle number.


Here is the list of documents required for the vehicle registration.


  • Form 20

  • Form 21

  • Form 22A, or the vehicle's manufacturer's roadworthiness certificate

  • If the car is purchased on loan, the financer must provide Form 28 or a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

  • Purchase invoice

  • In the event of an imported car, a custom bill is required.

  • If the vehicle is purchased for commercial use, complete TCR and TCA forms.

  • PAN card or Form 60

  • Vehicle insurance certificate

  • Resident proof

  • Passport size photographs

  • Road tax as per Haryana state

  • In the event of loan hypothecation, use Form 34


Like vehicle registration, the government has also mandated to have motor insurance. The Indian government has made it mandatory for everyone who owns or runs a vehicle in India to buy car insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If a traffic officer discovers a person breaking the law, he or she will be fined heavily. If required, the officials may even initiate legal action against the individual. Acquire automotive insurance using the Bajaj Markets platform to ensure a smooth transaction and save time. Bajaj Markets does not provide insurance; nonetheless, some of the platform's organisations offer automotive insurance online through the portal. You can buy from any of them.


Below are the types of vehicle insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

A third-party insurance policy protects you against legal or unintentional liability, financial loss, or physical harm. The policy also covers you in the event that your car causes a third-party injury or death.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance will cover your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft, or damage caused by man-made or natural disasters. All third-party liabilities are covered by the comprehensive insurance plan. Although the costs are higher than third-party insurance, they are well worth the money because the policy covers your vehicle completely.

Functions of Haryana RTO

Here are the functions provided by the Haryana RTO.

Vehicle's Registration

The Haryana RTO is in charge of issuing permanent and temporary Haryana vehicle registration certificates, as well as transferring vehicle ownership, altering registration data, and renewing registration certificates.

Driving Licence

The Haryana RTO is where people can get their driver's licence, including duplicates, commercial licences, and so on.

Inspection of Vehicles

The Haryana RTO inspects vehicles for mechanical fitness and pollutants to ensure that pollution levels are controlled, and the environment is not harmed.

Collection of Tax

The Haryana RTO is also responsible for collecting Motor Vehicle Tax or Road Tax in compliance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, as well as addressing any motor department action matters and collecting vehicle inspection costs.

Issuance of Permits

The Haryana RTO issues tourist and transportation permits, including the International Driving Permit, as well as interstate and national commercial vehicle permits.

Promoting Road Safety

The Haryana RTO runs road safety programs on a regular basis to educate the general public on traffic rules.

Haryana RTO Fees

Here is the table containing the Haryana RTO list of fees details.



Grant/Renew Trade certificate



Rs. 500

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 500


Rs. 1000

Duplicate Trade Certificate



Rs. 300

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 300


Rs. 500

New Registration Certificate



Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 1500

Light Vehicle

Rs. 600

Imported Vehicle

Rs. 5000

Renewal of Registration Certificate



Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicle

Rs. 1500

Driving License (All Vehicles)


Learning License

Rs. 150

Permanent Driving License

Rs. 200

Renewal of License

Rs. 200

International Driving Permit

Rs. 1000

Wrapping it Up

To legally drive a motor vehicle in Haryana, a person must first register it. Unregistered automobiles are not authorized in the state, and you will face legal consequences if you do. In addition to registration, you must get auto insurance to protect your car in the event of an accident.

FAQs on RTO Haryana

Is it possible to pay RTO tax online in Haryana?

You can pay your Haryana RTO tax online by accessing the official website of the Haryana Transport Department at

How much do I have to pay for a driving licence in Haryana?

The charge of issuing a driving licence in Haryana is Rs. 200.

Is it possible to renew my driver's licence online with the Haryana Transport Department?

By completing the application form on the Haryana Transport Department's official website, you can apply for the renewal of your driving licence. 

Is it legal to drive any other state vehicle in Haryana?

Any car owner bringing his or her vehicle into Haryana from another state will be required to re-register it if the vehicle is retained for more than 12 months.

What are the Haryana RTO helpline numbers?

Residents may call at Haryana RTO helpline numbers listed below for assistance related to the Haryana RTO services.

  • 18001802407

  • 0172-2700029

  • 0172-2784359

  • 0172- 2700541

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