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Jammu is a gateway to the picturesque Kashmir valley and attracts lakhs of tourists each year. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you need to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations of the city to avoid incurring fines. These rules are administered by RTO Jammu, which is also responsible for issuing permits and no objection certificates for non-J&K vehicles.


Other responsibilities of RTO Jammu include registration of all vehicles, issuance of number plates, driving licences, and emission control certificates. The RTO code of Jammu is JK 02 and the office is in Transport Nagar. Its services can also be availed online through the RTO Jammu website.

Jammu RTO Codes

Any RTO (regional transport office) has a role to play in a specified jurisdiction in a given place in each part of India. This ‘zone’, or jurisdiction, is represented by a code. This is typically what is called the RTO Code. The Jammu RTO helpline number can give you information regarding the codes, but here are the key ones to make your task simple:

Location of the RTO

Code of the RTO


JK 01


JK 02


JK 03


JK 04


JK 05


JK 06


JK 07


JK 08


JK 09


JK 10


JK 11


JK 12


JK 13


JK 14


JK 15


JK 16


JK 17


JK 18


JK 19

The address of the RTO office is located at the Office of the Commissioner of Transport Jammu and Kashmir, Transportnagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir - 180004. Alternately, you can gain knowledge about anything related to vehicles and their function at the Jammu RTO website at Motor Vehicles Department (, or at Home | Parivahan Sewa | Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India. The RTO Office, Jammu, contact number is 0190-2479802, and you can find out information from here as well. The Jammu RTO office address is Regional Transport Office, PV5M/P7R, Transportnagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004, and information including the RTO Jammu rate list (of charges and fees) can be found here.

Jammu Vehicle Registration

According to the particular regulations that are in force as mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every vehicle that is driven on the road has to be registered by the competent authority of the RTO. Jammu vehicle registration details can be found at designated RTOs or on the official website. However, before you apply for vehicle registration, the following documents must be collected to submit with your application:

  • Forms 20 and Form 21

  • Form 22A, which is the dealer’s certificate giving details about the manufacture of the given vehicle. .

  • If a loan has been taken to purchase the vehicle, the financing authority has to provide the Form 28. Alternatively, an NOC or no objection certificate is permitted.

  • An invoice showing vehicle purchase

  • A customs bill is necessary in case your vehicle is an imported one.

  • If the vehicle going to be used for commercial purposes, TCA and TCR forms must be submitted

  • Your PAN Card and Forms 34 and 60

  • Vehicle insurance documentation

  • Residence proof

  • Photographs (passport size)


Once you have submitted your application to the RTO Jammu, registration status can be checked on the website or through the RTO Office, Jammu, helpline number. Furthermore, as vehicle registration is compulsory according to the law of the land, a vehicle also must have adequate vehicle insurance documentation. In case you fail to have this with you, and you are checked by the authorities, you may face heavy fines and even imprisonment. The minimum insurance you must carry with you at all times while driving is third-party insurance. Insurance clauses and conditions may vary with different schemes, but these are the two fundamental types:

  • Third-Party Insurance

Third-party motor vehicle insurance plans offer basic coverage when your vehicle is the cause of damage or bodily injury to third-parties and the property of third parties.

  • Comprehensive Insurance

Covering a broader scope of cover, comprehensive insurance offers protection when your vehicle causes damage to third parties and their property, and also to you and your property /vehicle. You may have add-ons to this kind of insurance for extra coverage.

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Functions of the Jammu RTO

The RTO of Jammu serves various purposes, including administrative and law enforcement functions:

  • Registration of Any Vehicle

Jammu and Kashmir vehicle registration is not the only activity undertaken by the RTO Office, Jammu. The responsibility of the entity also gives certificates of temporary and permanent vehicle registration, processes vehicle ownership transfer activities, changes registration details and looks into the renewal of certificates of registration/issuance of licences, etc.

  • Issuance of Licences to Drive

Both commercial-purpose driving licences and for private-use licences are obtainable by applying for these to the RTO. You can also apply on the Jammu RTO website.

  • Vehicles Inspections

Vehicle inspection in connection with pollution levels is undertaken by the RTO Jammu.

  • Tax/Duty Collection

The collection of road taxes, stipulated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, is the responsibility of the RTO.

  • The Granting of Permits/Certificates

At the RTO Office, Jammu, you can apply for an international licence to drive abroad. You may also do this on the dedicated website.


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RTO Jammu Rate List

Particular mandatory charges are levied by the RTO of Jammu and Kashmir, in exchange for key services provided. These are stated below:

Purpose of Fees


Grant/Renewal of Certificates of Trade


Rs. 500

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 500


Rs. 1000

Granting of a Duplicate Certificates


Rs. 300

Invalid Carriage

Rs. 300


Rs. 1000

A New Certificate of Registration


Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicles

Rs. 1500


Rs. 1000

Light Vehicles

Rs. 600

Imported Vehicles

Rs. 5000

The Renewal of a Registration Certificate


Rs. 200


Rs. 300

Heavy Vehicles

Rs. 600

Granting Driving Licences (any vehicles)

Learning Licences

Rs. 151

Permanent Driving Licences

Rs. 716

Renewal of Licences

Rs. 416

Duplicate Licence

Rs. 216

In Conclusion

A vehicle in Jammu must be registered officially by the Jammu RTO. By law, you are not permitted to drive a vehicle without proper registration, a licence (valid) and auto insurance.

FAQs on RTO Jammu

How many RTOs exist in Jammu?

There are a total of 22 RTOs in Jammu.

What is the main role of the RTO?

The main roles of the RTO include registering vehicles, issuing licences, collection of road taxes and duties, among other key functions.

Can I apply for vehicle registration offline in Jammu ?

This is possible and you may register your vehicle at any applicable Regional Transport Office in Jammu.

Can I transport passengers with a learner's licence in Jammu?

You can transport passengers with a learner’s permit. Nonetheless, learner (L) plates must be displayed on the vehicle (front and rear).

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